89 Best 1970’s Trivia Questions and Answers

Who doesn’t love the 1970’s? From fashion to the films, the music, and everything in between, there were all sorts of great things that emerged during the ’70s. But how much do you think you know about this glorious decade? Try your luck with our best 70’s trivia questions.

Whether you remember this golden decade first-hand, or you just love a bit of nostalgia, we can guarantee that these 1970’s trivia questions and answers will put you to the test. 

Why not try them out on your friends and family, and see how many they can get right?

Ready to hop in a time machine and get started?

Let’s go!

General 70’s Trivia Questions & Answers

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We’ll kick things off with an easier warm-up round for you to get a taste of these 1970’s trivia questions. 

Don’t worry if these ones are a little too easy for you – they will get a little bit trickier in the next batch of questions!

1. What major event happened on June 17 1972?
The Watergate break-in, the precursor to the Watergate Scandal
2. The 26th Amendment became law in 1971. What did it grant people?
Anyone over 18 can vote
3. What happened to Patty Hearst in 1974?
She was kidnapped
4. What did the ruling of the Roe vs Wade case result in?
That abortion was a constitutional right
5. What unusual toy became a bit of a craze in 1975?
The pet rock
6. What groundbreaking piece of portable technology did Sony release in 1979?
The Walkman
7. What 1970’s toy would tell you things like ‘it is certain’ and ‘reply hazy, try again’?
The Magic 8-ball
8. What infamous line did the crew of Apollo 13 utter in the 1970’s?
‘Houston, we have a problem’
9. What is the name of the supersonic jet that England and France developed in the 1970s?
The Concorde
10. Can you name the car that was the most produced car in the world in 1972?
The Volkswagen Beetle
11. What was the name of the horse that won the Belmont Stakes, the Kentucky Derby, and Preakness, making it the 9th horse to win the Triple Crown in 1973?
12. At 11:59 pm on January 1 1971, the last advert for what aired during The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson?
The last televised cigarette advert, advertising Virginia Slims
13. What is the name of the magazine that used to be a weekly magazine until 1972, then became a monthly magazine after 1978?
14. The iconic smiley face logo appeared in the 1970s. What was the phrase that accompanied it?
‘Have a happy day.’
15. True or false - Rock ‘em Sock ‘em Robots first appeared in the 1970’s?
16. Which company, now one of the biggest in the world, was founded in 1975?
17. Which product, launched in 1970, was branded as ‘the hot one’?
The Chopper kids bike
18. In 1976, one of the deadliest earthquakes ever recorded took place. Where did it happen?
19. In 1979, who was awarded the Noble Peace Prize?
Mother Theresa
20. Jim Jones was a famous cult leader, who founded the Peoples Temple Agricultural Project. What was the other name for the location of his cult?
21. Who won 7 gold medals in the 1972 Olympic games?
Mark Spitz
22. Which Ethiopian president who is very important to Rastafari culture died in 1975?
Haile Selassie
23. What did a group of Chinese farmers discover in 1974?
The Terracotta Army

1970’s Music Trivia Questions & Answers

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The 70’s was indeed a golden decade for music. From glam to disco, heavy metal to ABBA, there was something for everyone. 

So if you consider yourself a fan of this glorious era for music, then why not see just how much you know with this next set of 70’s trivia questions.

1. What was the best-selling single in England in 1974?
Mud with Tiger Feet
2. Which band was described as ‘the biggest band of the 1970’s’ by Rolling Stone magazine?
Led Zeppelin
3. What was the name of the group that had a hit in 1978 with the song YMCA?
The Village People
4. What was the name of the epic hit single that the English band Queen released in 1975?
Bohemian Rhapsody
5. Can you name the Cat Stevens album, released in 1970, that featured his famous song ‘Wild World’?
Tea for the Tillerman
6. Who wrote the song ‘All the Young Dudes’, which gave Mott the Hoople a huge hit?
David Bowie
7. In 1979, who told us ‘I Will Survive’?
Gloria Gaynor
8. Marc Bolan was the lead singer for which glam rock band?
9. Which band, potentially one of the most important ever, released their final album in 1970 and also broke up in the same year?
The Beatles
10. Which 1970’s band was Errol Brown a singer in?
Hot Chocolate
11. Which folk-rock duo released their final album, called Bridge Over Troubled Water, in the 1970’s?
Simon & Garfunkel
12. David Bowie had many alter egos. What was his 1970’s alter ego called? Hint - this character spent some time with spiders from Mars.
Ziggy Stardust
13. Which Irish rock band had a hit in the 1970’s with the song The Boys Are Back In Town?
Thin Lizzy
14. ABBA won the Eurovision song contest in 1974 - but which country were they representing?
15. What pioneering hard rock band released the 1970’s albums Paranoid and Masters of Reality?
Black Sabbath
16. And as a bonus follow-up - can you name the singer of the band in question 15?
Ozzy Osbourne
17. What is the name of the band that put a ‘Message in a Bottle’ in 1979?
The Police
18. The film Grease was released in the 1970’s. What was the best-selling single from the soundtrack?
You’re the One that I Want
19. And which band, featuring several brothers, helped to write the music for the soundtrack to Grease?
The Bee Gees
20. What was the best-selling film soundtrack of the 1970’s - that also prominently featured the group in question 19?
Saturday Night Fever
21. What is the name of the cocktail that Rupert Holmes enjoyed getting caught in the rain with, back in 1979?
Pina Colada
22. Harry Wayne Casey is the real name for the singer in which famous disco group who had a hit with the song ‘That’s the Way’?
K.C. from K.C. and the Sunshine Band

1970’s Film & TV Trivia Questions & Answers

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Film and TV in the 70’s came into their own. From the birth of some classic sitcoms and panel shows, to blockbuster movies with soundtracks that have lasted through the years, the 1970’s was packed full of film and TV wonders. 

How much do you think you know about the film and TV of the 1970’s though? 

Time to try your luck!

1. Who played Bob Woodward in All The President’s Men?
Robert Redford
2. What was the controversial horror movie featuring Ellen Burstyn playing the part of Linda Blair’s mother?
The Exorcist
3. In the 1970’s horror film Carrie, what does she get covered in before prom?
Pig’s blood
4. Where is the 1970’s drug smuggling classic Midnight Express set?
5. Which character did Susan Sarandon play in The Rocky Horror Picture Show?
6. Where did Adrian from Rocky work?
In a pet shop
7. True or false - the James Bond film Goldfinger was made in the 1970’s?
8. What was the boat called in Jaws?
The Orca
9. What happens at the very end of Kramer vs Kramer?
The mother hands over custody of her son
10. Which 1970’s film features characters called Augustus Gloop, Violet Beauregarde, and Veruca Salt?
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
11. True or false - Laurie Strode is killed in the classic 1970’s horror film Halloween.
12. What is the name of the film where the mother and the daughter swap bodies?
Freaky Friday
13. What TV show featured housemates called Jack, Janet, and Chrissy?
Three’s Company
14. Which TV show did Nellie Olsen appear in?
Little House on the Prairie
15. What were the names of the main characters in The Mod Squad?
Pete, Linc, and Judy
16. In The Walton’s, what was grandpa's first name?
17. In B.J. and the Bear, who was the bear?
B.J.’s pet chimpanzee
18. David Soul sang the 1970’s hit song Silver Lady. But what is the iconic 1970’s film that he also appeared in?
Starsky and Hutch
19. Who played the character of Danny in the hit 1970’s movie Grease?
John Travolta
20. What was the name of Angie Dickenson’s character in Police Woman?
Sgt Pepper Anderson
21. Who played the reporter in Kolchak: The Night Stalker?
Darren McGavin
22. What was Grizzly Adams’ closest companion?
A grizzly bear
23. Where did Laverne and Shirley work?
In a bottling factory

1970’s Fashion Trivia Questions & Answers

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Every decade is both blessed and cursed by fashion faux pas’ and catwalk classics, and the 1970’s was no different. 

From looks that have stayed with us to the present day, to things that, quite frankly, should have never been created, it’s time to put yourself to the test and see how much you know about 1970’s fashion.

1. What are the trousers that feature a wide bottom of the leg called, which were synonymous with the 1970’s?
Bell bottoms
2. Diane von Furstenberg created a dress in the 1970’s, that by 1976 had sold more than 5 million garments. What dress was this?
The wrap dress
3. Complete the advertising slogan - ‘gee, your hair smells ___’?
4. Capezio shoes were huge in the 1970’s. But what did they originally start life off as?
Jazz slippers
5. What fashion style came to be extremely popular during the 1970’s?
6. What is the name of the shorts that have rounded hems and a slit up the sides?
7. What was the name of the extremely popular kids’ underwear that featured superhero motifs?
8. What type of trousers were often seen at roller discos?
Satin trousers
9. Who invented hotpants?
Mary Quant
10. If a 1970’s man was said to be wearing a ‘Full Cleveland’, what would he be wearing?
A powder blue leisure suit, with a white belt and white shoes
11. The Fonz in the hit TV show Happy Days wears an iconic jacket - what color was it, and what was it made from?
A brown leather jacket
12. What were the popular 1970’s shoes that featured huge heels called?
13. And what were the shoes called that featured a heel that was lower than the rest of the shoe?
Earth Shoes
14. What type of sunglasses became hugely popular in the 1970’s?
Mirrored lens sunglasses
15. Which particular ‘double’ look, now known as a fashion faux pas, became enormously popular in the 1970’s?
Double denim
16. What is the name of the checked pattern that was invented in the 1970’s but had a huge revival in the 1990’s?
17. What style of top became popularized by Daisy Duke?
The tie-top
18. And which top that showed off a lot of skin also became popular in the 1970’s?
The tube top
19. What is the name of the popular surfers necklace that originated in Hawaii?
Puka shell necklace
20. What is the name of the jeans manufacturer who had an advert that featured a topless woman riding a horse?
Jordache jeans
21. Which Charlie’s Angel gave her name to a particular hairstyle?
Farrah Fawcett

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How did you get on with these 1970’s trivia questions and answers? We hope you’ve enjoyed jumping in a time machine and transporting yourself back to the age of disco, afros, and satin! 

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