Canasta Frequently Asked Questions 

We started this complete Canasta FAQs page to post all of the most commonly asked questions we receive about the popular meld-making card game. 

Since we first published our comprehensive Canasta rules guide, we’ve been inundated with questions from game fans eager to learn more.

As much as we love replying to each of you individually, we thought it would be helpful to share the answers to the questions we receive most frequently so that you can quickly get the answer you need without waiting on us for a reply. 

Naturally, we’ll be updating this Canasta frequently asked questions page regularly as more of your questions come in. 

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How many decks of cards do you use for Canasta?

Canasta is played with two regular decks of cards. 

How many cards are there in a Canasta deck?

A full canasta deck contains 108 cards.

How many cards are dealt in Canasta?

In Canasta, 11 cards are initially dealt to each player, with the remaining cards forming the draw and discard piles. 

Are there runs in Canasta?

No. Rather than using runs, which are any combination of cards in consecutive ranking order, Canasta is based on building melds, in which all cards have an equal rank value. 

Can 2 players play Canasta?

Absolutely. Though the four-player version is more popular, it’s entirely possible for two players to enjoy Canasta. Here’s how to play Canasta with two players.

Can you play Canasta with 3 players?

Canasta can certainly be a three-player game if a few adjustments are made. Here’s how to modify Canasta to three players.

Can you play Canasta with 4 players?

Yes. The standard rules of Canasta are best suited for a four-player game, though other variations can be made for smaller groups. 

How many jokers are there in Canasta?

Canasta utilizes four jokers, which act as wild cards throughout the game. 

Are Canasta and Hand and Foot the same game?

Not quite. Hand, Knee, and Foot is a variation of regular Canasta designed to include more players. So, if you’ve got a large group of friends who want to play Canasta, learning the rules of Hand, Knee, and Foot card game, maybe a better option.

Who invented Canasta?

Canasta was invented by Segundo Santos and Alberto Serrato, a duo of Bridge partners who wanted a faster alternative to their regular game. 

When was Canasta invented?

Santos and Serrato invented Canasta in 1939. It first spread around South America before World War II and eventually brought the game to the United States, Great Britain, and Europe. 

What happens when the deck runs out in Canasta?

If a player who wants to draw from the draw pile can’t do so because there are no more cards left, the play ends, and the hand they have is scored. 

Who cuts the deck in Canasta?

The player to the right of the dealer cuts the deck and passes it back to the dealer to deal out the cards.

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