25 Yellowstone Trivia Questions and Answers 

Our Yellowstone trivia will test your knowledge of the influential and powerful ranching family in Montana, The Duttons, and look at everything that has happened to and around this family since the hit show first aired in 2018. 

If you’ve binged the series and want to see how much you now know, or if you’ve been a regular viewer since the show’s premiere and would like to know how much you have remembered, this Yellowstone trivia is perfect for you. 

Even if you have just started your Yellowstone journey, then this trivia will ensure you stay on track as you learn just how fantastic this show really is!

Ready to play?

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General Yellowstone Trivia Questions and Answers 

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Emmy, an Oscar Award winner, Kevin Costner plays John Dutton, a sixth-generation homesteader in charge of the largest contiguous ranch in the country. 

John faces conflict, politics, unsolved murders, and family dramas as he tries to keep the towns respect and the ranch safe amidst bordering towns’ expansions. 

If you’ve watched the show from the beginning, this Yellowstone trivia may remind you of some of John’s greatest moments, as well as iconic scenes from other characters. 

In addition, you will be questioned about lots of general Yellowstone trivia, be it things we saw on screen or learned about offscreen

As always, good luck! 

1: How many seasons of Yellowstone have there been to date? (July 2022)
2: Who are Taylor Sheridan and John Linson?
The show's creators.
3: What state is the show set in?
4: How many biological children does John have?
5: Which character works as a horse trainer in season 1?
Kayce Dutton.
6: What is the name of John's only daughter?
Bethany 'Beth' Dutton.
7: Whose name was removed from the credits before the show premiered?
Harvey Weinstein.
8: Based on critic reviews, which season has the highest rating?
9: Who did John make a promise to that he would never sell the ranch?
His father.
10: How much was John offered for the ranch by Market Equities?
$500 million.
11: What shooting location is open to members of the public for stayovers?
Chief Joseph Ranch.
12: Most filming takes place in Montana, but which other state is occasionally used in earlier episodes?

Seasons and Episodes Yellowstone Trivia Questions and Answers 

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So far, there have been 4 seasons and 39 episodes of Yellowstone to hit our screens, with a brand new season due to be released later this year. 

Some episodes have been far more iconic than others, and to be blunt, some have been pretty slated by critics. However, we all have a favorite moment of the show. 

Do you remember when a bull was brought into a bar fight?

Or in which episode we saw John Dutton perform a heartbreaking act of mercy on his injured horse?

This Yellowstone trivia section will look at sad scenes, funny scenes, dramatic scenes, and the frankly unbelievable scenes that have been aired since the show’s release in 2018. 

1: In what episode and season do we see John Dutton tell his injured horse it 'deserved more in life' before shooting the animal dead?
Season 1, episode 1.
2: How did Kaycee punish a neighbor in season 4, episode 3?
Put him into a cattle guard.
3: In season 3, episode 7, who laughed in the face of their armed attackers and told them to 'just pull the trigger'?
Beth Dutton.
4: Who learned that they were adopted in season 3?
Jamie Dutton.
5: What kind of animal was thrown at Roarke leading to his swift death in season 4?
6: Who makes a chili out of 'sum bits' (ALL the bits from the cow) that doesn't go down particularly well in season 4, episode 4?
7: When do Beth and Rip get married?
Season 4, episode 10.

Cast and Characters Yellowstone Trivia Questions and Answers 

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The ensemble cast shows us the best and worst of American society, and this show certainly has its fair share of characters we love and those we love to hate. 

There are the humorous characters, the terrifying characters, the loving and the lethal! But, who is your favorite?

Hopefully, you’ll find them in this part of the Yellowstone trivia! 

Plus, we’ll take a look at some of the cast members, too. 

Let’s go! 

1: Which Yellowstone actor performed two songs for the soundtrack of the movie Crazy Heart?
Ryan Bingham, AKA Walker.
2: Which actor was the first to be announced as having a leading role?
Kevin Costner.
3: Who is played by American country singer Faith Hill?
Margaret Dutton.
4: Which Yellowstone actress won a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series for their role in the soap opera As The World Turns?
Jennifer Landon, AKATeeter.
5: Which character was played by both Kylie Rogers and Kelly Reilly?
Beth Dutton.
6: Which character is told by their boss that they 'hope the good Lord gave you a big d*** because he sure shorted you on brains.'?
Jimmy Hurdstrom.

More Yellowstone Trivia – Video 

I hope you enjoyed this Yellowstone trivia; if you haven’t found your favorite show on our site yet, please stay tuned as content is being updated all the time! Hope to see you again soon! 

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