45 Titanic Trivia Questions and Answers 

It was a truly devastating event, but it led to one of the greatest movies of all time, Titanic. In our Titanic trivia, we will pay respect to the harrowing sinking of this great ship, but we will mainly be focusing on the blockbuster production that hit our screens over 20-years ago! 

The movie shot Kate Winslet into stardom, and Leonardo Dicaprio said it changed the direction of his career. 

Titanic is regularly positioned as the number one movie of all time and received unprecedented recognition, including multiple awards. 

In our Titanic trivia, we will look at some of the best moments and scenes, iconic lines, cast and characters, and the great ship itself. 

We’re also going to look at some goofs and facts because, well, they’re fun to know about!

Let’s go! 

Amazing trivia, right ahead! 

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General Titanic Trivia Questions and Answers 

General Titanic Trivia Image

With a perfect balance between epic romance and heart-wrenching disaster, the Titanic movie became one of a few films to so expertly blend historical facts with fictionalized aspects.

Titanic is a movie that has something for everyone, which is possibly why it continues to be so popular – even more than 20-years after its release. 

This was the most expensive movie ever made at its time, and Titanic was the very first movie to reach the billion-dollar mark in worldwide gross!

If you’re a fan of this movie, let’s see how much you remember in round 1 of our Titanic trivia!

And if you’re not a fan, this Titanic trivia will change that, once you realize just how great this movie is – we’re not biased at all…

Let’s play! 

1: In what year was the Titanic movie released?
2: How much was the production budget?
$200 million.
3: What item was considered the Heart of the Ocean?
A blue diamond necklace.
4: Who is Rose engaged to?
Caledon' Cal' Hockley.
5: How did Jack used to make money?
6: Which character is considered 'new money' by those in 1st class?
Molly Brown.
7: What does Rose practice doing 'like a man' before being caught by her mother, Ruth?
8: What iconic line does Jack say when at the front of the ship?
'I'm King of the World!'
9: How did Jack win his ticket for the Titanic?
In a poker game.
10: What was Rose talking to Mr. Andrew about when he said: 'Not enough by half actually. Gosh, Rose, you miss nothing do you?'
Lack of lifeboats on board.
11: Who was Jack's traveling companion and best friend?
Fabrizio De Rossi.
12: Where was the ship heading?
New York City.
13: How old was Rose at the start of the voyage?
14: Who sang the movie theme 'My Heart Will Go On?
Celine Dion.

Cast and Characters of Titanic Trivia Questions and Answers 

Cast and Characters of Titanic Trivia Image

The movie’s cast was expertly done, and we saw real chemistry between characters, but was Kate Winslet always going to play Rose? And, who could have been Jack Dawson?

Find out how different Titanic could have been had things not gone the way they did. 

In round 2 of our Titanic trivia, we will ask you about some of the leading characters, lesser-shown but equally memorable and the historically correct

This round is one that most true fans should smash! 

Here we go! 

1: What major star was initially a favorite for the lead male role?
Matthew McConaughey.
2: What was the name of the ship's captain?
Captain Edward John Smith.
3: Who was Thomas Andrew?
The shipbuilder.
4: How old was Leonardo Dicaprio when he played Jack Dawson?
5: Which leading actor suffered from pneumonia during filming?
Kate Winslet.
6: Which Hollywood superstar wanted to play Jack Dawson but had a fee too high to be considered by the producers?
Tom Cruise.
7: Which actress played Molly Brown?
Kathy Bates.
8: How many leading Hollywood ladies had turned down the role of Rose before Kate Winslet was approached?
5; Gwyneth Paltrow, Winona Ryder, Claire Danes, Gabrielle Anwar, and Reese Witherspoon.
9: How old was Billy Zane's character, Cal, supposed to be when engaged to 17-year-old Rose?
10: Which leading star looks back with embarrassment on their performance and wishes they could redo the whole thing?
Kate Winslet!

Best Moments in Titanic Trivia Questions and Answers 

Best Moments in Titanic Trivia Image

During 195-minutes of magical movie moments, there are certainly some that stand out a little more, whether in a good or a bad way. 

Most fans will have a favorite moment, whether it’s the epic car scene, the under-deck dancing, or the moment Cal’s face is covered in Rose’s spit! 

From heartbreaking to heartwarming, Titanic had some truly memorable scenes – and in round 3 of our Titanic trivia, we will quiz you on just 6 of these! 

Ready to take a little look back with us?

1: How does Rose impress bystanders when she goes to 'a real party'?
She performs a trick by standing on the very tips of her toes.
2: What song does the band perform as the ship's sinking accelerates?
'Nearer, My God, to Thee.'
3: How does Rose want to be drawn in the very steamy sketching scene?
Like 'one of your French girls.'
4: Why does Cal laugh when he recalls giving Rose his coat?
He realizes the diamond necklace is in the pocket.
5: What does Rose use to free Jack from his handcuffs?
An ax.
6: What does a 3rd class mother do to her children, knowing they can't be saved?
Read them a final bedtime story.

Fun Facts Titanic Trivia Questions and Answers 

Fun Facts Titanic Trivia Image

In round 4 of our Titanic trivia, you will be truly tested on how much you really know about this movie!

We have questions about the production, the actors, the reception and a little movie mistake

Find out which Hollywood party girl nearly made it into the film, and discover what accompanied Leonardo Dicaprio on set. 

Ready to discover some movie facts?

Let’s go! 

1: The scene of the elderly couple cuddling on the bed near the end is based on fact. But why did they refuse to use a lifeboat despite being offered one due to their wealth status?
They felt it unfair to before children onboard.
2: What did Kate Winslet do to Leonardo Dicaprio when she first met him?
Flashed him!
3: Why can't Jack have gone ice fishing at Lake Wissota like he said?
It didn't exist until 6-years after the Titanic's sinking.
4: When do we see writer, director, and producer James Cameron on screen?
His hands sketch a naked Rose!
5: Which actress auditioned to play Jack's best girl' Cora?
Lindsay Lohan.
6: What type of pet did Dicaprio have on set?
7: How many Oscars did the movie win?

The Real Titanic Trivia Questions and Answers 

The Real Titanic Trivia Image

We couldn’t possibly complete a Titanic trivia without paying tribute to the actual ship and its only voyage. 

While its devastating sinking led to a great movie for us, it’s important to remember the harrowing loss of life and complete trauma for those on board. 

In the last part of our Titanic trivia, we will take a look at the real Titanic

Good luck – this isn’t the easiest round. 

1: On what date did the Titanic sink?
April 15, 1912.
2: The ship could accommodate 3,300 people. How many people could the lifeboats accommodate?
3: There were a reported 710 3rd class passengers on board. How many of these survived?
4: Where did the Titanic begin its voyage?
Southampton, UK.
5: How many ice warnings did the ship's crew receive?
6: How many people lost their lives?
Over 1,500.
7: How long did it take for the Titanic to sink after hitting an iceberg?
2 hours 40 minutes.
8: There were 12 dogs on board. How many survived?

More Titanic Trivia – Video

We’re at the end of our Titanic trivia voyage; we hope you found it a nostalgic trivia that reminded you how iconic this movie was. Before you rewatch Titanic, we have some more trivia challenges you may enjoy:

Thank you for playing our Titanic trivia. It certainly isn’t the easiest challenge we have set you, but we hope it is one you enjoyed playing. Bon voyage for now! 

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