51 June Trivia Questions and Answers (2023)

The long, cold winter nights are now well behind us, and finally, summer is here! Is there a better way to celebrate these warmer, brighter days than enjoying a fun June trivia challenge?

We think not! 

Our June trivia is a perfect opportunity to entertain the kids during the summer break and test their knowledge on many subjects.

June is a month that certainly has a lot going on – and our June trivia has some excellent starting points for further learning

So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s begin

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General June Trivia Questions and Answers

General June Trivia Image

We will begin our June trivia with a bumper general knowledge round, suitable for all players, individual players, or teams. 

Make a note of your scores to discover the winner of this June trivia at the end of the challenge. 

For round 1, we will quiz you on a range of June-related questions, including random facts, historical events, and June festivals

Ready to start?

Let’s go!

1: If you were born between June 1 and June 20, what star sign would you have?
2: What is the Latin name for June?
3: How many days are there in June?
4: Disney's Lady and the Tramp movie was released in June of what year?
5: Which June date is the longest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere?
June 21.
6: June has 2 official birth flowers. One is the rose - can you name the other?
7: On June 6, 1944, the largest ever air, land, and sea invasion occurred. What is this event commonly known as?
8: John Couch Adams discovered which planet on June 5, 1819?
9: If you were born after June 21 and before July 22, what star sign would you be?
10: What type of transportation is celebrated globally on June 3?
11: What free musical event runs in Chicago's Grant Park from early to mid-June?
The Chicago Blues Festival.
12: What June date marks the first day of summer in the Northern Hemisphere?
June 21.

Historical Events in June Trivia Questions and Answers

Historical Events in June Trivia Image

Each month has its place in the history books, but few can fill as many pages as June. 

In round 2 of our June trivia, we will look at some of the most revolutionary, influential, unprecedented, and monumental historical events that happened during this calendar month. 

Ready to test your June history knowledge?

Good luck! 

1: What did then-president Warren G. Harding become the first American president to do on June 14, 1922?
Broadcast a message over the radio.
2: Sally Jane Priesand became the first woman rabbi in the US on June 3 of what year?
3: What top-secret documents did the New York Times start to publish on June 13, 1971?
The Pentagon Papers.
4: What product was first demonstrated in NYC in 1929?
Color TV.
5: What happened to an estimated 250,000 enslaved African Americans in Texas on June 19, 1865?
They were freed.
6: What did Julia Gillard become in Australia on June 24, 2010?
Its first female president.
7: What did Nazi pilot Armin Faber do on June 23, 1942?
He took a wrong turn and landed in enemy territory, resulting in immediate capture.
8: Valentina Tereshkova became the first woman in Space on June 16 of what year?
9: What was the name of JK Rowling's first Harry Potter book that was released in the UK on June 26, 1997?
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.
10: What arrived in NYC from France on June 17, 1885?
The Statue of Liberty.

Celebrations and Events in June Trivia Questions and Answers

Celebrations and Events in June Trivia Image

There are so many cool events around the world in June; some raise awareness, others celebrate diversity – and there are those that are ‘just because days‘! 

In this round of our June trivia, we will look at the weird and wacky, as well as the uplifting, motivational, and super-cute special days in the June diary. 

If you’re looking for something fun to do in the month of June, then this is certainly a trivia round to pay great attention to! 

Here we go! 

1: What type of sporting event is held in different US locations annually in mid-June?
US Open Golf Tournament.
2: On the first Friday in June, people can participate in what special day where sweet treats are eaten to honor the Salvation Army Lassies?
National Donut Day.
3: What type of festival is Milwaukee's 2-week long 'Summerfest'?
Music - the world's largest Music event, to be exact!
4: On June 8, what national day takes place to celebrate a special someone in your life?
National Bestfriend Day.
5: Which parent has a special day on the third Sunday in June?
6: What annual June event is held on a 600-acre farm in Manchester, Tennessee?
Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival.
7: One of the oldest and largest LGBTQ Pride events in the US is held in which California city over the last weekend of June?
San Francisco.
8: On June 1, we have an opportunity to make the extra pleasant for everyone by taking part in what?
National Say Something Nice Day!

Famous June Birthdays Trivia Questions and Answers

Famous June Birthdays Trivia Image

In the penultimate round of our June trivia, we will celebrate the celebrities who celebrate Birthdays in June! 

In this section, you may find your favorite singer, musician, actor, or author; you may even learn something new about one of them, too! 

Let’s check your celebrity culture knowledge!

Happy June Birthday to the following people…

1: Which June-born Prison Break star opened up about their diagnosis of Autism as an adult?
Wentworth Miller.
2: Where was Maleficent actress, Angelina Jolie, born on June 4, 1975?
Los Angeles, California.
3: Billionaire rapper, record producer, and entrepreneur, Kanye West was born June 8. What year was this?
4: Which famous American twins were born on June 13, 1986?
Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Fuller Olsen.
5: In June of what year was Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's daughter, North, born?
6: Which renowned tennis icon celebrates her birthday on June 17?
Venus Williams.
7: One of the highest-paid actresses globally, Nicole Kidman, was born on June 20. Was this 1963, 1965, or 1967?
8: Which American Idol judge and singer/songwriter was born on June 20, 1949?
Lionel Richie.
9: Which June-born Parks and Recs actor is related (by marriage) to the Kennedy family and the Schwarzeneggar family?
Chris Pratt.
10: Born June 22, 1949, this actress has won multiple Grammy awards and has been nominated for 21 Oscars.
Meryl Streep.
11: Although not as successful as her big sister, this June-born singer has performed on stage and in movies since 2001.
Solange Knowles.
12: Which Office star was born June 24, 1979, in Massachusetts?
Mindy Kaling.

Just for Kids June Trivia Questions and Answers

Just for Kids June Trivia Image

The questions are child-friendly, but that doesn’t mean that they’re necessarily easy.

We have looked at what children aged between 5 and 12-years should have learned in school and have tailored this to be June-related; this means the questions could be about science, geography, history, and nature

If you’re looking to see how much information your kids are retaining from school, this is the round for you

Good luck, kids! 

1: What month comes before and after June?
May and July.
2: What date is World Environment celebrated?
June 5.
3: June 7, 1942: World War II: The Battle of Midway ended on June 7, 1942. Did it end in American victory or defeat?
American victory.
4: What happens to the following flowers in and around June: Carnation, Chrysanthemum, Freesia, Heather, Iris, and Kangaroo Paw?
They bloom.
5: What happens to the sun at the South Pole during June?
It doesn't rise.
6: June has 30 days. How many other months also have 30 days?
7: In Morocco, what animals will climb Argan trees in June?
8: June is one of the sunniest months. What vitamin do we get from the sun?
Vitamin D.
9: June 8 is World Ocean Day. What percentage of the earth is covered with oceans?

More June Trivia – Video 

That’s the end of our June trivia! Why not try another trivia game? Here are some you may like:

Thank you for playing our June trivia; we hope you enjoyed playing along and that you maybe even learned something new! See you again soon for more trivia fun!

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