43 Forrest Gump Trivia Questions and Answers

This Forrest Gump trivia will provide a nostalgic look back at this classic 90s movie, remind you of some iconic moments, and test your memory, too.

Written by Eric Roth, Forrest Gump is an iconic 90s movie with the perfect drama/comedy balance. 

The leading man, warm-hearted, feeble-minded Forrest, is initially unassuming. Still, during the movie, we see him unintentionally influence several defining historical events, such as teaching Elvis Presley to dance and inspiring John Lennons’ Imagine.’

My Forrest Gump trivia is composed of trivia questions that relate directly to the movie, its characters, plot, scenes, quotes, and more.

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General Forrest Gump Trivia Questions and Answers

General Forrest Gump Image

Combining elements of motivation, comedy, and inspiration and starring now veteran actor Tom Hanks, Forrest Gump is a must-watch movie that can instill deep, moral values in almost every scene. 

Many polls have Forrest Gump as the best film of all time, or thereabouts; it’s a story of an underdog, a man belittled his whole life and a man who manages not to let the world turn him cruel. 

Nominated for multiple Academy Awards and still regularly discussed in online communities, Forrest Gump has the recognition many believe it deserves. But, how much can you remember about it?

Let’s find out in the first batch of Forrest Gump trivia questions!

1: Which state is Forrest Gump from?
2: What year did the movie come out?
3: What is the name of the author of the book titled Forrest Gump?
Winston Groom.
4: Which award-winning actress played Forrest's loving mother?
Sally Field.
5: Which war did an adult Forrest fight in?
The Vietnam war.
6: Who does Forrest meet on his first school day and become best friends with?
Jenny Curran.
7: What is Forrest's favorite soda?
Dr. Pepper.
8: Where is Forrest sitting as he narrates his life story to strangers?
A bus stop (in Savannah, Georgia).
9: Why was Jenny kicked out of college?
For appearing in Playboy magazine.
10: Public high schools in the 1950s accepted children with IQs of 85 and over, with children with lower scores required to attend special education schools. What was Forrest's IQ as a child?
11: What is the full name of friend and fellow soldier, Bubba?
Benjamin Buford Blue.
12: What type of scholarship did Forrest receive to attend the University of Alabama in 1962?
13: Who wanted to buy a shrimp boat and enter the shrimp business?
14: Which sport took Forrest to competitions in China?
Ping Pong.
15: Forrest Gump was the second highest-grossing movie of 1994. What was the first?
The Lion King.
16: What did Forrest receive for rescuing his fellow soldiers during an ambush?
A Medal of Honor.
17: How long did Forrest run for?
3 years, 2 months, 14 days, and 16 hours.
18: Who said 'run Forrest, run'?
19: According to Forrest's mom, where is his father?
On a long vacation.
20: Finish the iconic line: 'Stupid is…'
As stupid does.

Cast, Crew, and Characters in Forrest Gump Trivia Questions and Answers

Cast, Crew, and Characters in Forrest Gump Image

The casting of Forrest Gump seems to have been expertly done, but in reality, the actors who played many of the leading roles were not the intended people – even Tom Hanks

In this Forrest Gump trivia round, you will learn how different the movie could have been had plan A worked out and discover a little more about the cast and characters. 

Can you put a name to all of the faces? Do you know whose first 3-days of filming resulted in unusable footage?

If you don’t, you’ll soon find out, along with lots more interesting Forrest Gump trivia!

1: Who was the original choice to play the title role and says that passing on this was a mistake?
John Travolta.
2: Which American rapper was offered the role of Benjamin Buford Blue but turned it down?
Ice Cube.
3: Who was cast in the movie after the casting director noticed them in a Pizza Hut commercial?
Haley Joel Osment.
4: Which role did major Hollywood actresses Jodie Foster and Demi Moore turn down?
Jenny Curran.
5: Barry Sonnenfeld turned down the chance to direct the film, instead opting to direct which movie?
Addams Family Value.
6: Which actor performed for 3-days until they had mastered the role?
Tom Hanks.
7: Which actor played the role of Lieutenant Dan Taylor?
Gary Sinise.
8: Who did the novel's author, Winston Groom, envision for the role of Forrest?
John Goodman.
9: What role did legendary actor Bill Murray turn down?

Quotes in Forrest Gump Trivia Questions and Answers

Quotes in Forrest Gump Image

Sally Field said of her character, ‘ A lot of her dialogue sounds like slogans, and that’s just what she intends,’ and she sure did come out with some unforgettable lines. 

One particular line of Sally’s has made its way into the American Film Institute’s top 100 movie quotes (can you guess which one?).

But, she wasn’t the only character to give us quotes to think about or even phrases to live by

In this Forrest Gump trivia round, I have included some of the very best quotes from the movie (according to polls, surveys, and best of lists; to ensure fairness!)

Let’s see how many you can remember!

1: Who said to Forrest, 'if you're ever in trouble, don't be brave. You just run, OK? Just run away?
2: What did Forrest say was the best thing about visiting presidents?
The food.
3: Which famous quote made it into the American Institutes' top 100 movie quotes of all time?
My mama always said, 'Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.'
4: A saying from the movie became part of society's language worldwide. What is this saying?
S*** happens.
5: How does Forrest complete this line 'I'm not a smart man…'
But I know what love is.

Fun Facts About Forrest Gump Trivia Questions and Answers

Fun Facts About Forrest Gump Image

Who doesn’t love a fun facts trivia section?

In the last round of my Forrest Gump trivia, I will reveal some lesser-known things about the movie, such as interesting off-screen antics and how Tupac Shakur was almost in the film! 

Learn how this movie was a family affair for Tom Hanks and which actor stated in an interview they’d been the second choice for the leading role. 

Plus, lots more fun trivia! 

Let’s go!

1: What aspect of the movie was Tom Hanks unsure about initially?
Forrest's thick southern accent.
2: What was never really there during the ping pong scenes?
The ball.
3: Tom Hanks waived a large part of his fee in exchange for percentage points. How much did this ultimately net him for the movie?
$40 million.
4: Who stated in an interview that they'd been the second choice for the leading role?
Sean Penn.
5: What is Forrest doing in every photograph we see in the movie?
He has his eyes shut. 
6: Which actress refused to do a screen test for the role of Jenny?
Nicole Kidman.
7: What role did rapper Tupac read for?
8: Why did the movie almost not happen?
Budget. Hanks and director Robert Zemeckis split costs to complete the movie.
9: How is Tom Hanks' younger brother, Jim, involved in the movie?
He's Tom's acting double and can be seen in the running across the US scenes.

More Forrest Gump Trivia – Video Quiz

And that brings us to the end of this Forrest Gump Trivia! If you’ve been inspired to rewatch this classic movie – or watch it for the first time – why not play another trivia before you go? Here’s some you may like:

Thank you for playing my Forrest Gump trivia; I hope you enjoyed this challenge. 

While this movie came out the same year as other iconic movies like The Green Mile and Shawshank Redemption, there is something that is a little bit more special about the purity and innocence of Forrest, his family, and friends that sit so well with so many of us. 

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