31 Atlanta Trivia Questions and Answers

Play our Atlanta trivia questions quiz to discover just how much you know about this bustling American city! 

Georgia’s capital, Atlanta, is known for many things: its Southern hospitality, its important role in the Civil War and the 1960s Civil Rights Movement, its diverse musical heritage, and its sports teams, to name a few. 

In our Atlanta trivia, you will be quizzed on various aspects of this State capital, and the answers you don’t know will only lead to fact-finding – making our Atlanta trivia a win-win

We have 5 rounds to play, with some super-hard questions included, so ensure you’re ready. 

If you’re playing in teams, then thanks to our reveal the answer button, every member of the party can play, as there is no advantage to playing host. 

Ready to begin?

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General Atlanta Trivia Questions and Answers

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Before the Western and Atlantic railroad, Atlanta was little more than a few homes with a few residents. 

The railroads’ chief engineer, Stephen H. Long, was asked about the future of this little village – prior to the build – and is quoted to have said: The place would be good “for a tavern, a grocery store, a blacksmith shop, and nothing else.”

Well, Stephen H. Long, you were very wrong! 

Atlanta is the most populous city in Georgia and serves as the economic and cultural heart of the larger metropolitan area – of which it is the eighth-largest in the US. 

In the first round of our Atlanta trivia, you will learn some really cool facts and hopefully grow a whole new appreciation for this widely diverse, beautifully humble, and simply stunning place. 

Ready to play?

Here we go! 

1: What was Atlanta called previous to 1845?
2: What is the population of Atlanta?
Over 6 million.
3: What was created in John Pembertons’ backyard in 1886?
The first variant of Coca-Cola.
4: What took place here in 1996?
The Olympics.
5: Atlanta borders on the foothills of which mountains?
The Appalachian Mountains.
6: During the 1950s and 1960s, what did Atlanta become a major organizing center of?
The American Civil Rights Movement.
7: What is unique about Atlanta International Airport?
It has been the world's busiest airport since 1998!
8: With the exception of the 1960s, what race has always made up the largest percentage of the population here?
African American.
9: What covers 47.9% of the city?
10: Which band with hits including ‘Sorry Ms. Jackson’ and ‘Hey Ya’ came from Atlanta?
11: The largest drive-in restaurant is in Atlanta. What is it called?
The Varsity.
12: What 3 interstate highways slice Atlanta into quarters?
Interstate 20, 75, and 85.
13: What is the median cost of a home here?
14: What is the most popular street name?
15: What is portrayed on the Atlanta city seal?
The Phoenix.

History of Atlanta Trivia Questions and Answers

History of Atlanta Trivia Image

The history of Atlanta may be relatively short, but it’s undoubtedly jam-packed with colossal events, some devastating, others revolutionary

We can’t possibly hope to do Atlanta’s history justice in one trivia round, but we have tried to cover some of the most monumental moments

How well is your history knowledge of this city?

Let’s find out in round 2 of our Atlanta trivia! 

Good luck.

1: In what year was the significant civil war, known as the Battle of Atlanta, fought?
2: What civil rights leader and icon was born on Atlanta’s Auburn Avenue in 1928?
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
3: What did the Frazier Cafe Society become the first restaurant to do in Atlanta?
Serve people of all colors together.
4: What genre of music arrived in Atlanta in 1866?
5: In what year did the team now known as Atlanta Braves begin playing baseball?
6: Who lit the Olympic flame in Atlanta in 1996?
Muhammed Ali.
7: What does the city's seal, The Phoenix, symbolize?
Its rise from out of the ashes and destruction of the Civil War.

Culture in Atlanta Trivia Questions and Answers

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Atlanta is a popular southern US tourist destination; while it doesn’t rival some cities, there’s undoubtedly something for everyone here. 

Plus, the warm climate definitely adds to the attraction! 

If you’re from Atlanta, you may be well aware of the many popular attractions and landmarks, but if you’re planning a visit, this is the Atlanta trivia round for you! 

It could just be that you’re enjoying playing our Atlanta trivia, and this is simply another round to pass. 

Whatever your relationship with Atlanta, we wish you luck in round 3 of our quiz! 

1: How many aquatic creatures can you find in Georgia's Aquarium, Atlanta?
2: Whose birth home is situated at 501 Auburn Avenue in the Sweet Auburn Historic District and open for daily tours?
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
3: Where is the annual Decatur BBQ, Blues & Bluegrass Festival held?
Harmony Park.
4: When DiscoverAtlanta assigned 3 top food critics the task of researching the top 50 restaurants in Atlanta, how many did they return with?
75 - this is a foodie city for sure!

Celebrities From Atlanta Trivia Questions and Answers

Celebrities From Atlanta Trivia Image

For a city – not a State – Atlanta is the birth home of many famous faces; how many come to your mind?

From billionaire stars to internationally successful musicians and even a famous accountant – we uncover 5 Atlanta-born celebs in this round. 

With just 5 questions to answer, in theory, round 4 should be short and sweet; however, we haven’t gone for the most obvious celebs! 

Let’s see how well you do! 

Good luck. 

1: Which Office Accountant was born in Atlanta on November 29, 1972?
Brian Baumgartner, aka Kevin Malone.
2: How is singer, rapper, record producer, and now Miami-resident (though Atlanta born) Thomas DeCarlo Callaway better known?
CeeLo Green.
3: Born in 1948 in Atlanta, which female singer is known as the Empress of Soul?
Gladys Knight.
4: Which Atlanta-born singer has been a judge on the US and UK talent shows, The X Factor?
Kelly Rowland.
5: Which Atlantic-born billionaire is cited by Forbes as the richest musician in the world?
Kanye West.

More Atlanta Trivia – Video 

That’s the end of our Atlanta trivia, folks! How well did you do? If you’re up for another trivia challenge, here are some you may like:

Thanks for choosing to play with us today; we hope you enjoyed our Atlanta trivia, and it gave you a new insight into how amazingly diverse and simply wonderful this city is. Remember to check back soon, as our trivia page is updated with new content regularly. 

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