43 Arizona Trivia Questions and Answers 

Arizona is known for the Grand Canyon, magnificent landscapes, stunning scenes, and much more, but how much do you know? Try our Arizona trivia to see if you’re an expert or need to learn a little more about this sandy state. 

Arizona, abbreviated to AZ, is a truly quirky state. 

For example, did you know that it is illegal for donkeys to sleep in bathtubs here?

To discover some interesting facts about Arizona and test your general knowledge of the state, we’ve devised 5 fun-filled Arizona trivia rounds. 

Try one, or take them all one to see how clued up you are! 

Ready to play?

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General Arizona Trivia Questions and Answers 

General Arizona Trivia Image

Southern and Northern Arizona could be worlds away. 

Southern Arizona is known for hot summers, mild winters, and a desert climate, whereas Northern Arizona features forests, mountain ranges, deep canyons, and significant winter snowfalls

Home to one of the world’s seven natural wonders, a diverse population, and a booming economy, much is going on in this state. 

During round one of our Arizona trivia, you will be quizzed on many things about Arizona, such as its history, people, cuisine, landmarks, and attractions

There are more topic-specific rounds further on in the Arizona trivia, but it’s all random for now! 

Ready to start?

1: What is the capital of Arizona?
2: Historically, Arizona's economy has relied on: copper, cotton, cattle, citrus, and climate. What is this otherwise known as?
The five C's.
3: Arizona is home to the village of Supia, which is the only place in the US to have mail delivered by what type of transportation?
4: In what year did Arizona become a state?
5: How many federally recognized Native American tribes are there in Arizona?
6: What is the estimated population of Arizona?
7.2 million.
7: What percentage of residents are African-American?
8: How many states does Arizona share a border with?
9: What is the state's official neckwear?
Bola tie.
10:In Arizona, what is it unlawful to refuse someone?
A glass of water.
11: Model and media personality Hailey Bieber was born in Arizona. What year was this?
12: On June 26, 1990, the hottest day was recorded in Phoenix. What high did temperatures hit?
122°F / 50°C
13: Arizona is roughly the size of which European country?
14: How many rays of red and yellow are featured on the top half of Arizona's state flag?
15: How many miles long is the Grand Canyon?
227 miles.
16: What is the state bird of Arizona?
Cactus Wren.
17: What is Arizona's largest employer?
The state government.

History of Arizona Trivia Questions and Answers 

History of Arizona Trivia Image

Arizona, like most states, has a wide and varied history, but unless you went through school here, there are so many incredible things you may not know. 

In our history of Arizona round, we have come up with some truly testing questions that may require a little guesswork, but with answers so well worth it, we don’t think you’ll mind. 

Of course, you may well smash this section of our trivia and be well on your way to being crowned our Arizona trivia champion

Let’s find out how knowledgeable you are about the history of Arizona. 

1: How many dinosaur fossils have been found at the Grand Canyon?
2: Originally part of Mexican and Spanish territories, the land of Arizona was ceded to the United States in what year?
3: What metal was found here in 1854?
Copper; kicking off the state's largest industry for the next 100 years.
4: What was discovered by a farm boy named Clyde Tombaugh at Lowell Observatory, Arizona, in 1930?
5: What educational establishment was founded here in 1885?
The University of Arizona.
6: In what year were women given the right to vote here?
7: Today, Arizona is home to more than 7.2 million people. What was the population in 1910?

Arizona Attractions Trivia Questions and Answers 

Arizona Attractions Trivia Image

To many, the things to spring to mind when thinking of Arizona are likely images of cactus deserts, red canyons, historic settlements, and today’s vibrant cities

Arizona has world-famous attractions that contribute to it being a hugely popular tourist attraction, but there’s a wealth of hidden gems here, too. 

From the magnificent natural land formations to the marvelous man-made monuments, Arizona is a state that has so much to see and do. 

If you’re planning to visit Arizona, or you live here and are looking for somewhere new to go, then this round of our Arizona trivia is the one to pay close attention to. 

Of course, it’s also a great trivia round to sharpen that Arizona knowledge!

Ready to discover some of the best Arizona attractions?

Course you are! 

1: What is the name of the museum that is esteemed globally for its learning programs, festivals, and collections of Native American artifacts?
Heard Museum, Phoenix.
2: How many years ago was the Barringer Crater, known as the best-preserved impact crater on the planet, formed?
40,000 years ago.
3: Which major tourist attraction was built by man to control flooding, provide irrigated water and produce electricity during the Great Depression?
The Hoover Dam.
4: How many acres is Saguaro National Park?
5: Who owns Havasu Falls?
The Havasupai Tribe.
6: Located on the Arizona-Utah state line, which red-stone valley has been the backdrop to more than two dozen major films?
Monument Valley.
7: How many people visit the Grand Canyon annually?
5.9 million.

True or False Arizona Trivia Questions and Answers 

True or False Arizona Trivia Image

Who doesn’t love a true or false round?

If you haven’t been impressed with your scoring so far during our Arizona trivia, then in this section, you have a 50% chance of getting every question right! 

And, you’ll get to learn some truly incredible things about the state while you’re playing. 

There are no trick questions, and the answer will always be either true or false

If you have no idea at all of the answer, simply have a guess; remember, it’s 50/50

Here we go! 

1: If you're being attacked in Arizona, you can only protect yourself with the same weapon used to attack you. 
2: You could face 10-years in jail for cutting down a cactus here.
False. You could face 25-years.
3: Arizona is a right-to-work state.
4: The brown bear is the official state mammal. 
False. It is the Ringtail.
5: People are allowed to ride a horse up Prescott's county courthouse stairs.
False. No one is permitted to do this. Alas. 
6: The sun shines more in Tucson and Phoenix than in Hawaii and Florida.
True. The sun shines for 85% of the year!
7: Arizona is known as The Valentine State.

Famous Arizonans Trivia Questions and Answers

Famous Arizonans Trivia Image

Being so close to celeb-culture California, you may think that Arizona is also known for its famous people, but the list is much more condensed than many other states. 

However, there certainly are a few notable Arizona residents, past and present, that we’ll uncover in this round. 

There have been some very distinguished individuals born in Arizona, including musicians, athletes, actors, and politicians.

How many do you think you can name?

Let’s find out! 

1: Widely regarded as one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time, what year did Shawn Michaels make his wrestling debut?
2: Chester Charles Bennington was born March 20, 1976, in Phoenix. What band is the best known for being the lead vocalist for?
Linkin Park.
3: Which Arizona-born singer had an album named Rumors that was certified 20× platinum in the US?
Stevie Nicks.
4: Hailing from Arizona, who was cited as the world's highest-paid actress in 2017?
Emma Stone.
5: Which 2 members of The Pussycat Dolls were born in Arizona?
Ashley Roberts and Melody Thornton.

More Arizona Trivia Fun – Video

How well did you do with our Arizona trivia? If you enjoyed playing, why not take on another challenge? Here’s a random selection to consider:

Thank you for playing our Arizona trivia. We hope you learned a thing or two or have discovered some fabulous places to visit if you’re heading this way. We particularly like the look of Havasu Falls if you’re prepared for the journey! Look this one up! 

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