37 Candy Trivia Questions and Answers 

Check out our super-sweet and fantastically fun candy trivia questions and answers to find out a little more about candy or to test the knowledge you have so far! 

Everyone, especially kids, loves candy, and for very good reason! 

Fruity, gummy, fizzy, chewy, tasty, and delicious, the sugary confectionery is adored the world over and has fans of all ages, races, creeds, and genders. 

Candy does not discriminate

The candy options we have today are almost endless and can bring a smile to the glummest of faces – show your appreciation by taking on our candy trivia challenge!

Let’s go! 

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General Candy Trivia Questions and Answers 

General Candy Trivia Image

How much do you know about the sweet world of candy?

The 1st round of our candy trivia features a mixture of easy, medium, and hard candy questions to truly test the sweet-toothed players amongst you. 

Find out some tantalizing facts and celebrate the candy knowledge you already have by smashing round 1 of our candy trivia challenge. 

Why not test your friends too – and the loser gets to stock up the candy jar

Here we go! 

1: What did John Cadbury create?
The world's 1st mass-produced chocolate bar.
2: What candy bar was included in American soldiers' rations during the second world war?
Heath Bar.
3: What does M&M stand for?
Mars and Murrie.
4: Was milk chocolate invented in Belgium or Switzerland?
5: How many pounds of chocolate is eaten in the US each year?
2.8 billion pounds.
6: What M&M color was discontinued in the 1970s?
Red (it came back in a safer form in 1987!).
7: Which candy bar is described as ‘packed with peanuts’?
8: What type of candy lets you blow bubbles?
9: What is the name of the proprietor of a chocolate factory in the Roald Dahl classic, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?
Willie Wonka.
10: What candy has the following slogan, ‘Isn't Life Juicy’?
11: Which U.S. holiday sees the highest candy sales?

Candy Around the World Trivia Questions and Answers 

Candy Around the World Trivia Image

As with most things, candy is celebrated, enjoyed, and even called something different around the world. 

This round of our candy trivia will test your candy geography knowledge! 

But, don’t worry, it’s a fun-filled round jam-packed with interesting candy information. 

Ready to learn a little more about candy?

Let’s play!

1: Violet Crumble is a crumbly honeycomb toffee covered in chocolate. In what country would you find this?
2: Where does Cadbury Dairy Milk come from?
3: What is the best-selling candy in the whole world?
4: What globally popular Italian candy has been banned in the US since the 1930s? We now have a funless version available.
Kinder Eggs.
5: What is the Middle Eastern favorite, with a name that means ‘rest for the throat,’ known as?
Turkish Loucum, AKA Turkish Delight.
6: What do British people call candy?
7: Where was gummy candy invented?

History of Candy Trivia Questions and Answers 

History of Candy Trivia Image

Do you know who brought chocolate to American soil, and how long ago?

Are you aware of the timeline of the American Candy Industry?

If you don’t think it matters, this round of our candy trivia will come as a shock, as you find out just how close we came to never experiencing a whole wealth of sugary goodness

Can you even imagine?!

Let’s give great thanks to the journey of candy through the ages, and the many hands that helped crush pitfalls, blend brilliance and mix marvelous creations we know and love today. 


1: What type of candy arrived in America, via a Spanish ship, in 1641?
Chocolate, what if that ship never came!
2: In what year did the first chocolate house open in the US?
3: What percentage of American candy bars have been around for over 60-years?
4: What did English-man Joseph Fry invent in 1847?
The 1st modern candy bar.
5: What was created by Wunderle Candy Company in 1880 that is still a best-selling Halloween candy today?
Candy Corn.
6: Named after his daughter's nickname, what did Leo Hirshfield introduce in 1896?
Tootsie Rolls.
7: What did Hershey add to its newly famous milk chocolate bar in 1908?
8: In what year did Mars introduce the Milky Way candy bar?
9: True or False: Valomilk candy bar was created by accident?
10: What did women at Whitman's Candy Company do to boxes destined for US soldiers during the second world war?
Slip in notes of encouragement and thanks.

Facts about Candy Trivia Questions and Answers 

Facts about Candy Trivia Image

How improved is your candy trivia knowledge so far?

The fun isn’t over yet, and we believe our facts round the be the best yet! 

This is a quick-fire round that may require some guesswork, but the answers will be so worth it. 

While we’re not suggesting handing out candy trivia facts in place of actual candy this Halloween, some of the facts below would make for great conversation starters. 

Let’s look at the how, where, who, why, and what!

1: What nation consumes twice the amount of candy as the US?
2: Where was Saltwater Taffy invented?
Atlantic City, in 1883.
3: How many skittles are produced each day?
200 million.
4: What was the occupation of the inventor of cotton candy?
5: What candy was supposed to replicate the taste of a malted milkshake?
Milky Way bar.
6: Which chocolate candy bar was named after its inventor's beloved horse?
7: President Ronald Reagan loved which candy so much his private planes were fitted with special compartments to keep them safe in flight?
Jelly beans.
8: How many tootsie rolls are made each day?
64 million.
9: What candy was banned in North Dakota between 1953 and 1967 for fear it would encourage child smokers?
Candy cigarettes.

More Candy Trivia Fun – Video

Thank you for playing our candy trivia – we hope you enjoyed it. Before you rush off to check your candy jar, why not take on another trivia challenge? Here’s some you may enjoy:

Was your favorite candy in our trivia challenge? If not, we hope we inspired you to maybe try something new. We’re off in search of Australia’s Violet Crumble; how delicious does that sound?! See you soon for more trivia fun.

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