51 Fruit Trivia Questions and Answers 

Fancy something a little fruity? Our fun fruit trivia is one to reveal some truly interesting fruit facts, and knowledge! 

Play alone, or test your friends and family, to see who knows the most about one of God’s tastiest gifts!

This trivia is suitable for all players and is great fun to play. 

We have included some fruity questions, some with a little tang, and others that are sure to ripen your fruity knowledge!

In our fruit trivia quiz, you will find 5 super fruity rounds, try one or play them all! 

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General Fruit Trivia Questions and Answers 

General Fruit Trivia Image

Welcome to the fleshy part of our fruit trivia! This is the biggest section, and hopefully, one that won’t go pear-shaped! 

Ready to get your teeth into this? 

Here we go!

1: What is the most widely purchased fruit among US consumers?
2: What popular fruit came to the US with the pilgrims in the 1600s?
3: According to a recent survey, what is America's least favorite fruit?
4: What green fruit was grown by Native Americans that’s the main ingredient for guacamole?
5: ‘Conference’ and ‘Williams’ are types of which kind of fruit?
6: Where do pineapples originate from?
South America.
7: What are dried grapes commonly known as?
8: Seville is a kind of orange, and also the name of a city in which country?
9: Which fruit did Europeans believe to be poisonous for around 200 years?
10: What part of a rhubarb plant is toxic?
11: Which mineral do we get from bananas?
12: How many apple variants are grown in the US?
13: What accompanies strawberries to make a traditional English summer dessert?
14: What is the most popular brand of canned fruit in the US?
Del Monte.
15: What fruit is the most popular addition to breakfast pancakes?
16: What vitamin is a lemon the richest in?
Vitamin C (88%).
17: On Thanksgiving, what fruit is made into a sauce to accompany the main meal?
18: How much does the typical American household spend on fruit and veg every year? (closest answer wins!)
19: Which type of berry is toxic to dogs?
20: A watermelon contains 92% of what?

Guess the Fruit Trivia Questions and Answers

Guess the Fruit Trivia Image

Part 2 of our fruit trivia requires some guesswork! 

We will describe a fruit, and you have to guess the answer. 

Some will be simple; others may be a little tougher

With a bit of thought, you’ll smash these fruity riddles!

Good luck!

1: I can be seedless or seeded, and I’m grown on a vine. Dry me to have raisins or squeeze me for wine.
2: I’m sometimes green but better when yellow, and I grow high up on the tops of trees. You have to peel me in order to see me, and I am a favorite of the monkeys!
3: I’m super-sweet and red in color. You have me in smoothies or jellies to make you feel fuller.
4: I come before stone and light and am a flavor you will find in your sprite.
5: My name is a color and can be a mix of two. To eat me, there’s a hard peel you have to get through.

Fruit Facts Trivia Questions and Answers 

Fruit Facts Trivia Image

Who doesn’t love a fruity fact

In this section of our trivia, the fruity facts will be literal! 

Here you will learn some truths about fruit that you may not have known before!

Ready to give this a go?

Let’s go!

1: What is the study of fruit called?
2: Which hugely popular fruit is, in fact, a herb?
3: What is the only fruit to have its seeds on the outside?
4: Eating what type of fruit is more effective than drinking a cup of coffee to gain energy?
5: How many seeds are there in the average pomegranate?
6: Which fruit has twice the amount of Vitamin C than an orange?

Fruit Statistics Trivia Questions and Answers

Fruit Statistics Trivia Image

A regular player of our trivia will know that we just love statistics

They’re great to learn and share and can lead to great debates with friends and family during game nights. 

In the penultimate part of our fruit trivia, you will be questioned on the most surprising, revealing, and downright astounding fruity stats out there!

Closest answers win!

Let’s see how many delicious stats you know about fruit.

1: What percentage of American women eat fruit every day?
2: Which American state has the highest fruit consumption?
3: Which country produces and consumes the most fruit globally?
China, with 39% of the global market.
4: What percentage of the world fruit trade do bananas make up?
5: Since 2010, the global fruit production has grown from 45 million tons to how many million tons?
6: What country has the lowest fruit consumption, with only 35% of its population eating fruit regularly.
7: The US is the leading supplier of what type of fruit?
8: 50% of the world's mango production comes from what country?
9: How many servings of fruit does The United States Department of Agriculture suggest eating on a daily basis?
5 to 9.

Kids Fruit Trivia Questions and Answers 

Kids Fruit Trivia Image

The last section of our fruit trivia is for the youngest members of the family, but everyone can play along! 

Find out how much your kids know about fruit, and provide a fruity education with this section of our quiz!

Ready to begin kids?

Let’s go!

1: In the Roald Dahl classic, what giant fruit does James live in?
2: What kind of fruit every day is said to keep the doctor away?
3: In the 12 days of Christmas song, where does the partridge live?
A pear tree.
4: What kind of fruit has milk on the inside?
5: What red circular food is often thought of as a vegetable when really it is a fruit?
6: What fruit has a very slippy peel?
7: What type of fruit is Barry in the movie Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2?
8: What fruit does the wicked witch try to poison Snow White with?
9: What fruit has a fuzzy outside and is bright green on the inside?
10: What other type of fruit can you make up from the same letters used to spell lemon?
11: What type of fruit goes into muffins, smoothies, pies, and pancakes that can color your tongue blue!

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