55 Family Guy Trivia Questions and Answers 

‘If it seems today that all you see is violence in movies,’ then take some time out and play our Family Guy trivia questions and answers!

Where are those good old-fashioned values’? 

Well, they can be in your home today if you choose to play our Family Guy trivia with your friends or family! 

This trivia is split into 3 sections, with questions to suit all fans of the show, from the Grandparents to the family girls and the Family Guys!

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General Family Guy Trivia Questions and Answers 

General Family Guy Trivia Image

Our general Family Guy trivia section is a mixture of easy, medium, and tough questions about the show; and anything that surrounds the show. From guest appearances to writers, awards, and statistics, the start of our Family Guy trivia is suitable for everyone! 

Do you know your Peter Griffins from your Joe Swanson?

Let’s test your Family Guy knowledge now! 

Ready to ‘Laugh and Cry’?

Here we go! 

1: What is the name of the fictional city where Family Guy is set?
Quahog, Rhode Island.
2: In what year did Family Guy hit our screens?
3: Can you name the 3 children of Peter and Louis Griffin? (We’ll take any order)
Meg, Chris, and Stewie.
4: What award was Family Guy nominated for that hadn’t included any animated series since The Flintstones in 1961?
Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series.
5: As of 2021, how many episodes of Family Guy have been broadcast?
6: What season of Family Guy has the highest views?
Season 1; with 12.80 million.
7: How long does it take to develop a single episode of Family Guy?
Around 10-months.
8: Which female comedian filed an unsuccessful lawsuit for $6 million against the show for portraying her character without her permission?
Carol Burnett.
9: Executive producer and writer Seth Macfarlane also voices 3 of the main characters in the show. Can you name all 3?
Peter Griffin, Stewie Griffin, and Brian Griffin.
10: How many Emmy Awards has the show been nominated for?
11: And, how many has it won?
12: What is the name of Family Guys spin-off show, co-created by Seth Macfarlane?
The Cleveland Show.
13: Who is Peter Griffin's spiritual guide?
The Fonz.
14: What is The Drunken Clam?
The local bar.
15: What happened to Peter Griffin after he ate 30 hamburgers?
He had a stroke.
16: Who is Rupert?
Stewie Griffin's teddy bear.
17: What is the Griffin's address?
31 Spooner Street.
18: Who does the one-eyed cat, Bootsie, belong to?
Adam West.
19: What did Peter Griffin sell his soul for in 1974?
Bee Gees tickets.
20: What was the show named by the Parents Television Council 44 separate times?
The Worst TV Show.
21: A Change.org petition was started by fans to bring back which killed off character in 2013?
Brian, the dog.
22: Who is the famous spouse of Meg's voice-over actress, Mila Kunis?
Ashton Kutcher.
23: Peter Griffin's voice was inspired by a real-life person spotted by Macfarlane in Rhode Island. What was this person's occupation?
Security Guard (who is aware of his credit and owns it!)
24: What is the net worth of the show's creator and director, Seth Macfarlane?
$300 million.
25: At the end of season 1, which character's voice-over actress had to re-audition for her role, alongside countless others?
Louis Griffin.
26: How many times has the show been canceled in its history?
27: What is the recommended viewing age for Family Guy?
28: After the show got canceled for a second time, how many people signed an online petition to have it reinstated on air?

Family Guy Seasons and Episodes Questions and Answers 

Family Guy Seasons and Episodes Questions Image

In this part of our Family Guy trivia, your knowledge will be really put to the test! Non-avid fans need not apply! 

Do you really know your stuff when it comes to episodes and seasons of Family Guy?

Are we ‘lucky there’s a man who positively can do’ well in this section?

Find out how much you know in this penultimate section of our quiz. 

Ready to play?

Let’s go!

1: Which Hollywood Actor reprised an iconic role of theirs in the episode ‘Lois Comes Out of Her Shell’?
Johnny Depp: Edward Scissorhands.
2: Who is accidentally run over and killed by Meg in the episode ‘I Never Met the Dead Man’?
William Shatner.
3: In the ‘Road to Germany’ episode, who does Adolf Hitler want executing unless they can make a charming musical number?
Mort, Brian, and Stewie.
4: How many times do the Griffin family lose their lottery winnings in the ‘Lottery Fever’ episode?
5: Who is scouted to be a model in the episode of Stewie's preschool graduation?
6: In the episode ‘Stuck Together, Torn Apart,’ which Bandcamp-loving American actress played herself?
Jennifer Love Hewitt.
7: According to IMBd, what is the most popular episode of Family Guy ever?
‘Road to the Multiverse.’
8: What is the name of the episode where Canadian-born heartthrob Ryan Renolds played himself?
‘Stewie Goes for a Drive.’
9: Season 13 kicked off with Family Guy crossing over to join which other hugely popular animated series? - Bonus point if you can name the episode!
The Simpsons - ‘The Simpson Guy.’
10: What is the name of the very first Family Guy episode?
‘Death Has a Shadow.’
11: What is the name of the comedic actor who played The Black Knight in the episode ‘Mr. Saturday Night’?
Will Ferrell.
12: What saying is said in almost every single episode?
‘What the Hell?!’
13: How many episodes have been permanently banned from US screens?
2: ‘Partial Terms of Endearment,’ and ‘When you wish Upon a Weinstein.’

Family Guy Characters Questions and Answers 

Family Guy Characters Questions Image

In the final section, we will focus on all the characters of Family Guy and ‘all the things that make them.’

From the who said it to the who was it, each question here will be about – or relate to – a character from the show. 

It could be a main character, a one-time appearance, celebrity voice-over, or non-human entity

Ready to test your knowledge about the characters of the show?

Let’s play!

1: Which character is obsessed with world domination?
Stewie Griffin.
2: What is the registered birth name of Meg?
Megatron Griffin.
3: Seth Macfarlane voices 3 main characters, but which one of them is his actual voice?
4: What is Peter Griffin's middle name?
5: Which character is asked by Meg to do her SATs?
6: What is Peter Griffin's nationality?
7: And, what is the nationality of Louis Griffin?
8: Who are Biscuit and Coco?
Brian's parents.
9: What religion is Peter Griffin's adoptive Father, Francis Griffin?
Devout Roman Catholic.
10: What was the much-awaited baby girl born to Joe and Bonnie Swanson?
11: What is the name of the Griffins' next-door neighbor?
Glen Quagmire.
12: Who are Cleveland Brown Jr’s parents?
Cleveland and Loretta Brown.
13: Who provides the voice for Brian's ex-girlfriend, Jillian Russell-Wilcox?
Drew Barrymore.
14: Who is Mickey Mcfinnigan to Peter?
Biological Father.

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We hope you enjoyed playing our Family Guy trivia, almost as much as you enjoy watching the show! 

Maybe you learned a thing or 2; perhaps you knew it all; whatever the outcome, we are glad you chose our screen over the TV one! 

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