33 Reality TV Trivia Questions and Answers

If you’re a massive fan of TV, then our reality TV trivia will be right up your street!

Reality TV exploded in the early 2000s with shows like Big Brother, The Bachelor, and Survivor

Soon to follow were now iconic shows like Keeping Up With The Kardashians and, of course, the Housewives franchise. But, do you know what the first-ever American reality TV show was?

And, have you really been paying attention to reality TV shows?

This reality TV trivia will reveal just how much you know about this genre!

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General Reality TV Trivia Questions and Answers

General Reality TV Trivia Image

We see huge diversity in reality TV, from family-focused domestic explorations to popular competitions, as well as being able to keep an eye on what some of our favorite celebrities are up to. 

Whether you love or loathe reality TV, there is no denying it is a cult genre followed avidly around the world. 

We know how billionaire reality TV stars and people we have seen grow up before our eyes. 

We also have those reality TV shows that we can’t help but watch, even if we don’t want to admit it! 

In 2022, reality TV has its place cemented, but can you truly call yourself an expert in the genre?

Round 1 of my reality TV trivia will allow you to see how much general knowledge you have about this.

Good luck! 

1: What was the first-ever reality TV show in the US?
Candid Camera, 1948.
2: Who is the original host of The Bachelorette?
Chris Harrison.
3: In what year did Keeping Up With The Kardashians first air?
4: What was the name of the MTV show to feature pranks on celebrities by actor Ashton Kutcher?
5: Which British chef presents Hell's Kitchen?
Gordon Ramsay.
6: What is the surname of Judge Judy?
7: Which reality TV show divides overweight contestants by gender?
The Biggest Loser.
8: How many seasons are there of Catfish: The TV Show?
9: What is the theme for the reality cop show: Cops?
Bad Boys, Bob Marley.
10: What was the show's name where Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie live with Arkansas farmers?
The Simple Life.
11: Who is the Nanny in the series Supernanny?
Jo Frost.
12: According to IMDB, what is the US's most popular reality TV show?
Keeping Up With The Kardashians.
Most Popular Reality TV Trivia Image

In round 2 of my reality TV trivia, I will describe a reality TV show, and the answer will be the title of that show. 

It may sound simple enough, but some shows are so long-running that you may have forgotten what the actual synopsis is!

While some questions are likely to be headscratchers, the answer may reveal a long-forgotten favorite and be well worth the thinking. 

Good luck to those taking on the second challenge of my reality TV trivia! 

1: Swapping spouses and seeing how it goes was the premise for this hugely entertaining show.
Wife Swap.
2: English Rockstar living in Los Angeles with wife, children, and multiple dogs.
The Osbournes.
3: This canine bounty hunter may look fierce but offers friendly advice to those he captures.
Dog The Bounty Hunter.
4: TLC show that follows couples who have applied for or received a K-1 visa.
90-Day Fiance.
5: High-flying executives take extraordinary steps to see what is really happening within their company.
Undercover Boss.
6: People with Compulsive Hoarding Disorder are helped by professionals to clear up their homes and cope with their underlying issues.
7: Tyra Banks hazes aspiring models.
America's Next Top Model.
8: People are voted off the island until one is left.
9: Singers of varying talent levels compete against one another in the hope of becoming the next big pop sensation.
American Idol.

Breakout Stars From Reality TV Trivia Questions and Answers

Breakout Stars From Reality TV Trivia Image

For as long as there has been reality TV, there have been people trying to springboard out and into greater success in other mediums – pop music careers, the acting scene, and even the world of business

We have seen some of those people be significantly more famous than others! 

In this reality TV trivia round, I will look at some people who have come from reality beginnings into strong careers – I am confident some of you will be surprised to know some who came from this background! 

Let’s take another walk down memory lane and play reality TV trivia round 3

1: You may recognize this start from Orange Is The New Black, but they actually first hit screens on I Want To Work For Diddy?
Laverne Cox.
2: Which Pussycat Doll previously auditioned on Popstars?
Nicole Scherzinger.
3: Before landing their breakout role on the globally successful show Breaking Bad, who was once an enthusiastic contestant on The Price Is Right?
Aaron Paul.
4: Which young lady appeared in 2 seasons of Dance Moms and is now one of the most influential YouTubers and social media personalities with a rumored net worth of over $10 million?
JoJo Siwa.
5: After being eliminated from American Idol, who became the youngest ever female and second black woman to receive all 4 of the major American entertainment awards?
Jennifer Hudson.
6: After commanding attention as a Vine and Instagram personality, which hugely successful rapper was cast on Love & Hip Hop for seasons 6 and 7?
Cardi B.
7: Who was the winner of the very first American Idol series? This singer went on to win Grammy Awards and sell millions of albums worldwide!
Kelly Clarkson.

Iconic Moments in Reality TV Trivia Questions and Answers

Iconic Moments in Reality TV Image

Over the years, reality TV has given us some truly iconic moments, from the unintentionally hilarious to the truly heartwarming and the absolutely toe-curling

Thankfully, the cameras kept rolling for them all! 

In this section of my reality TV trivia, I’m going to quiz you on what I believe to be 5 of the very best reality TV moments

These moments were TV gold, whether that was the intention or not. 

Let’s play! 

1: Now an iconic meme, which cycle four contestant did Tyra Banks let rip at on America's Next Top Model?
Tiffany Richardson.
2: On the Ashlee Simpson show, what did the singer/actress do when appearing on Saturday Night Live that went viral?
Got caught lip-syncing.
3: In 2011, Toddlers and Tiaras hit the headlines for a Mom dressing her pageant-contestant kid as who?
Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.
4: On Catfish, we saw Tony catfish her cousin Antwane for three years. Why did she do this?
He referred to her as 'fat ass.'
5: Which Kardashian was cheated on while pregnant in episode 9 of the show?

More Reality TV Trivia – Video 

That’s a wrap! I hope you enjoyed this reality TV trivia; if you’re still in the mood for a challenge, here are some more you may like:

Thank you for playing my reality TV trivia; it’s certainly fun to look back on some of the best shows and moments we’ve been party to. Remember to check back soon for more trivia fun! 

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