51 The Beatles Trivia Questions and Answers 

To many people, The Beatles are simply the greatest band of all time. To others, they just produced some amazing songs. Wherever you stand with your fandom level, we’re confident you’ll enjoy playing along with The Beatles trivia. 

Paul, Ringo, John, and George formed The Beatles and changed the global music scene. 

But who were these men, how did they do it, and what did they actually achieve?

Play along with The Beatles trivia to find out all you could want to know about this brilliant British band. 

Let’s play! 

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General The Beatles Trivia Questions and Answers 

General The Beatles Trivia Image

Most people are aware that The Beatles are regarded as the most influential band of all time, but hopefully, everyone can learn lots of facts through The Beatles trivia challenge.

The Beatles explored many musical genres, which produced some of the best-selling singles to date – how many come to your mind?

The Fab Four were seen as pioneers in recording and songwriting; they revolutionized many aspects of the music industry and achieved unprecedented levels of commercial success.

Round 1 of The Beatles trivia is our big general knowledge section, with a mish-mash of random questions – with varying difficulty levels. 

Let’s see how much you truly know about The Beatles!

1: Who was born in July 1940, making them the oldest Beatle?
Ringo Starr.
2: Which was the Beatles' longest single, at 7 minutes and 15 seconds?
Hey Jude.
3: What city were The Beatles from?
4: Which 2 members were the primary songwriters?
John Lennon and Paul McCartney.
5: Who was Brian Epstein?
Band Manager.
6: What was the band's 1964 movie debut called?
A Hard Day's Night.
7: For how many years were The Beatles an active band?
8: What is The Beatles' biggest selling single record?
She Loves You.
9: When Ringo temporarily left the band, who took his place as drummer?
Paul McCartney.
10: Who was the first Beatle to marry?
John Lennon.
11: On which show did the band make their first US TV appearance?
The Ed Sullivan Show.
12: What is the name of the last album recorded by the Beatles?
Abbey Road.
13: How many multi-platinum albums did the band have?
14: Which magazine publication ranked the Beatles as the most significant and influential rock music artists of the last 50 years?
Rolling Stone.
15: Which member was fatally shot outside his New York City apartment in 1980?
John Lennon.

Members of The Beatles Trivia Questions and Answers 

Members of The Beatles Trivia Image

Beatlemania took over the world, and these four English men had fans from all ages, walks of life, cultures, religions, and races – they touched something in all of us. 

Working-class guys from a working-class British town who enjoyed writing music together and performing small concerts in their hometown had no idea they’d quite literally invade the worldwide music culture. 

But, who were the men behind the songs?

In round 2 of The Beatle trivia, we will look at the public and private lives of The Beatles; and reveal some surprising Beatles trivia along the way. 

Here we go! 

1: How old was Paul McCartney when he met John Lennon?
15 (Lennon was 16).
2: Which Beatle had the middle name Winston?
John Lennon.
3: Who auditioned twice before John Lennon finally agreed to them being in the band?
George Harrison.
4: Whose real name was Richard Starkey?
Ringo Starr.
5: Who is the father of an award-winning English fashion designer?
Paul McCartney.
6: Which member was afflicted by life-threatening illnesses during childhood, with periods of prolonged hospitalization?
Ringo Starr.
7: Who was largely abandoned by their parents and raised by an Aunt?
John Lennon.
8: Who began the prototype for star-studded fund-raising events by staging 2 concerts to raise money to fight starvation in Bangladesh in 1971?
George Harrison.
9: Whose divorce settlement cost them $50 in 2008?
Paul McCartney.
10: Who was told by relatives that 'the guitar's all very well, but you'll never make a living out of it.'?
John Lennon.
11: Who was attacked in their home by an intruder in 1999 and received multiple stab wounds?
George Harrison.

Songs From The Beatles Trivia Questions and Answers 

Songs From The Beatles Trivia Image

John Lennon and Paul McCarney are likely one of the most famous songwriting duos in music. 

The two primary lyricists for The Beatles, Lennon, and McCartney, wrote almost 200 songs, including 20 number 1 singles and 19 number 1 albums on the Billboard 200 chart.

We all have our favorite Beatles songs; some are great for dancing, others for reflecting, and there are those that are truly thought-provoking

In round 3 of The Beatles trivia, we’ve penned a line from a song, and you’re to guess the title – there will be no further information than that given! 

Get ready to update your playlist with the following 12 bangers!

1: 'I feel that ice is slowly melting.'
Here Comes The Sun.
2: 'Mother Mary comes to me, speaking words of wisdom.'
Let It Be.
3: 'Come on and twist a little closer now.'
Twist and Shout.
4: 'Take a sad song and make it better.'
Hey Jude.
5: 'And when I touch you, I feel happy inside.'
I Wanna Hold Your Hand.
6: 'All the lonely people. Where do they all belong?'
Eleanor Rigby.
7: 'Pride can hurt you, too. Apologize to her.'
She Loves You.
8: 'I'm not half the man I used to be.'
9: 'Anyway, you'll never know. The many ways I've tried.'
The Long and Winding Road.
10: 'Full steam ahead, Mister Boatswain, full steam ahead.'
Yellow Submarine.
11: 'You know I work all day. To get you money to buy you things.'
Hard Day's Night.
12: 'I'll buy you a diamond ring my friend if it makes you feel alright.'
Can't Buy Me Love.

Fun Facts About The Beatles Trivia Questions and Answers 

Fun Facts About The Beatles Trivia Image

How are you doing with The Beatles trivia so far?

If you need to improve your score, this could be the round to do it! 

Here we have 13 questions that will reveal some fun facts about the fab four, including their hidden talents, criminal activities, and unprecedented successes

The following questions are perfect to use when testing friends and family on their Beatles knowledge, so take note as we play the last round of our trivia! 

Let’s go! 

1: Who sent The Beatles a telegram congratulating them before a live performance?
Elvis Presley.
2: Which member was suspected of arson and subsequently deported from Germany?
Paul McCartney.
3: What does George Harrison share with 1% of the population?
4: How many weeks have The Beatles spent on the Billboard chart?
5: Why was Paul McCartney imprisoned in Tokyo for 9 days?
For trying to sneak marijuana into the country.
6: In what city was The Beatles' final live performance?
San Francisco.
7: Early in their career, what did all 4 members get in Hamburg, Germany?
Sexually Transmitted Infections.
8: In 1985, who became the first Beatle to become a Grandfather?
Ringo Starr.
9: Which song features Paul McCartney whispering a curse word due to a mistake he made while recording?
Hey Jude.
10: How many hours of studio time did it take to record and complete Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band?
400 hours.
11: Which Beatles song did Frank Sinatra call the 'greatest love song ever written'?
12: Which member lived with Dyslexia?
John Lennon.
13: What happened to a statue of the band in Liverpool after Ringo said he missed nothing about his hometown?
His head was chopped off.

More The Beatles Trivia Fun – Video 

And that is the end of The Beatles trivia. We hope you enjoyed playing. Maybe you even learned a few new things about The Fab Four. To play another trivia challenge, head to one of the following:

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