41 Elf Movie Trivia Questions and Answers

Pass the time and have some fun by playing our Elf movie trivia questions and answers quiz this holiday season, or whenever you want to share in the joy that is Elf the movie! 

Elf is ranked among the greatest Christmas movies of all time and has even been rated as the best Christmas movie of the 21st century by users of the movie-ticket-selling site Fandango. 

What is there not to love about this movie? With innocent joy, naive romance, and maple syrup on spaghetti, we get a look at how the world would be if we just didn’t care for the opinions of others. 

While you may not want to dress as an elf and run through the streets of NYC to feel a level of freedom only that could give, you can certainly have some fun by playing our Elf movie trivia! 

How much do you know about this movie?

Let’s find out! 

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Lines and Scenes in Elf Movie Trivia Questions and Answers 

Lines and Scenes in Elf Movie Trivia Image

The first round of our Elf movie trivia will remind you of some of the hilarious lines and scenes in the movie, where we could laugh along with (or, even at) Buddy and his antics as he acclimatized to life in the real world. 

Coming from The North Pole, where kindness, magic, and pleasantries were the norm, to the hard, cold streets of New York, where even the mall Santa doesn’t have a kind word for you is some culture shock. 

Yet, Buddy took most of it in his stride, even providing inspiring lessons; if you want to think deeply about this giant green-clothed man. 

One thing that requires no debate is just how funny this movie is!

Let’s take a look at some of the most iconic scenes in our opening section. 

Ready to play?

1: Name the actor behind the character who attacked Buddy for calling him an elf. Or, rather, an angry elf!
Peter Dinklage.
2: What does Buddy say when he's told that Santa will be visiting the mall?
'Santa?! I know him!'.
3: Who works in the Empire State Building?
Buddy's Father, Walter Hobbs.
4: Where does Santa's sleigh break down?
Central Park.
5: What drink does Buddy down in one at the dinner table before releasing a loud burp?
6: In the iconic shower scene, what song does Buddy join in with? Much to the shock of his not-yet-girlfriend Jovie!
'Baby, it's Cold Outside.'
7: On Buddy and Jovies' 1st date, the couple go to drink 'the worlds best what?
Cup of coffee.
8: What song was played in the mailroom that saw Buddy and his colleagues dancing?
'Woomph There it is.'
9: What did Buddy say the mall Santa smelt like?
Beef and cheese.
10: What word does Buddy say to the taxi driver who crashed into him while on route to find his Dad?
11: What does Walt's secretary think Buddy is on arrival?
A Christmasgram.
12: What event occurs after Buddy shouts 'son of a nutcracker' in retaliation to a snowball thrown at his head?
Giant snowball fight.
13: How does Walt describe Buddy to his doctor?
'Certifiably insane.'

Cast and Characters Elf Movie Trivia Questions and Answers 

Cast and Characters Elf Movie Trivia Questions and Answers Image

In this quick-fire round of our Elf movie trivia, we will test your knowledge of the cast and characters we saw on set. 

Learn some secrets from the movie, such as who nearly took the lead role and which relation of Will Ferrells made an appearance!

How many characters will you remember? 

Can you put the right face to the question?

Let’s find out in round 2 of our elf movie trivia!

Good luck!

1: How old was Will Ferrell when he played Buddy the Elf?
2: As well as being the director, what role did American actor and comedian John Favreau play in the movie?
Dr. Leonardo.
3: Who played Papa Elf?
Bob Newhart.
4: We see Ferrell's brother, Patrick, briefly in the Empire State Building scenes. What occupation does his character have?
Security guard.
5: Mary Steenburgen plays Buddy's stepmom Emily in the movie. Name the following movie where she plays Ferrell's Mom?
Step Brothers.
6: What role does James Caan play?
Walter Hobbs, Buddy's biological Dad.
7: Buddy is arguably Ferrell's best role to date, but who did the writers initially want for the part?
Jim Carrey.
8: Who is the off-screen Dad of baby Buddy?
John Favreau.

Behind the Scenes Elf Movie Trivia Questions and Answers

Behind the Scenes Elf Movie Trivia Image

Sometimes what goes on behind the scenes can be just as dramatic or hilarious as what we see on-screen, and this is certainly true for the production of Elf

Although some guesswork may be required with this round, it’s where all the juicy gossip is, so it’s certainly worth a few moments of your time! 

Find out some fun facts about the movie and some insider information you’ll be glad to be the bearer of to friends and family next time you sit down to watch Elf. 

Thinking caps on people, here we go! 

Let’s begin!

1: Why did the scene where Buddy eats candy, syrup, and spaghetti have to be shot twice?
Ferrell vomited the first time!
2: How much is it reported Ferrell turned down to do a sequel movie in 2013?
$29 million.
3: Who actually drew in the card Buddy presented to Walt?
John Favreau.
4: Who performs Jovie's vocals in the 3 songs she sings in the movie?
Herself: Zooey Deschanel.
5: What effects (other than the vomiting mentioned in #1) did Will Ferrell suffer from his excessive candy intake on set?
6: Why did Macy's refuse to allow scenes to be filmed there after previously agreeing to this?
Because the Santa was revealed to be a fake, this could have been bad for business.
7: What is unusual about the extras in the NYC street scenes?
They were regular passersby who happened to be in the vicinity rather than hired acting extras.

Reception of Elf Movie Trivia Questions and Answers 

Reception of Elf Movie Trivia Image

Elf was the movie to really kick-start the acting career of Will Ferrell and the directing career of John Favreau

But what did it do for other cast and crew members?

Do you know how much this movie made or what kind of critical response it received?

If you don’t yet, you soon will, by playing the penultimate round of our Elf movie trivia! 

Here we go!

1: How much money did Elf gross globally?
$222 million.
2: Although topping the Box Office during its 2nd week, Elf came 2nd during its release week. What movie took the top spot?
The Matrix Revolutions.
3: What approval rating (in percentage) does the movie have on the review website Rotten Tomatoes?
4: Which actress went on to star in several major movies, including '500 Days of Summer,' 'Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy,' and 'Trolls.'?
Zooey Deschanel.
5: How many awards was Elf nominated for?
9 (sadly, only winning 2!)
6: The Elf soundtrack is the 2nd highest-selling album for a Christmas-themed film. What is the 1st?
The Polar Express.
7: Warner Bros. Animation released 'Elf: Buddy's Musical Christmas' in 2014. Which American actor plays Buddy?
Jim Parsons.
8: Who starred in Elf as a relatively unknown actor, who has gone on to play leading roles in many major movies, and TV series and has a rumored net worth of over $25 million.
Peter Dinklage.

Blunders and Bloopers: Elf Movie Trivia Questions and Answers

Blunders and Bloopers Elf Movie Trivia Image

The last section of our Elf movie trivia is where we reveal some of the comical mistakes, factual errors, and pretty big disasters on set that never made the film! 

Can you guess what caused traffic mayhem on the streets of NYC?

Do you know how a simple photograph ruined the reality of a scene?

Find out the things the cast never wanted us to know in our final Elf movie trivia round! 

Let’s start!

1: What is visible on screen that shouldn't be when Buddy and Michael are leaving the school?
A crew member, who spots this and tries to hide in a doorway; we saw you!
2: What error regarding a framed photograph can be spotted during the Buddy and Myles Finche fighting scene?
A picture falls from the wall and smashes. In the next cut, it is back on the wall, undamaged.
3: What caused several minor RTAs near Lincoln Tunnel?
Will Ferrell in full costume, casually walking down the sidewalk.
4: The raccoon that is seen to attack Buddy doesn't make the noise of a raccoon, instead the noise of what animal is heard?
5: What is wrong with Jovie's hair during the iconic shower scene?
In some cuts, it's dry, and in others, it is wet.

More Elf Movie Trivia – Video

Remember, we update our trivia games on a regular basis, so if you’ve played them all, then come back soon for brand new challenges on all kinds of subjects! 

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