49 Tiger Trivia Questions and Answers 

A global study of 73 countries revealed that the tiger is the world’s favorite animal! So if you love this big cat, want to showcase your knowledge, or learn some more fascinating facts, this tiger trivia has been created with you in mind!

Tigers have been on the planet for around 2 million years, yet today they face extinction.

Let this tiger trivia teach you just how majestic these creatures are, and learn some of the things we can do to help to protect this beautiful animal. 

Also, discover some tiger trivia facts you likely won’t believe, and test yourself on all things tiger-related as we play through the rounds. 

Ready to play?

Let’s go!

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General Tiger Trivia Questions and Answers 

General Tiger Trivia Image

In the opening of this tiger trivia, it should read clearly how wonderful I believe tigers are, but is this something you share with me?

Are you not so sure yet?

In the first tiger trivia round, we will look at some of the most incredible things about tigers. If you’re still not convinced this creature is worthy of the title of the world’s favorite animal, wait until you get to the fascinating facts section!

But, firstly, let’s discover if this animal should be the true King of the Jungle!

Here we go!

1: Which is bigger, a lion or a tiger?
2: Since 2017, how many tiger subspecies have been recognized by the IUCN? 
3: True or False: Tigers within a relative group have the same stripe pattern?
False; all tiger stripes are entirely unique.
4: How many wild tigers are there estimated to be in the world?
5: How many tigers are there in captivity?
6: How many kilograms of meat can a tiger eat in one session?
7: There are two words to describe a group of tigers. One is a streak; what is the other?
8: How many miles can a tiger's roar be heard in a forest?
9: Which markings do scientists believe help cubs follow their mothers?
White dots behind the ears (called 'ocelli').
10: How old is a tiger when it becomes fully independent?
Under 2 years.
11: How many hours a day does a tiger typically sleep for?
12: What was the name of the most popular series on Netflix in 2020?
Tiger King.
13: Tigers are hypercarnivores; what does this mean?
They live exclusively on meat.
14: How fast can a tiger run?
35 mph.
15: What percentage of DNA do domestic cats share with the tiger?
16: Which country is home to the largest number of wild tigers?
17: How many times better is a tiger's night vision than a humans?

Easy Tiger Trivia Questions and Answers 

Easy Tiger Trivia Image

While some people may know lots of tiger trivia, others may not know so much; and if this applies to you, this is your round! 

This small collection of tiger questions features the easiest questions of the trivia and is perfect for kids who are at the start of their tiger learning journey!

Let’s look at some basic facts about the tiger. 

Here we go!

1: How many species of tiger are there?
2: Can tigers swim?
Yes. Very well, in fact!
3: Are tigers solitary animals?
Yes, they prefer to live alone.
4: How many cubs are in a tiger's litter?
Typically between 2 and 4.
5: What markings help to camouflage the tiger in the wild?
6: Do tigers today descend from the prehistoric saber-tooth tiger?
No, they're not closely related.

Hard Tiger Trivia Questions and Answers 

Hard Tiger Trivia Image

Now, things get tricky!

If you’re an avid fan of the tiger, then you should smash the following 10 questions

Additionally, if you really want to broaden your tiger knowledge, this challenging round is the one to find some more obscure tiger facts!

Let’s begin!

1: What is the scientific name for a tiger?
Panthera Tigris.
2: White tigers' coloring results from a genetic mutation called what?
3: Tigers have the largest brain of all carnivores with one exception; which carnivore's brain is larger?
The Polar Bear.
4: Which breed of the tiger has slightly webbed feet?
The Sumatran tiger.
5: How long is a tiger's upper canine?
4 inches.
6: The tiger is the national animal of how many countries?
2, India and Bangladesh.
7: In percentage, what is the success rate of a tiger's hunt?
8: For what reason do male tigers eat newborn cubs?
So their mom is available for mating again!
9: What is the difference between a Tigon and a Liger?
A Tigon is the result of a male tiger and female lion breeding, and a Liger is the result of a male lion and female tiger.
10: As tigers cannot purr, how do they show contentment?
Eye squinting or closing.

Fascinating Facts About Tiger Trivia Questions and Answers 

Fascinating Facts About Tiger Image

Your tiger trivia knowledge should be well upgraded by now, but the quiz is far from over!

Is any trivia challenge complete without a fascinating facts round? I mean, where else would you learn what the surprising food item is that a tiger’s urine smells like?

Yep, you don’t want to miss this tiger trivia round!

Are you ready to discover some truly amazing things and see just how unique this animal is?

Of course, you are!

1: What is tiger urine said to smell like?
Buttered popcorn!
2: What surprising thing can a tiger do to attract its prey to approach?
Mimic other animals' sounds.
3: What part of the tiger can be 12 cm long?
4: Out of 365 days, how many days are female tigers fertile?
3 to 4.
5: In which country were fossils of tigers found that dated to more than 2 million years ago?
6: What does a tiger have that will speed up the healing process of wounds and cuts?
Antiseptic saliva.
7: If you come across a tiger, what is the best form of defense?
Direct eye contact and a slow backward walk!
8: What percentage of the world's tigers live in India?
9: What are Bali, Caspian, and Javan tigers?
10: What percentage of tiger cubs die before reaching 1-year of age?

Stark Facts About the Tiger Trivia Questions and Answers 

Stark Facts About the Tiger Image

To finish this tiger trivia, we will look at some disturbing facts about tigers today. 

While those who have opted to play this tiger trivia are clearly lovers of the animal, this is not a shared passion across the world, and humankind has already hunted 3 types of tigers to extinction. 

They’re kept in circus wagons, backyards, roadside zoos, or simply killed for fur, meat, medicine, or sport – and this is without mentioning what we’re doing to their habitats!

While not a fun tiger trivia round, it’s one to play if you want some stark facts to share with others about the plight of the tiger

1: By what percentage has the tiger's range shrunk over the last 150 years?
2: What is the main reason why 50% of cubs don't reach 1 year old?
Their mothers are shot.
3: For what reason was the Bali tiger hunted to extinction?
It was viewed as evil.
4: According to the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, how many tigers are kept as pets in the US?
5: How much does a deceased tiger sell for on the black market?
$50,000 to $60,000.
6: What is the most immediate threat to wild tigers?

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