47 Aviation Trivia Questions and Answers

This Aviation trivia collection will include questions about American airlines, warplanes, commercial aviation, types of airplanes, and aviation milestones; there will be many fun facts to learn and upgrade your aviation trivia knowledge with as we play.

To participate in this trivia, you don’t have to be an aviation expert. The questions are perfect for adding to a trivia for a family fun night or exciting trivia night at your local bar. 

Additionally, there are some great icebreakers in this aviation trivia. 

Ready for things to take off?

Let’s play!

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General Aviation Trivia Questions and Answers 

General Aviation Image

Does Charles Lindbergh or The Wright Brothers ring a bell? Do you know what is the oldest airline in the world or who the first female pilot was? 

How good is your knowledge of warplanes? Or how about the names of airplanes

The first round of this aviation trivia features a completely random set of aviation-related questions that will test just how much you know about this industry, past and present.

Buckle up, sit back, and relax!

Here we go!

1: American aviator, Charles Lindbergh, made the first nonstop flight from NYC to Paris. This is a distance of 3,600 miles. For how long was he flying alone to complete this journey?
33.5 hours.
2: Which American airline is named after a Greek letter?
3: How many engines does a Boeing 777 have?
4: Who was the first female to pilot an airplane solo?
Raymonde de Laroche (1909).
5: In Paris, France, in 1783, what was carried for the first time in a hot air balloon?
A human.
6: In which city would you find Gatwick airport?
London, UK.
7: How many WW1 US Aircraft entries are in the Military Factory?
8: What is typically said by a pilot when faced with a catastrophe in the air?
May Day!
9: Which state was officially declared the birthplace of aviation in 2003?
10: How many seats does the average commercial airplane have?
11: How many different parts make up the Boeing 747?
6 million (yes, million!)
12: What was the first US-designed jet fighter?
Bell P-59 Airacomet.
13: According to statistics, what percentage of the population has never been on a plane?
14: The Wright Brothers flew the world's first successful motorized aircraft in 1903; how long did it stay in the air?
12 seconds.
15: What is the oldest airline still in service under its original name?
KLM (Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij).
16: Which year did Tom Cruise first play Navy pilot, Maverick in Top Gun?
17: Can you name the veteran American actor who has a 40-year-plus private pilot license and is a collector of vintage aircraft?
Harrison Ford.
18: Which currently flying airplane has the longest twin-engine?
Boeing 777.
19: How is a fear of flying more commonly known?
20: Which airbus has a unique six-piece cockpit windscreen with curved-edged side windows that feature a black frame design?

History of Aviation Trivia Questions and Answers 

History of Aviation Image

Did you know that the history of aviation dates back to the fifth century?

The concept of air travel has been around for hundreds of years, but it’s only the last one hundred (or so) that has seen mass invention and innovation resulting in today’s aviation. 

In round 2 of this aviation trivia, we will look at a condensed history, from the first sketchings to the very first black commercial pilot and everything else in between!

Let’s discover just how many milestone achievements and accompaniments have been made in the field of aviation. 

1: In the 5th century, what was invented (and in what country) that is considered the origin of aviation?
Kites in China.
2: What is the aircraft's name used for the first transatlantic solo flight?
The Spirit of St. Louis.
3: Which famous artist created drafts for a rational aircraft?
Leonardo Da Vinci.
4: Who was the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic?
Amelia Earhart.
5: What was discovered in the 17th century that resulted in the ability to keep an object in the air?
6: Who was the first female pilot for a major commercial airline?
Bonnie Tiburzi (1973).
7: What was the first country to employ aircraft for military operations?
8: Hired by American Airlines in 1964, who was the first Black man to fly a commercial airliner?
David Harris.

Modern Aviation Trivia Questions and Answers 

Modern Aviation Image

Technology techniques and digital adoption in the modern era have resulted in considerable advancements within the aviation sector. 

Aircraft are enhanced – some beyond recognition – since their beginnings; others are stand-alone vessels that are only possible due to the release of computer-aided manufacturing software and simulations. 

While some aviation enthusiasts may be well clued up on the history of air flight, can the same be said for the modern day?

Let’s find out in round 3 of this aviation trivia!

1: What are the 5 major drivers of the changing aviation industry?
Technology, Economy, Politics, Society, Environment.
2: Today, an average of how many people are traveling via airplane at any given time?
3: As of 2021, which is the busiest airport in the world?
4: United Airlines aims to have completely electric airplanes flying by which year?

Military Aviation Trivia Questions and Answers 

Military Aviation Image

During both world wars, military aviation was a crucial weapon with multiple benefits, both combat and non-combat

From dropping atomic bombs to rescuing injured soldiers, military aviation had many different branches, and all were crucial. 

Significant investments were made in aircraft technology which drove the industry forward and paved the way for the future of modern aircraft. 

In this aviation trivia round, your knowledge of military aircraft, pilots, battles, and more will be tested. 

Let’s launch this round!

1: In 1914, what did pilot Roland Garros attach to his aircraft to make it the first 'ace'?
A machine gun.
2: Which country became the leading aircraft manufacturer during world war 1 by producing more than 68,000 aircraft?
3: What year was the first jet-powered bomber (Arado Ar 234) launched?
4: The Boeing A-4 Skyhawk played a vital role in the Vietnam war. What was its top speed per hour?
600 miles.
5: Capable of Mach 3.2 or 2,190mph, what is the fastest fighter jet used in the US military today?
MiG-25 Foxbat.
6: What is the name of the pilot to be the only one explicitly awarded for combat action during Pearl Harbor?
Chief Petty Officer John Finn.
7: At the start of world war 2, there were around 2,500 airplanes in the American military. How many were there by the war's end?

Facts About Aviation Trivia Questions and Answers 

Facts About Aviation Image

To finish this aviation trivia, there is a quick-fire fun facts round. 

Discover some excellent conversation starters to begin your next aviation conversation with like-minded people by taking note of the following 8 aviation trivia questions and answers.

Do you know how long the world’s longest flight is? Or which airline was the first to introduce online check-in?

Find out some cool things about aviation in this collection of questions.

Let’s begin!

1: The longest flight in the world is Singapore Airlines Newark and Singapore 9,534 mile route. How long does this flight take?
18 hours and 38 minutes.
2: What rule is imposed by most airlines regarding pilots and co-pilots while flying?
They must eat a different meal.
3: Although smoking on airplanes has been banned since the year 2000, what is legally required by the FAA to be on every aircraft?
4: In 1987, American Airlines removed one olive from each portion of salad served in first class. How much money did this save?
5: What was JFK airport originally called?
Idlewild Airport.
6: Which airline introduced online check-in in 1999?
Alaska Airlines.
7: What is the dirtiest place on an airplane?
The tray tables.
8: Which US state has more airplanes per resident compared to other states?

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