39 Nevada Trivia Questions and Answers 

In the following Nevada trivia questions, you will be quizzed on all the fabulous things the Silver State has to offer, such as its vibrant nightlife, large casinos, and variety of natural wonders. 

Nevada is a state with a diverse culture and rich history, but do you know what it’s famous for? Which celebrities call it home? Or what things make this state truly unique?

If you don’t know much about Nevada, my Nevada trivia questions will certainly upgrade your knowledge. And, if you think you know a lot, I hope your confidence continues throughout this trivia!

Ready to try your hand at my Nevada trivia questions quiz?

Let’s go! 

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General Nevada Trivia Questions and Answers 

General Nevada Trivia Image

From canyons to casinos, Nevada is a state that truly has something to cater to all tastes, which is why it is such a hot spot for tourists. 

But, Nevada is often underrated and thought of as little more than the home state of the Las Vegas strip and Elvis Presley weddings. 

Let me show you exactly how spectacular the Silver State is with the first set of Nevada trivia questions! 

Prepare to be amazed. 

1: What is the capital city of Nevada?
Carson City.
2: In what year did Nevada become the 36th state?
3: What is the state bird?
Mountain Bluebird.
4: Which state is to the South and the West of Nevada?
5: In 1910, Nevada was the only state in the US to allow what sport?
6: What is the largest city in Nevada?
Las Vegas.
7: What industry has the most employees here?
Tourism sector.
8: On average, how many couples per day get married in Las Vegas, Nevada?
9: In Nevada, US Route 50 is also known as what?
'The Loneliest Road in America.'
10: Founded in 1951, what is tested at the 65-mile (105 km) long Nevada Test Site, which sits northwest of the city of Las Vegas?
Nuclear Weapons.
11: What is the Nevada State flower?
12: Of which mineral is Nevada the top producer in the US?
13: What percentage of Nevada is owned by the Federal Government?
14: Name the Nevada-born professional wrestler whose signature move is the boulder-holder.
Ryan Allen Reeves, AKA Ryback.
15: What is the name of the first hotel and casino to open in Las Vegas?
The Golden Gate Hotel and Casino.

History of Nevada Trivia Questions and Answers

History of Nevada Trivia Images

While historians aren’t entirely sure when people first began to inhabit Nevada, rock carvings have been dated nearly 15,000 years old. 

We know that Native American tribes were some of the first people to settle here and that Nevada has a turbulent history, being claimed by both Spain and Mexico over the centuries. 

People rushed here in the late 1800s due to the masses of gold and silver found in the region, and in the early 21st century, Nevada was one of the fastest-growing states in the country. 

Nevada has also been one of the most forward-thinking places in America and was the first state to give African-American men the vote, legalize gambling, and allow marijuana for medical purposes. 

The following Nevada trivia questions are all about its history! 

Let’s play. 

1: Nevada was the first state to give African-American men the right to vote. In what year was this?
2: On March 19, 1931, amid the Great Depression, what was re-legalized in Nevada?
3: What 2,000-year-old object was discovered by archeologists in 1924 and became the state's artifact?
Tule Duck.
4: What globally used health and safety equipment was invented here for workers on the Hoover Dam in 1933?
Construction worker Hard Hats.
5: The Folies Bergere at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino is the state's longest-running show. In what year did it open?
6: What is the name of America's largest silver deposit, which was founded in Nevada in 1859?
The Comstock Lode.
7: Between 1951 and 1992, how many nuclear tests were conducted at The Nevada Test Site?
8: The 1930 census reported 91,000 people living in Nevada. What was the number of documented sheep?
9: Nevada Catholic parish life until 1900 reflected the heritage of what nationality?
10: Prostitution is legal and monitored in many cities in Nevada. What year can the oldest brothel be dated to?

Places of Interest Nevada Trivia Questions and Answers

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The glitter and glitz of Las Vegas can often overshadow the fantastic landscape, picturesque towns, scenic drives, natural attractions, and wonderful opportunities for outdoor activities. 

Do you know of the many recreation areas and national parks that provide outstanding terrain for fishing, horseback riding, climbing, biking, and hiking?

If you’re from Nevada, you may have an easy time with this batch of Nevada trivia questions. But, if you’re planning to visit this state, this trivia round is the one you may want to pay particular attention to.

Venture beyond the casinos and check out the following places of interest in Nevada

1: Where will you find the 22-mile-long Lake Tahoe, one of Nevada's most beautiful sites?
Sand Harbor Beach.
2: How many acres is the stunning Lake Mead National Recreation Area?
1.5 million acres.
3: What true old-west Nevada town was perfectly captured in Mark Twain's semi-autobiographical travel literature 'Roughing it?
Virginia City.
4: What incredible natural landmark did Absalom Lehman discover in 1885?
Great Basin National Park's Lehman Caves.
5: Which Nevada sight-seeing landmark is the world's tallest observation wheel and measures 520 feet in diameter?
The High Roller, 3545 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV.
6: All research and occurrences in Nevada's Area 51 are classed as TS/SCI, of what is this an abbreviation?
Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information.

Facts About Nevada Trivia Questions and Answers 

Facts About Nevada Trivia Image

If you’re not yet blown away about this state, my last round of Nevada trivia questions should do the trick! 

Find out what you cannot do to a woman in the town of Eureka if you have a mustache on your face and what you are not allowed to do on a Reno sidewalk. 

Plus, discover what was found in The Hidden Caves and which Nevada town is apparently the most haunted in the whole of the US!

My last batch of Nevada trivia questions may require a little guesswork, but the answers are so worth it! 

Good luck.

1: What wild animal would you find more of in Nevada than anywhere else in America?
Wild horses.
2: An unchanged law from the 1800s states that men with mustaches are unable to do what to women in the town of Eureka?
Kiss them.
3: Nevada is one of only 7 states to not have what in the US?
A lottery.
4: How long is the Las Vegas strip?
4.2 miles.
5: What was found in the Hidden Cave in Nevada in 1949?
The oldest human skeletons ever found in the US.
6: Which Nevada town is said to be the most haunted in the whole country?
Virginia City.
7: What can you not do on the sidewalk in the Nevada city of Reno?
Lie down.
8: What does Las Vegas have more of than anywhere else in the world?
Hotel rooms.

More Nevada Trivia Questions – Video Quiz

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