55 Fun 3rd Grade Trivia Questions and Answers

If you’re looking for some 3rd grade trivia questions, look no further! Working in education, I understand the syllabus for this age group and the vast benefits of quizzing in and out of the classroom.

My 3rd grade trivia questions are designed to be fun; when learning is fun, it is so much more effective. They’re also designed to raise confidence, no child can shine at everything, so I have included a range of topics with questions to boost self-esteem

Children who take on these 3rd grade trivia questions will get instant feedback on their responses, enabling them to highlight progress to be proud of and identify areas they could benefit from developing. 

Plus, these 3rd grade trivia questions will help you to see what your child is actually learning at school! 

Let’s begin!

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General 3rd Grade Trivia Questions and Answers

General 3rd Grade Image

The first set of 3rd grade trivia questions are general knowledge questions tailored to this age group.

While most children will be able to get a good number of questions right here, those that don’t will excel in other areas. 

And as we play on, there will be many opportunities to identify stronger areas

Let’s have some fun, shall we?

1: Who is the current president of the United States (2022)?
Joe Biden.
2: Which is the largest planet in the solar system?
3: What item did Alexander Graham Bell invent?
The telephone.
4: What is the capital city of the UK?
5: Who made a speech that began with 'I have a dream' in 1963?
Martin Luther King Jr.
6: Finish the title of this famous Dr. Suess book: Green eggs…
And ham.
7: What color are the stars on the American flag?
8: Which is the chemical name for common salt?
Sodium Chloride.
9: What is frozen water?
10: Who attended Hogwarts school?
Harry Potter.
11: What famous painting was created by Leonardo Da Vinci?
The Mona Lisa.
12: What is 8x8?
13: What do caterpillars turn into?
14: What is the capital of New York?
15: How many states are there?

Mathematics 3rd Grade Trivia Questions and Answers

Mathematics 3rd Grade Image

Love it or hate it, Mathematics cannot be avoided in school, so I haven’t shied away from it in my 3rd grade trivia questions. 

Some children quickly grasp the concept of Math, while for others, it is a longer process. 

At this age, typically, children will be introduced to estimation, place value, decimals, multiplication, and division (including long division).

Within schools, 3rd graders will be fine-tuning their Mathematical problem-solving skills and learning how to explain and show their reasoning and working out. 

Let’s see how your young one is doing!

1, 2, 3… let’s start!

1: Following the number pattern, what should the next number be: 345, 445, 545?
2: What is 4,000 + 200 + 50 + 2?
3: What is the outside of a circle called?
4: Fill in the blank: 2 x … = 24.
5: What is the place value of the 7 in the following number: 8,725?
6: Round 463 to the nearest hundred.
7: How many grams is 10 kilograms?
10,000 grams.
8: What number do you get if you subtract 53 from 540?
9: What is a parallelogram?
A quadrilateral with 2 pairs of parallel sides.
10: What degrees is an acute triangle between?
0° and 90°

Science 3rd Grade Trivia Questions and Answers

Science 3rd Grade Image

In the following 3rd grade trivia questions, there is a mixture of topics that hopefully your 3rd grader will be familiar with. 

3rd grade children tend to be taught basic chemistry and physics in Science this year, with additional lessons on the climate and weather

The concept of energy, elements, nutrition, and atoms and molecules are all topics your child could learn this academic year, so let’s test them, shall we?

Here we go!

1: What is the process when plants turn light into energy?
2: What is the boiling point of water?
100 °C.
3: What is the type of cloud called that is white, fluffy, and resembles a cotton ball?
Cumulus cloud.
4: What do we call electrical energy, which comes from sources such as the sun, the wind, or waves?
Renewable energy.
5: What are the 4 stages of an insect's life cycle?
Egg → Larva → Pupa → Adult.
6: What is Earth's only natural satellite?
The moon.
7: What is an invertebrate?
An animal without a spine.
8: Which vitamin is good for bone health?
Vitamin D.
9: How long does Earth take to orbit the Sun?
1 year.
10: How many bones does the adult human skeleton have?

Social Studies 3rd Grade Trivia Questions and Answers

Social Studies 3rd Grade Image

Social studies is one of the core subjects that 3rd graders will begin to really get to grips with this year, and it includes a range of interesting topics that most children enjoy. 

Usually, social studies will begin with lessons on the culture of the US, history, and geography, then branch into various aspects of human society

Schools may have different names for this subject, but the core values will remain the same; so, let’s see how clued up on social studies your 3rd grader is! 

Ready to go?

1: Known as 'the mother of the civil rights movement,' what did Rosa Parks do on December 1, 1955?
She refused to give up her bus seat to a white man.
2: If someone is born in the US, what does that make them?
An American Citizen.
3: What is the place called where people live, work, and play?
4: In what country is the Himalayan mountain range?
5: Who was the first president of the US?
George Washington.
6: How many distinct branches are the Federal Government composed of?
3 (legislative, executive, and judicial).
7: What are Native Americans?
Indigenous peoples of the US (first settlers).
8: What is the tax called that is collected on the money people earn?
Income tax.
9: Which American leader worked to improve the lives of farm workers?
Cesar Chavez.
10: If there are more products than there are people wanting to buy, what word would be used to describe this?

Text Comprehension 3rd Grade Trivia Questions and Answers

Text Comprehension 3rd Grade Image

Students will work on their text comprehension, structure, research, vocabulary, and understanding different writing concepts at this age. 

Additionally, punctuation is an aspect that will be really studied this year. 

3rd graders will begin to read more complex chapter books and should be able to distinguish easily between different genres

Ready to see how they’re doing?

Let’s go! 

1: Describe historical fiction.
A literary genre in which the plot takes place in a setting related to past events but is fictional.
2: What is being used in the following sentence: My vehicle was crying out to be cleaned!
3: What type of writing would you use if you want to encourage someone to do something?
Persuasive writing.
4: What is wrong with the following sentence: Jack and Jill went up the hill with there pail of water.
There should be 'their.'
5: What can you spot here: She knew Max would choose to gobble his chews!
Homophone (choose, chews).
6: Which is an antonym?
A word that has the opposite meaning of another word.
7: How could you shorten 'I will'?
8: What can the message of a story also be known as?
The theme.
9: What genre is Roald Dahl famous for?
10: What do you call the people, creatures, or animals in a story?
The characters.

More 3rd Grade Trivia Questions – Video Quiz

How well did your child do with my 3rd grade trivia questions? If you’ve identified an area that could use some development, upgrade your knowledge quickly by playing another trivia. Here’s some you may like:

I hope you got something out of these 3rd grade trivia questions, and I hope to welcome you back soon for more trivia fun!

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