37 St Patrick’s Day Trivia Questions and Answers

Top of the mornin’ to you! This St Patrick’s Day trivia isn’t the only one on the net, but it may just be the best; there are 4 fun-filled trivia rounds and the ability to learn tons of new information about this now-globally celebrated holiday!

When St Patrick’s Day comes around, you may find yourself thinking of parades, ancestors, bars, or where to have the craic with your friends and family to celebrate the day. 

But how many people take the time to consider the actual origin of St Patrick’s day and why it is celebrated internationally today?

This St Patrick’s Day trivia is here to fill in the gaps, provide you with a brief history, and pass on some fun facts about this holiday. 

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General St Patrick’s Day Trivia Questions and Answers

General St Patrick’s Day Trivia image

Welcome to the first St Patrick’s trivia round! 

The following 15 questions are completely random, although connected to St Patrick’s Day in some form. We will briefly cover the origin, evolution, and how the day is celebrated worldwide. 

You’ll also discover where the first St Patrick’s Day parade occurred (hint: it wasn’t Ireland!).

Get ready to test your St Patrick’s Day trivia knowledge and learn some cool new things.

Here we go!

1: On what date does St Patrick’s day fall each year?
March 17.
2: In which country did the holiday originate?
3: What is St Patrick said to have brought to Ireland?
4: Where was the first St Patrick’s Day parade held?
5: Until the 1960s, what laws were imposed on Irish bars in Ireland on St Patrick’s Day?
They were forbidden from opening.
6: What color is officially associated with the day?
7: Is St Patrick said to be buried in Northern or Southern Ireland?
Northern (Downpatrick, County Down).
8: What is the slang term for the day among the Irish and those with Irish ancestry?
St Paddy’s Day, or St Pat’s Day.
9: Where was St Patrick born?
Roman Britain (what is now the UK).
10: What type of creature is St Patrick said to have rid Ireland of?
11: According to a survey by Hallmark, how many Americans exchange cards for St Patrick’s Day?
12 million.
12: How many countries observe and celebrate St Patrick’s Day?
More than 200.
13: Is St Patrick’s Day to mark the birth or death of St Patrick?
14: What drink is traditionally drunk to celebrate the day?
15: What year did the annual shamrock ceremony begin in the White House?

International St Patrick’s Day Trivia Questions and Answers

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So, we know that more than 200 countries celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, but do we know why? Or, even how?

In this St Patrick’s Day trivia round, you will be quizzed on your global knowledge of this patriotic day. 

If you’ve been to different countries on March 17, you may have a better idea of how this day can be celebrated depending on where you are in the world. 

And if you haven’t, this round could be interesting!

Let’s go!

1: The international spread of St Patrick’s Day is in part due to mass emigration from Ireland in 1845 due to a famine. How is this famine better known?
The Great Potato Famine.
2: Where is the world’s oldest civilian parade to celebrate St Patrick’s Day?
New York City.
3: Which Irish capital city did not officially celebrate the day with a parade until 1931? This is 169 years after the NYC parade began!
4: Which Irish city waited until 1998 before openly celebrating the day with a parade?
5: Colcannon is a traditional Irish meal that’s often eaten to celebrate St Patrick’s Day; what are its two main ingredients?
Mashed potato and cabbage.
6: Which European city held an Irish Festival over St Patrick’s Day weekend in 2015 that lasted 3 days?
Sarajevo (Capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina).
7: What is the name of the whiskey that holds more than a 70% market share of the American Irish whiskey market?
8: Which British city hosts the largest St Patrick’s Day parade in the UK?
9: If you went to Ireland for St Patrick’s Day, what currency would you use?
10: Which American city has a tradition of turning its major river green to celebrate St Patrick’s Day?
11: Which country's official St Patrick’s Day parade is military-style with collaborations from the country's government and the Irish embassy?
12: Ireland's Patrick's Day Festival 2022 reached an audience of how many people?
300 million.

Facts About St Patrick’s Day Trivia Questions and Answers

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Is there a better way to finish this St Patrick’s Day trivia than with a facts round? I think not!

Do you know the legends around the origin? Why do many traditions begin in the US? Or how many female leprechauns are there?!

If not, this is a round you need to complete!

Let’s look at 10 weird, wacky, and wonderful facts about St Pats!

1: Why is the legend of St Patrick banishing snakes from Ireland false?
There were no snakes in Ireland!
2: The original Irish name for Leprechauns is ‘Lobaircin,’ what does this mean?
Small-bodied fellow!
3: Who was Maewyn Succat?
St Patrick (before he changed his name!)
4: How many female leprechauns are there?
5: Home-sick Irish people working in what industry formed the world's first St Patrick’s Day parade in the US?
6: Globally, what percentage of people plan some sort of celebration for St Patrick’s Day?
7: How many pounds of green dye are dumped in the Chicago River in preparation for St Patrick’s Day celebrations?
8: What breed of dog often leads, or is part of, St Patrick’s Day parades?
Irish Wolfhound.
9: Which President was sung about by the Corrigan Brothers in their tongue-in-cheek track ‘There’s no one as Irish as …. ‘?
Barack Obama.
10: How many pints of Guinness are drunk worldwide to celebrate St Patrick’s Day?
13 million!

More St Patrick’s Day Trivia – Video

‘Thanks a million’ for playing this St Patrick’s Day trivia! Here are some more you may enjoy:

Hopefully, you’ve learned some new cool facts, and if you’ve done particularly well with this St Patrick’s Day trivia, it could be the luck of the Irish!

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