41 Art Trivia Questions and Answers

This collection of art trivia questions is the perfect trivia challenge for all art lovers!

From beginner to expert, fans of classical art to contemporary hope to have catered to every art lover with my art trivia questions. 

With art trivia questions about famous painters such as Michelangelo and Da Vinci, as well as world-famous museums and art galleries, there are questions to cater to all!

I’ve even thrown in some history and geography art trivia questions as we look at famous landmarks and artists’ origins.

Ready to see how well you do? Let’s get started!

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General Art Trivia Questions and Answers

General Art Trivia Image

Long ago, someone started making marks on a cave wall with a rock, and art was born.

Today, the global art market value is worth an incredible $65.1bn, and it isn’t unusual for pieces of art to sell for tens of millions of dollars. 

There are iconic paintings that are household names, and people make pilgrimages from all over the world to visit inspiring monuments and landmarks.

But how clued up are you about art?

Let’s find out in this batch of art trivia questions!

1: Who painted 'The Starry Night'?
Vincent van Gogh.
2: What is the painting art style called that aims to give the viewer a reflection of the real world?
3: What is the most visited museum in the world?
Museé de Louvre, Paris.
4: What type of flower is Claude Monet notably known for?
Water Lilies.
5: What year can acrylic painting be dated to?
6: Which European city is home to Auguste Rodins' sculpture, The Thinker?
7: Which artist's real name is actually 23 words long?
Pablo Picasso.
8: What is a crayon's primary substance?
9: Who invented the color wheel in 1706?
Sir Isaac Newton.
10: In which city will you find a bronze statue of a fictional fishmonger named Molly Malone?
Dublin, Ireland.
11: Michelangelo is particularly famous for painting the ceiling of which building?
Sistine Chapel.

Easy Art Trivia Questions and Answers

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This round is one to relax with and unwind as we look at the more straightforward and easy art trivia questions!

While the questions may not be particularly challenging, they may be fairly thought-provoking, as can most things be when concerning art. 

If you’re just beginning to find art or want to see if you truly know it all, this set of art trivia questions should be useful. 

Let’s begin. 

1: Leonardo Da Vincis' most famous painting is of a woman. What is this painting called?
Mona Lisa.
2: Which painter cut off their own ear?
Vincent van Gogh.
3: What is the Japanese art of flower arranging called?
4: What are the three primary colors?
Red, blue, and yellow.
5: If someone was to make a rough drawing of someone, what would they be doing?
6: Who painted The Weeping Woman?
Pablo Picasso.
7: Americans call it an eraser. What is it called in the UK?
8: What type of flower was Vincent Van Gogh particularly known for?
9: What term is used to describe adding detail and complexity to a piece of art?
10: Which Hollywood actor made public their personal art gallery in 2022, called Never Fear Truth?
Johnny Depp.

Medium Art Trivia Questions and Answers

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Now things heat up a little with the second set of art trivia questions! 

While there will still be some that come quickly to you, there will likely be some that are slightly more challenging

Are you really an expert in the arts?

Let’s find out!

1: Which US city is home to the Getty Center?
Los Angeles.
2: What is the key material used in marmotinto?
3: Which type of art refers to art produced from the 1960s or 70s up to the current day?
4: Which civilization was famous for its sculptures portraying animal gods?
Ancient Egyptian.
5: How many canvases of Marilyn Monroe make up 'Shot Marilyns' by Andy Warhol?
6: During which century did Vincent Van Gogh live?
7: What term is used to describe a painting mostly or entirely in shades of brown?
8: In which European city is the Rijksmuseum located?
9: Which artist had a 'blue period,' where they painted mainly in blues and greens?
Pablo Picasso.
10: Early Greek vases were predominately painted in which color?

Hard Art Trivia Questions and Answers

Hard Art Trivia Image

The last round features some truly challenging art trivia questions, but nobody can remove your expert of the art crown if you pass with flying colors

Below are 10 questions, art related, of course, that include history, geography, iconic paintings, and more. 

You’ll need to have a comprehensive understanding of art to get each one right!

Good luck to all those who brave this round!

1: Name the British artist who is famous for painting true-to-life scenes of the industrial districts of North West England in the mid-20th century.
L. S. Lowry.
2: Which artist was born in the city of Malaga?
Pablo Picasso.
3: Which country is René Magritte from?
4: What does the art technique Trompe-l'oeil create?
An optical illusion.
5: What is missing from the portrait of Mona Lisa?
6: Which artist invented the kite?
Leonardo Da Vinci.
7: What object most commonly appears in Picasso's paintings?
A guitar.
8: What period are the years between 1490-1527 known as in the art world?
The High Renaissance.
9: Which Dutch painter is famous for their Baroque paintings?
10: How is the Portrait of Lisa Gherardini better known?
Mona Lisa.

More Art Trivia Questions – Video

Well done to you for completing all of the art trivia questions on this page! If you feel like taking on a different challenge, here are some to consider:

Thank you for taking the time to answer each of my art trivia questions here today. I hope you enjoyed playing along and that maybe you learned some new trivia to share with friends. 

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