29 Dragon Ball Z Trivia Questions and Answers

Dragon Ball Z is one of the greatest animes of all time, with huge global success and fans of all ages – but do you think you know enough to pass our Dragon Ball Z trivia with full marks?

If you spent a childhood amazed by the superpowers of these Magna characters and enjoyed watching them fight with enemies in the hope of ridding the planet of evil, then you’ll likely appreciate the fact we have crafted a 29 question Dragon Ball Z trivia

Whether this Dragon Ball Z trivia will allow you to showcase your knowledge or act as a great reminder of some scenes, characters, and seasons you may have long forgotten, we’re sure you’ll have fun playing! 

Full of nostalgia, full of facts, and full of fun – ready to play our Dragon Ball Z trivia?

Let’s go! 

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General Dragon Ball Z Trivia Questions and Answers

General Dragon Ball Z Image

The first episode of Dragon Ball Z aired way back in 1989, and nearly 300 followed over the decades. 

Dragon Ball Z is a show that grew hugely in popularity due to the endearing characters, epic battle scenes, and iconic phrases, to name a few reasons. 

Did you know that this series was so popular it outperformed top shows, including Friends and The X-Files?!

In the first round of our Dragon Ball Z trivia, we will see just how much you do know about the show and maybe even reveal some fun facts along the way! 

Here we go. 

1: What is the show commonly abbreviated to?
2: How many episodes have there been in total?
3: What color hair does Vomi have?
4: Dragon Ball Z is the sequel to which anime series?
Dragon Ball.
5: In which season is the episode 'The Arrival of Raditz'?
6: Who is Raditz?
A humanoid alien.
7: In what year did season 2 premiere?
8: How does Goku reach King Kai's planet during the Saiyan Saga?
Traveling along Snake Way.
9: Who is Takao Koyama?
The show's writer.
10: What does a Senzu bean do?
Restore full health for a wounded Z fighter.

Characters in Dragon Ball Z Trivia Questions and Answers

Characters in Dragon Ball Z Image

Dragon Ball Z features an ensemble cast of main characters, and there is seemingly no end to 

characters of Dragon Ball Z trivia games on the internet. 

So, I’ve decided to do things a little differently! 

In this special character-dedicated round, you will find a description of a character; that is all, with your job being to guess the character I have described. 

Sound simple enough?

Let’s see how well you do!

1: This character's original name is Kakarrot.
Son Goku.
2: This character first appears using a fictional device called the Dragon Radar. 
3: A royal character with the major characteristic of being one of the only Saiyans who have continued to wear traditional Saiyan armor in combat.
4: The spawn of King Piccolo and created to get revenge on Goku.
5: This character is the inventor of the Kamehameha technique.
Master Roshi.

Quotes in Dragon Ball Z Trivia Questions and Answers

Quotes in Dragon Ball Z Image

Dragon Ball Z is a nine-season show that boils down to being a beautiful tale of adventure, comedy, and action that shows us that good always wins over evil. 

The show has also given us some fantastically iconic lines and phrases over the years that range from hilarious to heartwarming

Have you been inspired by a quote from Dragon Ball Z?

If not yet, maybe you will after this round. 

Put a name to the quote!

1: 'I would rather be a brainless monkey than a heartless monster.'
2: 'Never send a boy to do a man's job.'
3: 'You'll laugh at your fears when you find out who you are.'
4: 'It's been so long since I felt pain. It's such a strange sensation.'
5: 'It is no sin to fight for what is right.'
Android 16.
6: 'Did you bring yourselves all this way just to be destroyed?'
7: 'Power comes in response to a need, not a desire.'
8: 'Don't you dare turn me into chocolate again, okay?'
Android 18.
9: 'I don't know what planet this kid's from, but it's not Earth!'

Interesting Facts About Dragon Ball Z Trivia Questions and Answers

Interesting Facts About Dragon Ball Z Image

Is a Dragon Ball Z trivia really worth doing if you don’t learn anything along the way?

I think not, and so have decided that the last round is the one that will a) truly test those self-proclaimed die-hard fans and b) reveal something new about the season, or maybe even 5 things! 

Are you ready to be smug or amazed throughout this round – depending on your expert level?

Let’s play! 

1: Which character became a major player but was only ever intended to have a very short run?
2: What has happened to some voice actors for the show?
They've fainted due to exertion.
3: A fight between which two characters is the longest ever in anime history? Totaling 3.5-hours of screen time!
Goku and Frieza.
4: What has Goku only won once?
World Martial Arts Tournament.
5: By 1999, how much profit had the series made in Asia alone?
$3 billion.

More Dragon Ball Z Trivia – Video 


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Thank you for playing my Dragon Ball Z trivia; I hope you learned something new and had a good time, too. Hopefully, see you again soon for more trivia fun!

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