43 Minecraft Trivia Questions and Answers 

If you love playing Minecraft, then you’re sure to enjoy our Minecraft trivia challenge – let’s discover how much you know about this best-selling, globally-successful game!

Did you know there are currently over 100 million users playing Minecraft and that more than 200 million purchases of the game have been made?!

In our Minecraft trivia, we will challenge you to answer questions on all aspects of the game, from its development to its success, and of course, the gameplay

If you’re a caregiver who wonders why your child is so obsessed with Minecraft, then hopefully, you’ll find out all the things that contribute to making this game so addictive to so many. 

We have crafted 5 rounds and wish you luck for all of them!

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General Minecraft Trivia Questions and Answers 

General Minecraft Trivia Image

In the opening round of our Minecraft trivia, you will be questioned about many aspects of the game before we delve into our more specialized rounds. 

Questions here are a mixture of easy, medium, and hard

We challenge every player to get past this first round with a clean sheet!

Ready to see how much you really know about Minecraft?

Here we go! 

1: In what year was Minecraft fully released?
2: Minecraft has been used in educational environments to teach computer science, computer-aided design, and what other subject?
3: What is the mobile version of the game called?
Minecraft Earth.
4: The achievement system is known as 'trophies' on Playstation ports. What is it called in the Java Editions?
5: The game follows a day and night cycle. How long does one full cycle last in real-time?
20 minutes.
6: True or False: there are 2 alternative dimensions to play in, besides the main world.
True (The Nether and the End).
7: How many players can play together, at the same time, on Minecraft Realms?
8: What item do you need to make all of the potions?
Water bottle.

Off-Screen Minecraft Trivia Questions and Answers 

Off-Screen Minecraft Trivia Image

So, you may know a lot about playing Minecraft, but how much do you know about the off-screen things to do with this award-winning game?

This round will test your knowledge of the fandom, merchandise, awards, and so much more that, once learned, will truly make you a gaming legend when it comes to Minecraft facts!

How many awards has the game won? How did ⅓ of players learn about the games existence? 

And, where is Minecraft mandatory in schools?

Find out everything you could possibly want to know about the off-screen life of Minecraft in this round of our trivia. 

1: A school in which country had Minecraft become a mandatory part of its curriculum for all 13-year olds?
2: There have been enough copies of the game purchased for UK residents to have how many copies each?
3: What was the game initially going to be called?
Cave Game.
4: How long did it take developers to create the first version of Minecraft?
6 days.
5: Which species began due to a coding error?
Creeper - it was initially a pig gone wrong!
6: How many BAFTA awards has the game won?
7: How did ⅓ of players learn about the game's existence?
Word of mouth on Social Media - there was very little-to-no advertising for the game initially.

Minecraft Gameplay Trivia Questions and Answers

Minecraft Gameplay Trivia Image

If you’re an avid player of Minecraft, then this is the round you’ve been waiting for!

Showcase your Minecraft gameplay skills and know-how with these super-fun 15 questions.

Or, you could quiz your friends and family to find how much they know about playing Minecraft, what the different species do, how the worlds differ, and so much more. 

The following questions are in random order and are to do with various aspects of gameplay. 

Here we go!

1: What must you use to mine ores and stones?
2: To make one iron ingot, how many slabs of iron ore do you need?
3: What is terrified of Ocelots?
4: When would you fight the Ender Dragon?
At the climax of the game.
5: What problem does tonic cure?
6: What item can sugar cane make?
7: As well as hay bales, what else will a Llama eat?
8: If you swim near a dolphin, what happens?
You swim faster.
9: What do Evokers drop?
Totems of Undying.
10: A Husk is a type of zombie found in only one place. Where is this?
11: What name is given to a villager who cannot trade?
12: Axolotl can come in how many different colors?
13: Which creature has 2 hearts?
14: What creature can you control with a carrot on a stick?
15: An ink sac is dropped by which defeated animal?

Just for Kids Minecraft Trivia Questions and Answers 

Just for Kids Minecraft Trivia Image

Although the average Minecraft gamer is, in fact, 24, studies show that 53% of children aged between 6 and 8 and 68% of children aged between 9 and 12 are actively playing the game today. 

That’s a lot of children! 

If you’re a younger child, or the parent of a younger child, who is currently enjoying this game, then you may like this round of our trivia. 

With easier questions than other rounds, our Just for Kids section is a quick-fire round that won’t take up too much of your time. 

We know you’d likely prefer to be playing Minecraft over being questioned about it. 

But bear with us till the end; you never know what you may discover

1: Which of the following cannot be tamed: wolf, chicken, ocelot, horse?
2: What is the main objective of the game?
To kill the Ender Dragon.
3: Are the shapes in 2D, 3D, or 5D?
4: How many sets of wool must you have to make a bed?
5: How many types of flowers are there?
6: What color is Steve's outfit?

Ultimate Minecraft Trivia Questions and Answers 

Ultimate Minecraft Trivia Image

Now for the ultimate Minecraft trivia! 

Noobs need not apply! 

You may have done well till this point, but now we’re truly going to test your level of expertise. 

With some of the hardest Minecraft questions around, this round will certainly challenge even the elite gamer. 

Good luck! 

1: Java Edition 1.0.0 added the dark dimension. What was this called?
The End.
2: To create 1 iron pickaxe, what materials do you need?
2 sticks and 2 iron ingots.
3: After which update was cross-platform play enabled?
Better Together Update.
4: The sounds made by Ghasts come from what real animal?
5: For how much did Microsoft purchase Minecraft in 2014?
$2.5 billion.
6: What language is Enderman?
English backwards!
7: What is the rarest item in Minecraft?
Dragon egg.

More Minecraft Trivia Fun – Video 

That’s the end of our Minecraft Trivia challenge! We hope you discovered some new info about this award-winning game. If you want to learn about another topic, here’s some trivia you may enjoy:

Thanks for playing! We hope you join us again soon for a brand new trivia challenge! 

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