39 Color Trivia Questions and Answers 

Red and yellow and pink and green…you know the rest, but how much do you actually know about color, and which colors can you easily identify? Find out in our fun-filled color trivia! 

Color is all around us, from the blue sky to the green grass; it contributes greatly to making the world such a beautiful place. Color can also significantly impact how we feel, so if you’re currently feeling blue, cheer yourself up with our fun color trivia

We have 5 colorful sections to test your knowledge; play one or play them all! 

Ready to see how colorful your knowledge is?

Let’s go! 

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General Color Trivia Questions and Answers 

General Color Trivia Image

We will begin our color trivia with a general knowledge round, suitable for all players of all ages and abilities. 

There is a mish-mash of questions, with some being super-easy and some a little more challenging, but please don’t see red, and just do your best!

For every question you get wrong, you will have learned something new. So, this is a win-win trivia game that we hope you will enjoy playing. 

Ready to see where you stand on the chart of color knowledge?

Here we go! 

1: What is the most-used color in national flags?
Red (found in 75% of the world's national flags)
2: What percentage of American men are color blind?
3: In what country would you find the Yellow River?
4: Traditionally, pillar boxes in London UK will be what color?
5: What color comes before the word 'lagoon' in a cocktail made from Curacao, lemonade, and vodka or gin?
6: What type of bird produces very deep green eggs with blue specks?
7: What 2 colors make green when mixed together?
Blue and yellow.
8: What animal has brown stripes for the first 6-months of life?
9: Traditionally, what color is considered unisex for babies?
10: What type of fruit can have a red, pink, purple, or black peel?
11: How many colors can a healthy human eye see?
1 million.

Name the Color Trivia Questions and Answers 

Name the Color Trivia Image

In section 2 of our color trivia, the answers will all be a color, with the questions asking you to name that color

It’s a short and straightforward round that will hopefully be interesting to play. 

We may ask you what the color is, was, would be, or has been. 

Remember, every answer will be a color, so if you’re unsure, just have a guess! 

We wish you lots of luck in part 2 of our color trivia. 

1: What is the world's favorite color according to global studies?
2: What color planet is Mars otherwise known as?
3: What eye color is the rarest of the most common colors?
4: Name the color that is said to attract mosquitos?
5: What is the first color a baby can see?

Color in the Media Trivia Questions and Answers 

Color in the Media Trivia Image

Whether it is a movie title, famous quote, song lyric, or a well-known name, if it’s a color in the media, you’ll likely find it in this part of our trivia. 

Our color in the media section will test your knowledge on how color has made its way into Blockbuster movies, Hollywood homes, and classic global hits

Some questions will be super-easy to answer, whereas others may require some racking of the brains and a walk down memory lane. 

From days gone by to the here-and-now, let’s look at the various roles color plays (or has played) in the media. 

Here we go!

1: Name the colorful singer behind hit singles such as 'So What,' 'Don't Let me Get me,' and 'Just Give me a Reason.'
2: What color submarine did The Beatles sing about in 1966?
3: Martin Luther King's iconic speech stated that he did not want his children to be judged by the …. of their …. 
Color, skin.
4: Name the movie that launched Whoopi Goldberg's acting career in 1985.
The Color Purple.
5: Who had a 1980s hit single with 'True Colors'?
Cyndi Lauper.
6: What animated TV series has a mostly yellow cast?
The Simpsons.
7: Name the movie that saw Tom Hanks play a prison guard on death row in 1999.
The Green Mile.
8: Who are the famous parents of Blue Ivy Carter?
Beyonce and Jay Z.
10: Prince sang about what color rain in 1984?

Psychology of Color Trivia Questions and Answers 

Psychology of Color Trivia Image

The psychology of color has become hugely popular due to the emotional connotations associated with certain colors.

While perceptions of color can be subjective, there are some effects that do have universal meaning, and these are the ones we will cover in this section.

To simplify the content of this part of the color trivia, we will focus only on the connotations that are associated with 6 common colors; red, orange, yellow, green, and purple. 

Hopefully, even if you don’t smash this section, you’ll complete it with a better understanding of the psychology of colors. 

Let’s learn! 

1: What color is said to be the one of spirituality and imagination, with creative and quietly dignified people resonating more strongly with it?
2: This color is considered to be the one of calm, serenity, and peace.
3: Name the color cited as 'restful and secure, symbolizing harmony, healing, and stability.
4: What color is said to brighten people's spirits and create a sense of playfulness and cheerfulness?
5: This color apparently marks the extrovert and is in the shade of self-confidence, optimism, and encouragement.
6: Which color is noted as the one to command the most attention and be associated with passionate emotions?

Just for Kids: Color Trivia Questions and Answers 

Just for Kids Color Trivia Image

Our final trivia piece is aimed at the kids, although everyone can take part! If you’re a kid, or if you have a kid, then you’ll find some great color questions here to finish our trivia. 

How much do young brains know about this topic?

You may be surprised! 

Ready to complete our color trivia?

Let’s do it! 

1: What are the primary colors in the American flag?
Blue and Red.
2: How many different colors are there in the Google logo?
3: If you mixed red and blue, what color would you end up with?
4: What is the color of Steve's trousers in the game Minecraft?
5: True or False: The 'M' in the Mcdonalds' logo is red.
False; it is yellow.
6: What is the last color of the rainbow?
7: What color road does Dorothy have to follow in The Wizard of Oz?

More Color Trivia Fun – Video 

And that completes our color trivia! We hope you enjoyed it and maybe even learned some new facts to share with friends. Before you go, why not try another trivia challenge? Here’s some you may like:

Thank you for spending your time with us. Hopefully, you will leave with some new color knowledge that could come in handy in the future. You really never know when someone may want to know some color facts

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