83 Best 1990’s Trivia Questions and Answers

The 1990’s are having a bit of a revival at the moment. From Pokemon cards to boy bands, via the fashion choices (some of which we reckon should have stayed back in that decade), people are looking back fondly at this decade. 

So why not see how much you know with these fun 90’s trivia questions and answers?

Whether you remember the 1990’s and lived to tell the tale, or you just love the often unique sights, sounds, and general vibe of this decade, you’ll be sure to love our 90’s trivia quiz below. 

Ready to take the plunge?

Then let’s get started!

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General 90’s Trivia Questions & Answers

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Let’s start with a slightly easier round – looking at some of the more general facts about the 1990’s. These general 1990’s trivia questions and answers will be a great way for you to warm up for the later rounds, which might be a little trickier!

1. Boris Yeltsin was the president of which country?
2. What was the minimum wage for most of the 1990’s?
3. Which video game was the first video game played in space during the 1990’s?
4. Which legendary Mall opened in 1992?
The Mall of America
5. What video game console was the best-selling console of the 1990’s?
The Sony Playstation
6. Tamagotchi’s were all the rage in the 1990’s. But what do the two Japanese words translate to?
Egg’ and ‘Friend’
7. What year was the World Wide Web first introduced?
8. What was the name of the furry toy, popular throughout the 1990’s, that some people thought was spying on them?
The Furby
9. Which website was first introduced in 1998?
10. In the 1990’s, scientists managed to clone a sheep. What was the sheep’s name?
11. What is the name of the collectible cuddly toy line that was first introduced in 1993?
Beanie Babies
12. The Channel Tunnel is an underwater tunnel that connects the UK and France. When was it opened?
13. What year did Princess Diana of England tragically die in a car crash in Paris?
14. What is the name of the soda line that featured a black and white animal on the label?
Panda Pops
15. In 1998, the fruit-flavored sweets Opal Fruits changed their name to what?
16. The 1990’s marked the appearance of the ‘Got Milk?’ commercial. Who appeared in the commercial?
Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr
17. And for a bonus point - who directed the commercial?
Michael Bay
18. Pokemon was a cultural phenomenon (and still is today). What does Pikachu evolve into?
19. AOL was first introduced in the 1990’s. What does AOL stand for?
America Online
20. Mike Tyson infamously bit part of someone’s ear off in a boxing match in 1997. Who had their ear bitten by Tyson?
Evander Holyfield
21. OJ Simpson infamously appeared on TV in 1994 during a slow-speed police chase after failing to turn up to questioning regarding the death of his wife. What car was he driving?
A white Ford Bronco
22. What was the most popular cellphone of the 1990’s?
The Nokia 3210
23. What was one of the most popular ways to contact someone during the 1990’s?
Using a pager

90’s Fashion Trivia Questions & Answers

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Some things were better off staying back in the 1990’s, and we reckon that the fashion of that decade should have never had a revival (sorry, Tommy Hilfiger!). With 1990’s fashion perhaps even more popular today than it was back then, how much do you reckon you know about 1990’s fashion? Put yourself to the test with these 1990’s trivia questions about fashion.

1. JNCO jeans were huge during the 1990’s. But what does JCNO stand for?
Judge None, Choose One
2. Who invented slap bracelets?
Stuart Anders
3. Giggle Hats is the Australian term for which 1990’s accessory?
Bucket hats
4. What type of shoe sold 5 million pairs in 1992?
Light-up sneakers
5. What is the name of the fashion accessory worn by women around the neck?
6. What was the name of the popular hairstyle named after a character in a hit US sitcom?
The Rachel
7. What did many people in the 1990’s use instead of a purse?
A fannypack
8. What patterned shirt was popularized by bands like Nirvana and *NSYNC?
Flannel shirts
9. What was a popular magazine for finding new clothes with a very 1990’s slant?
10. In the 1990’s, a kids cartoon creator stepped up to the fashion mark. What were they called?
Looney Tunes
11. Which insect-themed clips would you have had in your hair during the 1990’s?
Butterfly clips
12. What did the shoe company Candies reinvent during the 1990’s?
The clog
13. What is the name of the rare lipstick created by Clinique that achieved cult status during the 1990’s?
Black Honey
14. What is the name of the hairstyle that Meg Ryan pioneered in the 1995 film French Kiss?
The short, choppy shag cut
15. These shoes made their mark on the 80’s, but also had a resurgence in popularity during the 1990’s. What sort of shoes?
Jelly shoes
16. Casio made an iconic style of watch during the 1990’s. What was it called?
The Casio G-Shock
17. What is the name of the accessory you would have worn on the outside of your jeans?
A wallet chain
18. In the 1990’s, what was a popular and fashionable way of getting from A to B - with a few bumps and scrapes along the way?
By rollerblade

90’s Music Trivia Questions & Answers

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From grunge to boybands, the 1990’s was a time of all kinds of music, both good and bad. How much do you think you can remember? Or how much do you think you know, if you’re a purported fan of the music from this decade? See how well you do with these 1990’s music trivia questions.

1. Who had a hit, and even won a Grammy, for their single ‘U Can’t Touch This’?
MC Hammer
2. What was the name of the ballad released by Extreme in 1991?
More Than Words
3. Who released the chart-topping song Wannabe in 1996?
The Spice Girls
4. The band Semisonic were a one-hit-wonder from the 1990’s. What was their hit called?
Closing Time
5. What was the best-selling rock/alternative album of the 1990’s?
Alanis Morisette with Jagged Little Pill
6. What is special about the song ‘Ice Ice Baby’ by Vanilla Ice?
It was the first rap song to hit No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100
7. Who wrote the song ‘I Will Always Love You’, which was a huge hit for Whitney Houston in 1992?
Dolly Parton
8. What is the name of the group who released the iconic 1990’s song ‘Macarena’?
Los Del Rio
9. Notorious BIG was tragically killed in the 1990’s. How old was he when he died?
24 years old
10. Beavis and Butthead were emblematic of the 1990’s. Which band featured on Beavis’ t-shirt?
11. Smells Like Teen Spirit is an iconic song from the 1990’s. What is it inadvertently about?
12. Who came up with the name ‘*NSYNC’?
Justin Timberlake’s mom
13. How many members did popular boyband Backstreet Boys have?
14. What is the name of the band that released a song about Barbie, who were also sued by Mattel?
15. What single did Christina Aguilera hit the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 with?
Genie In A Bottle
16. What’s the name of the song that the baby dances to on Ally McBeal?
Hooked on a Feeling’ by Blue Swede
17. What did the band REM end up losing in their 1991 single?
Their Religion (the single was called ‘Losing My Religion)
18. Who wrote the song ‘Nothing Compares to You’, which Sinead O’Connor had a hit with in 1990?
19. What was the name of the singer from Nirvana who took his own life in the 1990’s?
Kurt Cobain
20. Which two British bands are commonly put into the genre bracket of Britpop and were rivals throughout the 1990’s?
Oasis and Blur

90’s Film & TV Trivia Questions & Answers

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The films and TV shows from the 1990’s are probably the most significant and iconic out of any decade. They pretty much touched every area of life during the 1990’s, and even today, we’re still reeling from the effect of them. How much do you know about 1990’s film and TV though? See how many you get right out of these 1990’s film and TV trivia questions and answers!

1. What is Woody and Buzz Lightyear’s owner called in Toy Story?
2. Toy Story was the first film to feature 100% what?
Toy Story was the first film to feature 100% computer animation
3. Which actor played the part of Mrs Doubtfire from the 1993 film of the same name?
Robin Williams
4. Jurassic Park, released in 1990, was a phenomenon. But where was the DNA for the dinosaurs found?
Inside a mosquito in a piece of amber
5. What year was Forrest Gump released?
6. Which film was the highest-grossing film of 1994?
The Lion King
7. Which movie, released in 1997, was the first movie to gross more than $1 billion?
8. What film did Tom Hanks earn his 3rd Oscar nomination for, released in 1996?
Apollo 13
9. What is the name of the film that McCauley Culkin got $1 million for?
My Girl
10. The Disney film Beauty and the Beast was the first film to achieve what?
It was the first animated film to be nominated for a Best Picture Oscar
11. What is the name of the teacher who features on Boy Meets World?
George Feeny
12. Which actor said the iconic line ‘you can’t handle the truth’?
Jack Nicholson
13. And for a bonus point - what film was it from?
A Few Good Men
14. What was considered the first reality show, that aired in 1990’s?
The Real World
15. Who appeared in every single episode of Family Matters?
Reginald VelJohnson
16. Which comedy series featured characters who never hugged at the end of an episode and never learned their lesson if they did something wrong?
17. What TV show featured the first openly gay character, as played by Ryan Phillippe?
One Life To Live
18. Jane Austen’s ‘Emma’ was the inspiration for which 1995 film?
19. Who released a critically-panned film called Graffiti Bridge in 1990?
20. In the Lion King, which two actors voiced the part of Simba the lion?
Matthew Broderick and Johnathan Taylor-Thomas
21. Which TV show had the most-watched episode of the 1990’s?
The final episode of Cheers, airing in 1993
22. Which actor featured in 2 of the top 10 highest-grossing films of the 1990’s?
Will Smith, for his parts in Men In Black and Independence Day

So how did you get on with those? We hope you’ve enjoyed these best 1990’s trivia questions and answers, and maybe learned a couple of surprising facts along the way! 

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