47 Harry Potter Trivia Questions and Answers

Get ready to test yourself and your knowledge on one of the most magical stories of all time. Come and delve into the magic behind the potions, books, and mythical creatures, bewitch your mind and snare your senses with our Harry Potter trivia questions.

Now we know, “it’s kinda fun, ya know, breaking the rules…”, so try not to cheat!

By the end of this Harry Potter trivia quiz, you will have even discovered things you never knew about your favorite witches, wizards, muggles, and beasts

So brooms at the ready, and here we go!

Let’s begin!

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Harry Potter Family and Friends Trivia Questions and Answers

Harry Potter Family and Friends Trivia Image

The first section of our Harry Potter trivia will explore the family and friends of our favorite characters throughout all 7 books and 8 movies. 

Time to get your sorting hat on and decide whether you’re an expert, a casual fan, or whether you’re still just a muggle

Ready to play?

Let’s go!

1: What was the name of Harry Potter's cousin whom he lived with before getting his Hogwarts letter?
2: What relation was Petunia to Harry Potter?
His Aunt.
3: How many Weasley children are there in total?
4: What occupation did Hermione's parents have?
5: Which family member did Harry Potter accidentally blow up?
Aunt Marge.
6: Whose Father was a well-known Death-eater?
Draco Malfoy.
7: What did Neville's Gran give to him at the start of his first school year?
A Remberall.
8: How was Sirius Black related to Harry Potter?
His Godfather.
9: What was Harry’s Mothers Patronus?
A doe.

Name the Harry Potter Movie Trivia Questions and Answers. 

Name the Harry Potter Movie Trivia Image

There’s something about watching a Harry Potter movie that just makes the world feel ok. 

Maybe it is the comfort of watching Harry, Hermione, and Ron grow up before our eyes. 

Or, maybe it is the things you only notice after watching a movie several hundred times! 

If you love the escapism of a Harry Potter movie, then this section of our Harry Potter trivia should bring back some nostalgia about the witchcraft and wizardry Hogwarts has provided.

Let’s go! 

1: What was the name of the first-ever Harry Potter book to be adapted into a movie?
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone.
2: Which Harry Potter movie is Cedric Diggory murdered in?
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.
3: In which movie does Harry Potter meet Sirius Black?
The Prisoner of Azkaban.
4: In the movie the Half-Blood Prince, who is the Half-Blood Prince?
Professor Snape.
5: In which Harry Potter movie does Luna Lovegood make her first appearance?
The Order of the Phoenix.
6: What is the name of the final book, which then was made into two movies of the same name?
The Deathly Hallows.
7: In which Harry Potter movie did Voldermort curse Ginny Weasley?
The Chamber of Secrets.

Harry Potter Spells, Curses, and Potions Trivia Questions and Answers.

Harry Potter Spells, Curses, and Potions Trivia Image

The Harry Potter books feature 80 unique spells; some can do convenient things such as open doors, fix objects, transform stairs into slides; goodbye tired legs! 

Other spells are a little more sinister and include the ability to stick the target’s tongue to the roof of their mouth or instantly summon a super bonfire. 

If you’re a super fan of Harry Potter, then this spell-binding section should be as easy as shaking a wand! 

Let’s see how well you do; good luck! 

1: What is the first incantation Harry Potter learns?
Wingardium Leviosa.
2: What is the spell used by Seamus when trying to transform liquid (instead, causing it to blow up in his face)?
Eye of rabbit, harp string hum, turn this water into rum.
3: What is the incantation for the killing curse?
Avada Kedavra.
4: What does Neville Longbottom give to Harry Potter to enable him to grow gills and swim underwater?
5: What is the incantation for the unlocking charm?
6: What are the three unforgivable curses?
The Cruciatus Curse, the Imperius Curse, and the Killing Curse.
7: What is the incantation used to fight off a dementor?
Expecto Patronum.
8: What is the potion used to transform into someone else?
Polyjuice Potion.

Harry Potter Mythical Creatures Trivia Questions and Answers

Harry Potter Mythical Creatures Trivia Image

From Occamy to Bowtruckles and Werewolves to Auguries, a super-diverse menagerie of exotic creatures lived inside the wizarding world of J. K. Rowlings imagination. 

Creating them for the world to see is something many of us are super-thankful for! 

This part of our Harry Potter trivia is where you will find the mythical, magical creatures the movies brought to life. 

How many of them do you remember?

Let’s find out! 

1: What is the name of Hagrid’s pet Hippogriff?
2: What creature was guarding the Philosopher’s Stone in the first Harry Potter book and movie?
A three-headed dog.
3: Which plant screams when its root is pulled up?
A Mandrake.
4: Which creatures can only be seen by those who have seen death?
5. What kind of creature is Dobby?
A house-elf.
6: What creature, belonging to Lord Voldermort, was the final Horcrux hidden within? 
A snake.
7: What creature was Peter Petigru hiding in the body of all along?
Ron’s pet rat, Scabbers.
8: Which animals deliver the mail in the wizarding world?
9: What creature did Harry, Ron, and Hermione ride to help them escape Gringotts Bank?
A Dragon.
10: What creature did Harry and Ron fight in the girls’ toilets in the Philosopher's Stone?
A mountain troll.
11: What is Mr. Filch’s red-eyed pet? Bonus point if you can state its name!
A cat called Mrs. Norris.

Harry Potter Behind the Scenes Trivia Questions and Answers

Harry Potter Behind the Scenes Trivia Image

Often it is the case that behind-the-scenes trivia can be just as interesting as what we saw on screen, and this is certainly the case in this Harry Potter trivia. 

From the lives of the cast and crew to the wonderfully successful backstory of J. K Rowling, here we will look at the complete making of the Harry Potter movies and how they came about. 

Ready to learn some fun facts?

Here we go! 

1: In what British city did J. K. Rowling write the first Harry Potter book, The Philosopher’s Stone?
2: How old was Daniel Radcliffe when he filmed the first Harry Potter movie?
12-years old.
3: What real-life castle inspired Hogwarts Castle?
George Heriots School in Edinburgh.
4: Which actor, who sadly passed away after the Chamber of Secrets, originally played Professor Dumbledore?
Richard Harris.
5: Who auditioned for the parts of Harry Potter and Ron Weasley before landing the role he became well known for?
Tom Felton, who plays Draco Malfoy.
6: Which actor had two separate roles playing two different characters throughout the Harry Potter series?
Warwick Davis.
7: What is the combined time it took artists and crew members to build the model for Hogwarts castle?
74 Years.
8: Where was the majority of the exterior scenes for the Harry Potter movies filmed?
9: Who was the voice of Dobby?
Toby Jones.
10: Which Harry Potter Villain did Stephen King describe as the greatest make-believe villain since Hannibal Lecter?
Dolores Umbridge.
11: How did J. K. Rowling describe her financial situation at the start of writing her first Harry Potter book?
As poor as one could be without being homeless.’ Rowling survived on welfare and loans from friends and lived the life of a single parent after escaping an abusive relationship.
12: How much has J. K. Rowling made from the Harry Potter movies?
$7.7 billion.

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So, how did you do with our Harry Potter trivia? Are you ready for your letter from Hogwarts, or are you still “muggling” your way through? Why not take a look at some of our other trivia from the list below.

We hope you’ve enjoyed taking part in our Harry Potter trivia and learned something new along the way. 

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