71 Fun Dog Trivia Questions and Answers

There’s a good reason why dogs are known as man’s best friend. They’re wonderfully loyal, absolutely hilarious, and we’d probably be left wondering what we would do without them if we didn’t have them. 

Some people might consider themselves dog experts – so why not put their knowledge to the test and see how much they really know? 

And what better to use to test their purported knowledge than this list of 71 dog-based trivia questions and answers.

Let’s release the hounds and jump straight in!

Let’s go!

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General Fun Dog Trivia Questions & Answers

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Let’s start off with a more general round. See how many you get right out of these general fun dog trivia questions and answers. Don’t worry – the questions get trickier later on!

1. How many teeth does an adult dog have?
2. If dogs get too hot, they sweat. Where do they sweat from?
Their paws
3. What was the most popular dog name in 2020?
4. What is the most commonly taught command for dogs?
5. True or false - dogs can only see in black and white
6. What is a group of puppies called?
A litter
7. Which sense do dogs use most?
Their sense of smell
8. In the US, the leading authority on dogs is called the AKC. What does it stand for?
American Kennel Club
9. True or false - the dog was the first animal to be domesticated
10. Are dogs carnivores, herbivores, or omnivores?
11. How many eyelids does a dog have?
12. What was the name of Sony’s robotic dog, released in 1999?
13. What percentage of all dogs actually sleep in their owners’ bed?
14. What sense are puppies born without?
15. How old was the oldest dog in the world when he died?
16. Which animal has the most tastebuds - dogs or cats?

Dog Breeds Trivia Questions & Answers

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This next section is all about dog breeds from all over the world. See if you know your poodle from pomeranian and your labrador from lapdog.

1. What is the smallest breed of dog?
2. What is the fastest breed of dog?
The greyhound
3. What is another name for a German Shepherd dog?
4. What breed of dog has a black or a blue tongue?
A Chow-Chow
5. Which one is faster - a greyhound or a cheetah?
A greyhound is faster than a cheetah
6. Which breed of dog was once known as a St John’s Newfoundland?
A labrador retriever
7. Which breed of dog is the most popular in the USA?
Labrador retriever
8. True or false - dalmatian puppies are born without their spots
True - they get their spots later
9. Most dog breeds bark, but what does the Basenji breed do instead?
Basenji dogs yodel!
10. Which breed of dog is sometimes known as a ‘Frenchie’?
French bulldogs
11. Which dog breed can you get in either Standard, Miniature, or Toy sizes?
12. Which breed of dog was originally bred to hunt wolves?
The Irish wolfhound
13. Where do Great Danes come from originally?
14. Mexico is home to one of the most famous breeds of dog - what is it called?
15. Rhodesian ridgebacks are a popular breed of dog. Where did they come from?
16. Which breed of dog is a particular favorite of the Queen of England?
17. Which breed of dog’s name translates literally as ‘curly lap-dog’?
Bichon Frise
18. What breed of dog has a long ‘Roman’ nose and was initially bred as a fighting dog?
English Bull Terrier
19. Where do Shiba Inu’s come from?
20. Dachshunds were originally bred to hunt what animal?
21. What do you call a cross between a pug and a beagle?
A puggle
22. Which breed of dog is often considered the most intelligent?
The border collie
23. Where were rottweilers originally bred?

Famous Dog Trivia Questions & Answers

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Dogs are the best companions, let’s be honest. And even celebrities aren’t immune to their charms. Let’s see how much you think you know about famous dogs from movies, cartoons, and the real world.

1. Who owned 2 dogs called Sunny and Bo?
Barack Obama
2. The Famous Five books featured a dog. What was the dog’s name?
3. Tintin, the comic book character, has a trusty Wire Fox Terrier as a companion. What is his white dog companion’s name?
4. What is the name of the dog that appears in the classic comic strip ‘Peanuts’?
5. We all have heard of Lassie - but what breed of dog was she?
A rough collie
6. Which Disney villain wanted a coat made out of dalmatians?
Cruella De Vil
7. In the Wizard of Oz, what is the name of the dog?
8. What is the name of Scooby Doo’s nephew?
9. Hagrid from Harry Potter has a dog - what is the dog’s name?
10. Where does Sherlock Holmes go to investigate some mysterious hounds?
Baskerville (in the story ‘The Hounds of the Baskerville’)
11. What is the name of the dog that is featured on boxes of Cracker Jack?
12. In the Simpsons, the family looks after a dog called Santa’s Little Helper. What breed of dog is Santa’s Little Helper?
13. Which US president is one of the only US presidents to not have a dog?
Donald J Trump
14. True or false - HMV features a dog in its logo
15. In Monopoly, one of the game pieces is a small dog. What breed is it?
Scottish Terrier
16. In the movie Marley & Me, what breed of dog was Marley?
Yellow Lab
17. Wallace is a loveable stop-motion character from the UK. But what is the name of his canine companion?
18. What is the most famous, and the most revered, breed of dog in China?
19. In ancient mythology, what is the name of the 3-headed dog that guards the underworld?
20. Charles Darwin explored most of the world in a ship named after a breed of dog. What breed of dog?
Charles Darwin explored in a ship called HMS Beagle
21. In the cartoon ‘Whacky Races’, who owned a dog called Muttley?
Dick Dastardly
22. What was the name of the dog in Back to the Future?

Musical Dog Trivia Questions & Answers

Musical Dog Trivia Image

We humans love dogs so much, we’ve even sung a whole bunch of songs about them! Well, maybe not so much about them, but dogs do turn up in a whole load of song titles. How many of them do you know? Try your luck with our musical dog trivia questions and answers.

1. Rock band Led Zeppelin sang about a particular colored dog. What color was it?
2. Which artist misspells ‘dog’ and also sings the song ‘Gin & Juice’?
Snoop Dogg
3. Who had a hit song and album of the same name called ‘Diamond Dogs’?
David Bowie
4. What sort of dog did Elvis sing about?
A hound dog
5. Which artist ended up letting the dogs out?
The Baha Men
6. Which band famously felt ‘Sick as a Dog?
7. Which English artist had a hit with the song ‘The Dog Days Are Over’?
Florence and the Machine
8. Fill in the blank - ‘how much is that ___ in the window’?
9. Who wrote the song ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog’?
Iggy & the Stooges
10. Which English band had a hit with the song ‘Dogs of War’?
Pink Floyd

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So did you end up being top dog, or are you now in the doghouse, after answering these fun dog trivia questions and answers? There were some brain teasers in there for sure!

Whether you’re looking to kill some time, or learn some more about our favorite animals, these fun dog trivia questions and answers are perfect for any occasion. Why not put your friends to the test too!

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