40 Wolf Trivia Questions and Answers

From their haunting howls to their fierce hunting skills, wolves are captivating canines, so immerse yourself into their world in this four-round wolf trivia quiz and discover what makes them so unique.

Following a magnificent timeline of evolution spanning more than 60 million years, it is common knowledge that all dogs are descendants of wolves, and yes, somehow, that does include cockapoos! 

Within this wolf trivia, you will learn a little about the history of wolves, their geographical locations, and their way of life. 

Are you ready to travel back millions of years to learn all about the evolution of wolves?

Let’s get ready to howl! 

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General Wolf Trivia Questions 

General Wolf Trivia

Our quiz starts with a general round that features a mix of questions at various difficulty levels. 

Wolves have been sung about, written about, and drawn for millions of years, but why have humans always had such a fascination with them? 

You can witness wolves existing in man-made habitats these days as different species of wolves are able to thrive in all sorts of habitats. 

Wolves are most comfortable in Forests, grasslands, mountains, and even deserts. 

Let’s start. 

1: What wolf species is the rarest?
The American Red Wolf.
2: When did dire wolves go extinct?
At the end of the last ice age.
3: The latest species of the wolf to be discovered was in Africa in 2015. What is the name of that species?
The African Golden Wolf.
4: What domestic dog breed is genetically the closest to wolves?
5: How many miles per hour can the average wolf run? The closest answer wins.
Thirty-eight miles per hour.
6: What is unusual about a wolf’s paw compared to a domestic dog?
They have webbed feet.
7: What type of predator is a wolf?
An Apex predator.
8: With an average weight of around eighty pounds and a shoulder height of approximately twenty-five inches, what domestic dog breed bears the closest resemblance to a wolf?
Alaskan Malamute.
9: How many teeth does a wolf have?
10: What is the scientific name for the Gray Wolf?
Canis lupus.

Easy Wolf Trivia Questions 

Easy Wolf Trivia

If you don’t know a huge amount of wolf trivia but are chomping at the bit to find out more, this is the round for you!

This basic round is a great place for children and adults alike to start their journey of exploring the life of wolves. 

Let’s take a look at some simple facts and interesting figures.


1: Gray wolves, also known as Timberwolves, are the largest member of the canine family. True or false?
2: How many wolf species are there?
3: Are wolves faster swimmers than humans?
No - wolves can only swim about half the speed of a human.
4: How many litters of pups do female wolves have per year?
One litter.
5: What is a group of wolves called?
A pack.
6: How do wolves communicate with each other over long distances?
They howl.
7: Wolves can live to around eight years old in the wild. How old is the oldest wolf that was kept in captivity?
Nineteen years old.
8: In open terrain, what distance can a wolf howl travel?
Up to ten miles.
9: Which country has the highest population of wolves in the world?
10: Are there any wild wolves in England?

Hard Wolf Trivia Questions 

Hard Wolf Trivia

You’ve gotten off to a great start with that easy round, now let’s delve a little deeper.

If you think you know all there is to know about wolves then this is the round where you can show off! 

There are a few obscure questions within this round to challenge even the most knowledgeable wolf fan. 

Let’s go!

1: How many wolf subspecies are there predicted to be?
2: How old are female wolves when they begin to breed?
Twenty-two months.
3: What is the scientific name of the oldest true wolf, discovered around 3 million years ago?
Canis priscolatrans.
4: Between 2002-2020 what percentage of four hundred eighty-nine wolf attacks were caused by rabid attacks, as opposed to provoked or predatory attacks?
Seventy-eight percent.
5: What months are considered to be prime mating seasons for wolves?
Between January and March.
6: What is the name given to the offspring that is produced when wolves and coyotes interbreed?
7: How long is a female wolf pregnant on average? The closest answer wins.
Sixty-three days.
8: What is the 2023 IUCN status of the Indian Gray Wolf?
Least Concerned.
9: Between 2002-2020 how many predatory wolf attacks killed humans?
10: How many miles can the average wolf swim at any given time?
Eight miles.

TV and Movie Wolf Trivia Questions

TV and Movie Wolf Trivia image

It’s obvious that humans have a deep fascination and love for wolves, so much so they have been featured in hundreds of TV shows and movies. 

From terrifying Dire wolves and werewolves to cute cartoon wolves, this species of animal has remained prominent on our screens for decades. 

Wolves have been relevant in storylines depicting fierce predators, loyal companions, and supernatural creatures

We can guarantee even non-wolf fans will be able to score a few points during this round!

Lights, camera, action!

1: Who plays the character Ottway in the 2011 wolf-based adventure drama The Grey?
Liam Neeson.
2: In the Twilight movies, what is the name of the wolf pack that includes Taylor Lautner's character Jacob?
The Black Pack.
3: What breed of hybrid canine is Balto in the 1995 family adventure film of the same name?
Wolf-dog hybrid.
4: What is the name of Jon Snow’s dire wolf in Game of Thrones?
5: How many werewolf bloodlines are there in The Vampire Diaries?
6: What season were werewolves introduced into True Blood?
Season three.
7: In the 2018 adventure film Alpha. Is the main wolf Alpha male or female?
8: What is the name of Mowgli’s adoptive wolf mother in The Jungle Book?
9: Which comedy actress voices the mother wolf in Hotel Transylvania?
Molly Shannon.
10: What 1986 Tom Cruise sports drama movie features the song Werewolves of London?
The Color of Money.

More Wolf Trivia Fun – Video Quiz

We hope you have enjoyed this informative wolf trivia and learned just how fascinating these ancient hunters really are. 

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