49 Cat Trivia Questions and Answers 

Did you know that more than 45 million American households have at least one cat? We’re crazy for those little balls of independent, grumpy, and oh-so-cute fluff. But, how much do we actually know about them? Find out how much you know in this cat trivia! 

My cat trivia covers all cat-related topics I find interesting, such as famous cats, the behavior of cats, breeds of cats, and a super-fun trivia to end the challenge. 

Paws for thought, do you think you can get 100%?

Wouldn’t that be purrfect… 

-Not even sorry! 

Let’s play! 

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General Cat Trivia Questions and Answers 

General Cat Trivia Image

Cats are known for their enigmatic personalities, super-cute faces, and independent natures. 

Love them, or dislike them, cats have been owned and worshiped (literally) by humans for almost 10,000 years, and this isn’t without reason. 

Whether you’re a huge lover of cats, can take or leave them, or couldn’t really care less, I’m confident you’ll still enjoy playing my super-random general cat trivia round! 

Showcase your knowledge, or learn a thing or two as we go along. 

Here we go. 

1: How many pet cats are estimated to be in the US?
88 million.
2: What is a litter of kittens called?
A kindle.
3: True or False: Feral cats have double the lifespan of pet cats?
False; they have half the lifespan of pet cats.
4: What eye color are all cats born with?
5: What is Ailurophobia?
Extreme fear of cats.
6: Which president owned 4 pet cats while in residence at The White House?
Abraham Lincoln.
7: According to a study by the Washington Post, what is the number 1 pet cat name in the US?
8: What is a female cat called?
A Queen.
9: Which cartoon cat loved lasagne?
10: What is the average lifespan of a pet cat?
12 - 14 years.
11: For how many months is a cat pregnant?
12: What would be your punishment if you killed a cat by accident in Ancient Egypt?
13: Cats share 96% of their genes with which big cat?
14: What is the largest breed of cat?
Maine Coon.
15: How many bones does a cat have?

Famous Cats Trivia Questions and Answers 

Famous Cats Trivia Image

The first cat video was uploaded to YouTube in 2005, but the first to be made was actually back in 1894

So, cats have been on our screens for some years, allowing us to enjoy their antics, beauty, and crazy ways from the comfort of our own homes. 

If I asked you to think of famous cats, how many come to mind?

If not many, let’s see if this round of my cat trivia jogs your memory! 

Record breakers, stars of the silver screen, and a White House cat that is rumored to have received more mail than the president, this round has it all! 

Here we go. 

1: In the 1894 first ever cat video, what were the cats being filmed doing?
2: A stray cat named Socks was taken in by President Bill Clinton. How many letters and gifts did Socks receive in the post each week?
3: What was the name of Dr. Evil's hairless Sphynx Cat from the Austin Powers movies?
Ted Nude-Gent.
4: A cat went viral in 2012 due to its constant expression. What was this cat known as?
Grumpy Cat.
5: A cute ginger tabby turned his owner's life around in which 2016 movie?
A Street Cat Named Bob.
6: What was the name of the toilet-trained, much-adored family cat in Meet The Parents?
Mr. Jinx.
7: What color markings does The Cheshire Cat have in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland?
Pink and purple.
8: Sabrina The Teenage Witch had a black cat sidekick. What was his name?
9: What heroic act did a cat named Scarlett do in Brooklyn in 1995?
Save her kittens from a burning building.
10: Why did Felicette the cat become famous in 1963?
She was the first cat to go into space.
11: What is the name of the Simpsons cat?

Breeds of Cat Trivia Questions and Answers 

Breeds of Cat Trivia Image

How well do you know your cat breeds?

Would you know the different characteristics between similar breeds, or which breed has fur so dense you can draw patterns in its coat? 

Do you know what the smallest of the cat breeds is? Or the largest?

If not, it’s time to upgrade your knowledge in this round of my cat trivia! 

Good luck. 

1: How many breeds of cat are recognized by The International Cat Association?
2: What is the smallest breed of cat?
3: What is the most distinguishing feature of the Canadian Sphynx?
Lack of fur.
4: Which breed can have a golden shimmer with large leopard-like markings, spots, rosettes, arrowheads, or marbling?
5: What domestic cat was bred to resemble a tiger?
The Toyger.
6: Which breed is distinguishable by its upside-down V-shaped markings on the forehead, large round blue eyes, thick, soft coats, and long tails?
7: What is the largest breed of domesticated cat?
Maine Coon.
8: Which breed has fur so dense it makes the cat appear much larger than it is? You can actually draw patterns in this coat!
Russian Blue.
9: The Scottish Fold is known for having an appearance that resembles which kind of bird?

Behavior of Cats Trivia Questions and Answers 

Behavior of Cats Trivia Image

In order to be a true cat expert, you should be able to identify cats’ communications, and some are much less obvious than others. 

Do you know what hissing really means? Is your cat happy or hungry when it has a vibrating tail?

If you didn’t know much before, you hopefully will soon. 

This cat trivia round is short but hopefully informative! 

1: How does a cat feel if it displays a question mark-shaped tail?
2: When your cat rubs you, what is he showing?
3: What is the primary reason a cat attacks your ankles?
4: What is often confused with aggression but actually means fear, stress, or discomfort?
5: If your cat has a vibrating, straight tail when it sees you, what does this indicate?

Fun Cat Trivia Questions and Answers 

Fun Cat Trivia Image

My cat trivia finishes with some fascinating feline facts!

Although mysterious creatures, there are a lot of things we do know about cats, and some of them are pretty remarkable

If you’re still to find a love for this animal, hopefully, this is the round for you. 

And, if you’re looking for some fun cat trivia to share with your cat-loving community, I have you covered. 


1: How many different vocalizations do cats have?
100 - dogs have 10.
2: Cats can jump how many times their own height?
3: How many feral cats are believed to be living in the US?
700 million.
4: Which country has more cats per person than any other?
New Zealand.
5: Tommaso, the cat, inherited how much money from his owner when they passed away?
$13 million.
6: How old was the oldest ever pet cat?
38.5 years (Creme Puff from Austin, TX)
7: What percentage of a cat's life is spent sleeping?
Around 70%
8: A city in which state had a cat as its mayor for nearly 20-years?
Talkeetna, Alaska.
9: How many feral cats are believed to live at Disneyland?

More Cat Trivia – Video 


How well did you do? If you got most of the questions right, consider it a win! Ready to pounce on another challenge? Here are some you may like:

Thank you for playing my cat trivia today; I hope you found it fun and maybe even useful in parts. There’s so much to love about the cat, and nobody knows that better than the cat! See you again soon for more trivia fun! 

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