51 Simpsons Trivia Questions and Answers 

If you’re looking for a fun way to pass the time, then you’ve found it with our Simpsons trivia questions. Take a walk through Springfield and test your knowledge of the characters of the show.

It’s a globally adored cartoon series that has had some incredible star appearances, but have you remembered them all? 

Our Simpsons trivia quiz is split into 5 fun sections, try one or take them all on to see how much you really know.

Ready to put your Simpsons knowledge to the test?

Good luck!

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General Simpsons Trivia Questions and Answers

General Simpsons Trivia Image

The Simpsons has been around since the 1980s and is still running today; that’s a whole lot of seasons and episodes! 

With hundreds of episodes to consider, we have had to condense it to some of our favorite moments. Here you will be asked some general Simpsons questions, that we believe every true fan should know the answer to. 

The Simpsons has covered current affairs from the 1980s to the 2000s, and this part of our trivia will look at some iconic moments and characters over the last 4 decades!

Were you paying attention, or was the monkey and the drum passing through your head?

Ready to give this a go?

Let’s go!

1: How many episodes of the show have been broadcast to date: Nov 2021?
2: During September 2021, what season of The Simpsons premiered?
3: Season 1 and what other season have been the most-watched with over 13.5 million viewers?
4: What is the email address owned by Homer?
5: Why were the Simpsons made yellow?
To grab the attention of channel hoppers.
6: During Season 1, what prime-time TV series did The Simpsons compete for viewers against?
The Cosby Show.
7: What is Homer's middle name?
8: How many points does Bart's hair have?
9: How many continents have The Simpsons visited?
All 7.
10: Where is groundskeeper Willie supposed to be from?
Scotland, UK.
11: How old is Lisa Simpson?
12: How much did The Simpsons movie gross?
$527 million.
13: Which president did the Simpsons predict in season 11, episode 17, that when it came true, the writers introduced a chalkboard with the recurring gag 'It sucks to be right.'
Donald Trump.
14: Why did the season 13 episode 'Blame it on Lisa' cause controversy in Brazil?
For stereotyping a nation.
15: Where do the Simpsons relocate to in the movie: The Simpsons Movie?

Simpsons Characters Trivia Questions and Answers 

Simpsons Characters Trivia Image

Our second section will focus on the characters of the show; after all, what would the Simpsons be without them?

If you’re playing this trivia with friends and family, who is your Homer, Bart, Mo, or Barney? 

Most of The Simpsons characters have a special place in our hearts, from the sweet innocence of Ralph, to the determination and love Marge shows throughout the seasons; every character has their endearing aspects.

Possibly, even Mr. Burns and Sideshow Bob (unless you’re Bart!)

From the main Simpsons to the extras, bystanders, and occasional appearances, these trivia questions are about our favorite and less favorite stars of the show. 

1: What are Marge Simpson's sisters called?
Patty and Selma.
2: What is the name of the Simpsons super-religious neighbor?
Ned Flanders. 
3: Who owns the bar where Homer likes to go?
5: Who is Santa's Little Helper?
The Simpsons dog.
6: What is the name of the school bully?
Nelson Muntz.
7: Who is Edna Krabappel?
Bart's fourth-grade teacher.
8: What is the store, owned by Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, called?
9: Which character is voiced by voice-over actress Nancy Cartwright?
Bart Simpson.

Simpsons Celebrity Guest Appearances Trivia Questions and Answers

Simpsons Celebrity Guest Appearances Trivia Image

More celebrities have provided voices and appeared in The Simpsons than in any other TV show; it has even been said that you know you’ve made it when you’re on this program! 

Do you remember all of the celebrities that entered the town of Springfield?

The Simpsons is a show that’s featured a huge number of celebrity guests, from Presidents to pop legends, and actors to authors

Who was your favorite celebrity guest cameo?

This section will test your memory on some of the celebrity guest appearances over the years; how many do you think you remember?

Let’s find out! 

1: Which angry British chef appears in Marge's dream in the episode 'The Good Wife'?
Gordon Ramsay.
2: In Lady Gaga's cameo, what is her dress made of?
3: How many episodes did the late professor, Steven Hawkings, appear in?
4: Which 2 other hugely famous and mega-rich businessmen appear in the same episode as Mark Zuckerberg?
Bill Gates and Richard Branson.
5: Which 2 F.R.I.E.N.D.S characters have provided voiceovers?
Matthew Perry and Lisa Kudrow.
6: Which American actress won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance for her role as Krusty the Clowns' love interest, Princess Penelope?
Anne Hathaway.
7: What kind of store did Jack Black's character own? Bonus point if you get its name!
A comic book store named Coolsville.
8: Who does country legend Dolly Parton play in the episode 'Sunday, Cruddy Sunday'?
9: Who is the recurring celebrity voice behind Sideshow Bob?
Kelsey Grammar.
10: Which Irish band played themselves in the episode' Trash of the Titans'?
11: Which American musical legend lent his voice to Homer's spirit coyote?
Johnny Cash.
12: Who appeared, alongside Simon Cowell, as themselves in the episode 'Judge me Tender' only to be criticized for a flat performance?
Ellen DeGeneres.

Simpsons Quotes Trivia Questions and Answers 

Who Said What Simpsons Trivia Image

Some Simpsons quotes are household terms across the globe, but where would the challenge be if this section included only those?

Some Simpsons catchphrases are said by many of us, and one of them has even made it into the Oxford Dictionary as an official term! 

Whether they’ve made you laugh, or cry, there are some Simpsons lines that are pretty memorable. 

To see how much of a die-hard fan you are of the show, we challenge you to complete this section of our Simpsons trivia!

¡Ay, caramba!

1: 'Me fail English, that's unpossible' was said by which Simpsons student?
Ralph Wiggum.
2: Ralph's Dad, Chief Wiggum, said he would rather what happened to a thousand guilty men than chase after them?
They go free.
3: Who told Lisa that 'you don't win friends with salad' when she decided to go vegetarian?
4: Who said, 'Ouch my eye, I'm not supposed to get pudding in it!'
5: This line was humorous because of the person who said it: 'It's all over people, we don't have a prayer,’ which character was this?
Reverend Lovejoy.
6: What does Comic Book Guy cite as a dangerous mix?
Loneliness and cheeseburgers.
7: 'You're a woman, you can hold onto it forever,’ was the advice given by who to Lisa?
8: Which parent said, 'Kids, just because I don't care doesn't mean I'm not listening?
Homer, of course!
9: Who said, 'Shut up brain, I've got friends now, I don't need you anymore?

Simpsons Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

Simpsons Facts Trivia Image

There are many things that make The Simpsons stand apart from the rest, but how many facts do you know about the series? 

This quick-fire section is a great one to learn for future brag-rights! 

Ready to learn some interesting Simpsons facts?

Let’s play!

1: For the 1st 20 seasons of the show, Maggie rang the cash register as $847.63; why did the writers decide on this sum?
Because when the show launched in 1989, that was the estimated total of raising 1 baby for a month.
2: In Arabic episodes of the show, what 2 things are changed that Homer does in the American version?
Beer is changed to soda, and hotdogs to Egyptian beef sausage; to fit in with Islamic customs.
3: What is the average time it takes to create a single episode of The Simpsons?
6 to 8 months.
4: Which hugely influential person once blamed the show for problems going on in society?
Then-President George Bush, who claimed that Americans should watch more of The Waltons and less of The Simpsons.
5: Which iconic catchphrase made it into The Oxford Dictionary in 2001?
'D'oh; expressing frustration when realizing things have not gone to plan.'
6: How much do the 6 main voice actors get each per episode today?

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