45 Seinfeld Trivia Questions and Answers

If you’re a fan of Seinfeld, you’re going to love playing our Seinfeld trivia questions quiz. It’s super-fun to play, and even if you’re not a fanatic, you’ll be surprised at the Seinfeld knowledge you have.

With catchphrases of the show making their way into American popular culture and awards, including the ‘Number 1 reason the 90s ruled’, you’d have to have been living under a rock the last couple of decades to not know anything about Seinfeld. 

But, how much do you know?

Find out in our Seinfeld questions trivia quiz!

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General Seinfeld Trivia Questions and Answers 

General Seinfeld Trivia Questions and Answers Image

Seinfeld is a universally loved show for those craving a gentle comedy revolving around not much at all – after all, the program is described to be based on nothing

But in our general knowledge section, you’ll hopefully finish learning a little more than nothing and have a great time, too (we bet you can already hear the theme tune in your head!).

Ready to start?

Let’s go! 

1: What is the coffee shop called, where the friend-group spends a lot of their time?
Monks Cafe.
2: For selling his life story, how much money does Kramar make?
3: Who created Seinfeld?
Jerry Seinfield and Larry David.
4: How many episodes of the show have there been?
5: In what State is the show set?
New York.
6: What is the name of the company that produced Seinfeld?
Castle Rock Entertainment.
7: In July of what year did the show premiere?
8: Many of the episodes are based on what of the writers? Their dreams, their personal experiences, or their take on other shows?
Their personal experiences.
9: What is the number of Jerry's apartment?
10: How many seasons were there of Seinfeld?
11: Which F.R.I.E.N.D.S star made a guest appearance?
Courtney Cox.
12: Which Superhero logo is regularly featured in the show?
13: What official certification does the show have?
PG (Parental Guidance).
14: How is Jonathan Wolff linked to the show?
He wrote the theme song.

Seinfeld Cast and Crew Trivia Questions and Answers

Seinfeld Cast and Crew Trivia Questions and Answers Image

What is a show without its cast and crew? 

This section will provide some great insights into what goes on behind the scenes of the Seinfeld production. 

It will also quiz you on your knowledge of the on-screen and off-screen members. 

Think you know it all? 

You may be surprised!

Let’s begin!

1: Celebrity guest star, Terri Hatcher, was describing what when she said, 'They're real, and they are spectacular.'
Her breasts.
2: Who was banned from attending NBC meetings due to a volatile nature towards the company's executives?
Larry David.
3: Which actor filed an unsuccessful, multi-million dollar lawsuit against the show for defamation of character and lack of privacy?
Michael Costanza.
4: Who was the character George originally based on?
Larry David
5: Andy Akerman directed the most episodes of the show out of any director; how many shows was this?
6: Where did filming take place for the exterior of Jerry's apartment?
Los Angeles.
7: Which Will and Grace star appeared in the episode 'The Yada yada'?
Debra Messing.

Seinfeld Seasons and Episodes Trivia Questions

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With some highly well-renowned episodes and some seasons really standing out over others, this section is a mixed bag of the good, the bad, and the ugly

If you consider yourself a Seinfeld expert, then you should have no trouble getting through this section of our quiz – there may even be soup for you!

Ready to give this a go?

Let’s go!

1: Which season had the most amount of viewers?
Season 5; almost 30 million.
2: What season had the fewest amount of episodes?
3: Season 1 was shown on TV right after which hugely popular sitcom?
4: What was the name of the Emmy-award-winning 10th episode of season 4?
The Contest; winner of 1 Greatest Episode of All Time by 2009 TV Guide.
5: At the end of what season did Larry David leave the show?
6: How many viewers tuned in to watch the show's final episode?
76 million.
7: What was the name of the season 9 episode that was banned due to controversy?
The Puerto Rican Day.
8: What was episode 11 of season 2 based on; 'The Chinese Restaurant.'
Waiting for a restaurant table.
9: Episode 10 of season 7 sees Kramar trying to refurbish a run-down, what?
10: How much was Jerry Seinfield offered by NBC to do a 10th season of the show?
$110 million.

Seinfeld Blunders and Bloopers Trivia Questions

Seinfeld Blunders and Bloopers Trivia Questions Image

Here we expose some of the greatest Seinfeld blunders and bloopers of all time! 

From mistakes and disasters to the things they wish we didn’t know, this is a fantastically revealing part of our trivia for all Seinfeld fans. 

A little guesswork may help here!

Let’s see how much you know.

1: Kramar and Jerrys' apartment building address is often referenced as 129 West 81st street. Yet, the awning outside says something different; what is this?
2: Some exterior shots of Monk's Diner reveal the building's real name; which is?
Toms Restaurant.
3: Newman's apartment number is 5E, apart from during one episode where it had a different letter; what was this?
4: On external shots of Jerry's apartment, what is shown to be on the windows, that isn't shown on internal shots?
Insect screens.
5: In season 7s' The Friars Club' episode, Kramar falls asleep on a woman who believes him to be dead. What is wrong with this scene?
Chest expansion on top of someone would reveal them to be living and hard to not notice!
6: According to the website' movie mistakes', how many mistakes have there actually been in Seinfeld?
7: Season 8, Episode 4, shows a cab with a New York license plate on the side of it. However, as the cab drives away, its rear license plate is from which State?
8: In episode 11 of season 9, George asks for a nickel to get a $0.50 candy bar from a vending machine. How many coins does he put into the machine that reveals this as a factual mistake?
3 - no 2 coins would need a nickel to make up $0.50.

Seinfeld Nominations and Awards Trivia Questions and Answers

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When it comes to a show that wins awards, there are few greater than Seinfeld. 

This part of our Seinfeld trivia will outline some of its greatest achievements; how many of them do you think you know about?

Let’s find out! 

1: In what year did Seinfeld win the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series?
2: In 1994, what award given in recognition of Hollywood excellence did the show win?
Golden Globe Award for Best TV Series.
3: Seinfeld won the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy series how many times? Bonus points if you get the correct year(s).
3; 1995, 1997, and 1998.
4: The Hollywood Reporter survey in 2015 revealed Seinfeld to be in what position of 'people's favorite shows of all time'?
5: In what year did TV Guide rate Seinfeld as the Greatest TV Show of All Time?
6: Ten years later, what position did the same magazine put Seinfeld in for the same category as Q5?

And that completes our Seinfeld Trivia! How did you do? If you surprised yourself with your knowledge and want to try your hand at another of our trivia, why not choose one from the selection below?

Seinfeld Trivia Game – Video 

We hope you enjoyed our Seinfeld trivia. Stay tuned for more iconic trivia questions and answers coming soon! 

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