55 Pizza Trivia Questions and Answers

Think you know a lot about pizza? Test your skills with our bumper pizza trivia questions quiz, perfect for playing with friends, family, or while waiting for the delivery guy to arrive! 

Our pizza trivia will include questions on absolutely anything to do with one of the nation’s favorite foods: Pizza

From kids pizza questions to today’s Pizza facts, including the weird, the wonderful, and everything else in between. 

So, can you handle a pizza the action?

Let’s find out!

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General Pizza Trivia Questions

General Pizza Trivia Questions Image

In this section, you will find random pizza trivia that could prove interesting or good to know if you’re ever called upon for your general pizza knowledge! 

From how much we love it to why we love it and some fun facts, this section is suitable for all players, providing they’re up for a bit of cheese! 

1: What is America's favorite pizza topping?
2: Where is the furthest Pizza Hut has delivered?
The International Space Station, in 2001.
3: What is the most popular day of the year to order pizza in the U.S.?
Superbowl Sunday.
4: What month is national pizza month?
5: To the nearest pound, how much pizza was eaten by one man in one week to break the world record?
200 pounds.
6: In what year were we able to purchase frozen pizzas from stores?
7: Where is the headquarters for Papa John's pizza?
Atlanta, Georgia.
8: What is America's most popular frozen pizza brand?
9: What are the two pizza toppings Dwane Johnson called his jam?
Ham and Pineapple.
10: How many slices of pizza are eaten every second?
11: In 1992, Domino's launched its first non-pizza menu item. What was it?
12: What is the most popular size pizza in the U.S.?
14-in diameter.

Pizza Trivia Throughout History 

Pizza Trivia Throughout History Image

It’s strange to think of a world without pizza, but it happened. 

Here’s our section about pizza throughout history, the where’s, what’s, when’s and why’s that have somehow shaped the modern-day pizza we know and love. 

Ready to test your pizza history knowledge?

Let’s begin!

1: What State is home to America's first-ever pizzeria?
New York.
2: In what year was the first recording of the word 'pizza'?
997 C.E.
3: What was the Margherita named after?
Queen Margherita of Italy
4: Where was the deep dish pizza created?
5: Where was pizza invented?
Naples, Italy.
6: How was pizza originally sold before pizzerias?
By the slice, via street vendors. It was deemed a poor man's food, not suitable for restaurants. - How things change!
7: In what year did some lucky NYC residents become the first Americans to taste pizza?
8: Mario's Pizza opened in 1958 in New York; how much was a pizza with 5 toppings then?
$1.25; the toppings were: meatballs, pepperoni, anchovies, mushrooms, and cheese.
9: Flatbread is considered the beginnings of pizza, but which country does this come from?
10: In today's Pizza Hut, a large pizza is $14.99; how much was the same pizza in the 1960s?

Kids Pizza Trivia Questions 

Kids Pizza Trivia Questions Image

Few kids don’t love pizza, but how much do they know about it? 

Find out how good your kids’ pizza knowledge is, in this section dedicated to Kids pizza trivia. 

1: What role does pizza play in the iconic film Home Alone?
Kevin was sent to his room after arguing over a cheese pizza; if this hadn't happened, maybe his parents wouldn't have forgotten him!
2: What are the popular shapes of pizza?
Circular, Oblong, Square.
3: What fruit makes up the toppings for a Hawaiin pizza?
4: What food group does the tomato belong to?
5: What comic book superheroes love pizza?
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
6: What is the name of the Pizzeria in Toy Story?
Pizza Planet.
7: What famous candy brand supplies dessert menu items for Pizza Hut restaurants, including cookies, brownies, and dunkers?
8: If you were having a 'Star Birthday package,' a 'Mega Super Star Birthday Package,' or an 'Ultimate Super Star Birthday Package,' what pizza chain would you be visiting?
Chuck E Cheese.
9: What is the YouTube hit, with more than 13 million views, by Koo Koo Kanga Roo called?
'All I eat is pizza.'
10: What is the only pizza-related thing in every single Pixar Planet movie?
The Pizza Planet delivery truck.
11: How many pizza restaurants do you think there are in America?
More than 70,000.

Pizza Around The World Trivia Questions

Pizza Around The World Trivia Questions Image

Let’s have a look at how pizza fares across the world, who loves it, who doesn’t care for it, and where in the world can you buy caviar topped pizza?

Find out how crazy the rest of the planet is about pizza in this section of our trivia. 

1: New Zealander, Josh Anderson, holds the world record for eating a full-sized pizza in the quickest time. How long did it take him?
1 minute 45 seconds.
2: When was the first pizzeria in North Korea built?
3: What do the Japanese regularly put on top of pizzas?
4: Nino's Bellissima Pizza in Manhattan, New York, has a pizza on the menu that includes white truffle, lobster, and caviar. How much does this pizza cost to buy?
5: In the 1960s, which was the only city in Europe where it was said to be challenging to find pizza?
6: How many restaurants does Pizza Hut have worldwide?
7: Where was the Hawaiian pizza invented?
8: When did Pizza Hut launch in Australia?
9: Which country has the 2nd highest number of Domino's restaurants, after the U.S.?
10: What is the Spanish word for pizza?
11: What country consumes the least pizza?

Pizza Facts and Figures

Pizza Facts and Figures Image

Unless you’re really well up on pizza facts and figures, this section may involve a little guesswork! 

Some answers could come as a huge surprise; others may be more unbelievable – but we’ve checked our ‘sauces!’ 

(Note: Some of these questions are tricky, so points should be awarded based on whoever gets the closest answer.)

1: As a percentage, how many Americans eat pizza at least once a month?
2: How many books can you find about pizza on Amazon?
Over 26,000.
3: On Super Bowl Sunday, how many pizzas are delivered by Pizza Hut U.S.?
2.5 million.
4: In the U.S. alone, how much is the pizza industry worth?
$38 billion.
5: In New York, how many pizzerias are there?
Around 9,000.
6: With Dominoes' create your own pizza', how many possible combinations are there?
34 million.
7: In the U.K., how much is spent on frozen pizzas each year?
£45.4 million.
8: What percentage of pizzas are topped with pepperoni in the U.S.?
9: What is the most popular weekend evening for U.S. citizens to order a pizza?
Saturday night.
10: What percentage of Americans prefer thin-crust pizzas?
11: What percentage of U.S. restaurants are pizzerias?

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How well did you do with our pizza trivia? 

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