25 Pasta Trivia Questions and Answers 

Pasta is a staple food in most homes around the world, and Americans consume nearly 6 billion pounds of the stuff annually – so it’s clear we love it. But, how much do you know about pasta? Find out by playing our pasta trivia! 

Now, it may not be the most exciting sounding trivia on the net, but we believe it to be fun, informative, and a delightful way to kill some time! 

In our pasta trivia, you will be able to learn some fascinating facts about pasta, discover some delicious new recipes, and digest some new-found knowledge, too. 

We’re ready to serve! 

Buon appetito!

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General Pasta Trivia Questions and Answers 

General Pasta Trivia Image

While you may know that pasta didn’t originate in America, you may not know how it got here – or who even brought it to the USA

Well, spoiler alert, it was actually the 3rd American President, Thomas Jefferson, who brought pasta to American soil back in 1789.

Be prepared to learn lots more about the origins of pasta, among other pasta trivia facts, as we bring this challenge to the boil

Ready to play?

Let’s go! 

1: What is the favorite pasta in America?
2: What is the relevance of October 25?
It is world pasta day!
3: According to Statista, what percentage of Americans eat pasta regularly?
4: How many different types of pasta are there?
Over 600.
5: What ingredient does fresh pasta contain that dried pasta does not?
6: What happens to the size of dried pasta when it is cooked?
It doubles.
7: What cooking method did Ancient Romans have for pasta?
8: For how long can dried, uncooked pasta be kept?
Up to a year.
9: In tons, how much pasta does Italy export annually?
1.7 million tons.
10: What type of pasta did Thomas Jefferson bring to America?

Types of Pasta Trivia Questions and Answers 

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As mentioned in round 1 of our pasta trivia, there are over 600 different types of pasta; but the ones we buy or make are a little more limited than this! 

Americans have firm preferences when it comes to favorite pasta types, and we buy 3 kinds more than any other; spaghetti, penne, and macaroni

In this section, we will describe a type of pasta with the required answer simply being its name! 

Here we go! 

1: What type of popular pasta is a long, thin noodle that can be paired with a wide variety of sauces?
2: Which type of pasta is perfect for pasta bake dishes due to its round, tube-like structure, with diagonal cuts at either end?
3: Can you name the pillow-shaped pasta squares often filled with meat, seafood, meat, or veggies and traditionally topped with a sauce?
4: This pasta has a spiraled, corkscrew shape and works well with meat sauces due to the twisted crevices catching tasty chunks!
5: Short and curved, this type of pasta is a popular American staple combined with cheese and oven-baked.

Pasta Dishes Trivia Questions and Answers 

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Some evenings, there is nothing better than boiling some pasta and making a simple, classic dinner – vino is an optional but well-received side! 

Pasta offers so many meal possibilities due to the incredible number of shapes and types, and experimenting with pasta rarely results in failure. 

But, in this section, we will stick to the better-known pasta dishes!

If you’re looking for some dinner inspiration, this pasta trivia round is one to pay great attention to! 

Let’s tuck in! 

1: What pasta meal consists of rolled pasta sheets that are traditionally filled with ground beef, spinach, and ricotta cheese?
2: What is the Italian pasta dish from Rome called that is traditionally made with eggs, cured pork, black pepper, and hard cheese?
3: What are the two key ingredients for a Pasta con le sarde?
Anchovies and sardines.
4: The ingredients, fresh fettuccine, butter, and Parmesan cheese, are the primary basis for which popular dish?
Fettuccine Alfredo.

Facts and Stats About Pasta Trivia Questions and Answers 

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Our pasta trivia will finish with a fun-filled facts and stats section, testing your general knowledge, mathematics, and common sense on the subject of pasta! 

Find out which was the first American state to open a pasta factory and when, and learn how many plates of pasta eaten today are authentic Italian pasta. 

This is a short round to finish our trivia, but one where the best pasta facts can be found. 

We know you’re nearly full up of pasta knowledge, but the end is nearly in sight! 

Let’s finish up!

1: In what state was the first American pasta factory opened in 1848?
New York (Brooklyn).
2: How did the BBC use pasta for an April Fools in 1957?
The spaghetti tree hoax told the UK that pasta grew on trees.
3: According to the International Pasta Organization, how much (in kg) do Italians eat annually?
25.3 kg.
4: How many tons of pasta are produced in Italy each year?
1,432,990 tons.
5: Which country has the 3rd highest pasta consumption after Italy and the US?
6: Out of every 4 plates of pasta eaten anywhere in the world, how many will have been produced in Italy?

More Pasta Trivia – Video 

How well did you do with this pasta trivia? Before you rush off to cook up a delicious pasta dish, why not see if you find any of the following trivia games tempting? 

Thanks for playing! We hope to see you again soon for another fun trivia game! 

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