37 Drinks Trivia Questions and Answers 

Our drinks trivia is the one to play if you’re thirsty for a challenge; we have fun-filled rounds to play with questions spilling out all over the place! 

Fruity, fizzy, alcoholic, warming, or bitter; whatever your drinks preference, we’re confident there’ll be some perfect questions to showcase your drinks knowledge. 

We will look at several aspects of drinks in our drinks trivia, including history, culture, geography, and statistics, with a super-fun video trivia to end the challenge! 

If you’re looking for some drink inspiration, then this is certainly the trivia challenge for you. 

Ready to play?

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General Drinks Trivia Questions and Answers 

General Drinks Trivia Image

Welcome inside our drinks trivia and round no. 1! 

Here you will get a general idea of things to come before heading to our more specialized rounds. 

A taster round, if you will! 

In round 1, you will be asked a series of random drink-related questions, but don’t worry; there won’t be too many hard ones to swallow

Let’s wet our whistles! 

1: What was the most purchased drink in the US in 2020?
Bottled water.
2: What drink do nearly 60% of Americans consume each day?
3: What drink sales soared 75% during Covid-19 lockdowns in the US?
4: What non-alcoholic type of drink has been linked to many heart conditions and problems, including cardiac arrest and fatalities?
Energy drinks.
5: What percentage of people have lactose intolerance, rendering milk off the table?
6: Which store-bought bottled drink can contain dangerous levels of arsenic?

History of Drinks Trivia Questions and Answers 

History of Drinks Trivia Image

While it hasn’t always been simple to pop to the store and purchase a drink of choice, there is solid evidence of wine production that dates back to 6000 BC in Georgia.

So, alcohol and the making of it for sale has been around for some time! 

But, how did the manufacturing and buying of drinks turn into the multi-billion dollar industry it is today?

And, what landmark moments have there been along the way?

Find out by playing round 2 of our drinks trivia! 

1: Which soft drink was invented by the Mongols and first recorded in 1299?
2: What was the drink of choice for Viking warriors?
3: Joseph Priestly discovered how to trap carbon dioxide in water in 1772, which resulted in what popular type of drink?
4: In what year did Coke come out in a can?
5: For how many years did the American prohibition (ban on the sales of alcohol) last?
6: In 1770, how much alcohol was the average colonial American consuming each year?
3.5 gallons (double the modern rate).

Celebration Drinks Trivia Questions and Answers

Celebration Drinks Trivia Image


Drinks have been the foundation for celebrations for thousands of years. 

Where people in the middle ages would raise their ale to the roof and shout Skal to celebrate, today we may daintily clink glasses and pray we don’t lose an expensive drop in the process! 

It is clear celebration drinks have evolved – as has etiquette

In round 3 of our drinks trivia, we will look at the part drinks play and have played in celebrations worldwide.


Let’s begin!

1: What country was champagne invented in in the late 17th century?
2: According to a wedding survey, how much does the average wedding liquor bill come to? 
3: Always on hand at parties, Pilsner is a lager-style beer that is the national drink of which country?
4: How much did the most expensive bottle of champagne (a bottle of 1874 Perrier-Jouet) sell for at auction?
5: Which country is known for colossal vodka consumption; drank on various occasions!?
6: In Mexico, who are the only people who can make a toast?
7: In what country would you see typical toasts of 'gan bei' (bottoms up) and 'kai pay' (drain your glass)?

Holiday Drinks Trivia Questions and Answers 

Holiday Drinks Trivia Image

Whether the drink signal for you is the red Coca-Cola truck on a commercial, the smell of mulled wine, or the comforting cup of cocoa, drinks play a huge role in the holidays. 

In round 4 of our drinks trivia, we will take a look at some holiday favorites; their history, development, reception, and more. 

Although Christmas is only one day a year, it’s never too far away to recap some of the nostalgia and magic of the season. 

Whether on Christmas Eve, it is a glass of milk for Santa or a glass of wine for Mom, consuming something in a glass is the greatest way to kick off the holiday celebrations

Let’s play round 4

1: What is the most popular holiday drink in the US?
Hot chocolate.
2: What is the busiest night of the year for bars?
Thanksgiving Eve.
3: How much eggnog do Americans consume in weight each year?
135 million pounds.
4: What is the main ingredient of mulled wine?
Red wine.
5: What country invented the holiday staple drink, hot chocolate?
6: What drink do British children leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve?
7: Christmas in which country would not be complete without a cup of Ponche Navideño?

American Drinks Trivia Questions and Answers 

American Drinks Trivia Image

The drinking culture in America isn’t on a par with some other countries, but as a nation, we’re certainly fond of cracking open a beer at the Superbowl and the eggnog at Christmas

Soft drinks play their role, too; I mean, whose childhood didn’t include the fronting or visitation of a lemonade stand?

In round 5 of our drinks trivia, we will quiz you on some American favorites, their history, statistics, and more. 

Let’s play! 

1: What is the oldest soft drink in America?
Dr. Pepper first sold in 1885.
2: Why was IBC Root Beer developed in 1919?
As an alternative to alcohol during prohibition.
3: What percentage of over 18s have consumed alcohol in the US?
4: What popular soft drink was initially called 'Brad's Drink'?
5: What state has the highest per capita alcohol consumption?
New Hampshire.

Soda Drinks Trivia Questions and Answers 

Soda Drinks Trivia Image

Soda consumption is big business in the US, with most Americans treating themselves to regular drinks of carbonated sweetness

It is clear; we love soda here – but how much do you know about it?

Did you know there are over 800 different sodas in the US?

Or that the Coke Freestyle Machine holds 127 different flavors?

Test your knowledge in round 6 of our drinks trivia!

1: Which American favorite had a famous advertising slogan using the Beach Boys' hit song, 'Good Vibrations.'?
2: What drink was Sprite a direct competitor of when launched in the US in 1961?
3: How many fruit flavors are in the blend that results in Dr. Pepper?
4: In 2021, how much were non-alcoholic drink sales in the US?
$414.8 million.
5: Which soda became the first-ever product to appear on the cover of Time Magazine?
6: Mountain Dew was initially created for use as a mixer. What liquor was it intended to complement?

More Drinks Trivia – Video 

And that brings us to the end of our drinks trivia – we hope you had fun playing! If you want to take on another trivia challenge, here’s a random selection to choose from:

Thank you for playing our drinks trivia. Hopefully, you’re not leaving with a bad taste in your mouth and will join us again soon for another fun trivia game

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