41 April Trivia Questions and Answers 

Ready to Spring into Action with our April trivia challenge?

Here you will find some truly fascinating facts about the calendar’s fourth month, including April throughout history, special days in April around the world, and some cool April Fools Day info! 

As always, we will begin this trivia challenge with a general knowledge round before delving into the more specialized sections. 

If you’re planning to meet up with friends over the April holidays or are looking for something special to add to your kids’ Easter baskets, then our April trivia could be the ticket! 

With some fun facts and bitesize educational pieces, our April trivia is a perfect place to find something interesting to entertain the kids with this spring break

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General April Trivia Questions and Answers 

General April Trivia Image

Do you think you know all there is to know about April or that you may be fooled by our April trivia?

April Fools Day and the Easter Bunny are known worldwide, but what else makes this month a special one?

This month is full of important events landmark historical moments and is the Birthday month for many of our favorite celebrities. 

By the end of our April trivia, we hope you will appreciate just how special this warm, sunny, and candy-filled month really is! 

Let’s begin. 

1: What is the birthstone for April?
2: Which fast food joint opened its doors for the first time on April 15, 1955?
3: As well as Aries, what other star sign could you be if you were born in April?
4: What product was banned from being advertised in the US in April 1970?
5: What annual event is celebrated on April 22 to support the protection of the environment?
Earth Day.
6: The Sweet Pea is a birth flower of April. What is the other one?
7: Which famous painter and sculpture was born in April 1452?
Leonardo Da Vinci.
8: What iconic financial district building was completed in April 1973?
New York's World Trade Center.
9: In the Northern Hemisphere, it is springtime in April. What season is it in the Southern Hemisphere?
10: April's Full Moon is traditionally known as what?
The Pink Moon.
11: April is the first of 4 months to have what?
A length of 30 days.
12: Ford unveiled its Mustang model on April 17, 1964. How much did this cost to buy?
13: In what ocean did the Titanic sink in April 1912?
North Atlantic Ocean.
14: Finish the famous saying: 'April showers bring…'
May flowers.
15: How many Jelly Beans are made for Easter in the US every year?
16 billion.

April Fools Trivia Questions and Answers

April Fools Trivia Image

April Fools Day is celebrated (or hated) on April 1 every year, in several countries by various cultures. 

Although the exact origins of the day are somewhat of a mystery, the general consensus remains consistent – to play practical jokes and hoaxes on unsuspecting others!

The media and major brands have all embraced the day, ensuring the unofficial holidays’ longevity for future generations. 

Whether you love pranks and are looking for inspiration or have no time for the day and don’t really get the hype, we think everyone will find something interesting in this round of our April trivia. 

Let’s play! 

1: On April 1, 1951, what did British news reporters declare a record crop of?
2: In 2008, the BBC showed apparent evidence of a fascinating new step in evolution. What was this?
Flying Penguins.
3: Which fast food restaurant appeared to launch a left-hand version of their classic burger?
Burger King.
4: In 1962, a Swedish technical expert told the whole of Sweden that they'd be able to see black-and-white broadcasts in color by doing what?
Viewing them through nylon stockings.
5: PC Magazine ran a column in 1994 about a bill heading to congress that would stop internet users from doing what?
Accessing the internet while intoxicated.
6: Where is April Fools Day an official city holiday?
Odesa, Ukraine.

April Throughout History Trivia Questions and Answers

April Throughout History Trivia Image

By this round of our April trivia, you’re already likely starting to see just how remarkable this month is, but if you need a little more, this is the section to find it! 

Discover some of the most amazing moments in April throughout history by answering the following 7 questions

If you need some inspiration for bitesize lessons to keep the kids entertained over spring break, you’re sure to find something to provoke an interest in this round. 

Grab a pen and get ready to take notes! 

Or, let’s just play for fun

Here we go! 

1: What British Cities port did The Titanic leave on April 10, 1912?
2: Susanna M. Salter became the first female mayor to be elected in the US on April 4 of what year?
3: On April 15, 1817, what type of specialist education school was founded in Hartford, Connecticut?
The first American school for the deaf.
4: What slogan was included on all newly minted coins in the US from April 22, 1864?
'In God We Trust.'
5: When slavery was abolished in the District of Columbia on April 16, 1862, how much were owners of formerly enslaved people compensated?
$1 million.
6: What were Richmond residents rioting about on April 2, 1863?
7: What was launched on April 11, 1970?
Apollo 13.

Fun Facts about April Trivia Questions and Answers 

Fun Facts about April Trivia Image

Now for something a little more uplifting

In this round of our April trivia, you’ll find some super fun facts to share with friends and family or just to know for your own self! 

You never know when some April trivia knowledge will come in handy. 

Find out some awesome facts and stats, as well as some things that are just good to know, by answering the following 5 questions

Good luck! 

1: Who became the first president of the US on April 30, 1789?
George Washington.
2: After a 1,500-year break, what took place on April 6, 1896?
The first Olympics of the modern era.
3: What can be celebrated on April 6?
International Pillow Fight Day.
4: April is the best month to see what in the sky?
Meteor showers.
5: A study of 375 companies discovered what type of employee is most likely to have an April birthday?

Celebrity Birthdays in April Trivia Questions and Answers

Celebrity Birthdays in April Trivia Image

To finish our April trivia, we will take a little look at the world of celebrity – providing they were born in April, of course. 

Here you’ll find celebrities from the April-born Actor to the April-born Author

The modern-day Musician to monumental Maverick

And lot’s more, too! 

Think you know your icons? Let’s find out! 

1: Where was Robert Downey Jr. born on April 4, 1965?
Manhattan, New York.
2: Queen Elizabeth II was born on April 21; of what year?
3: William Shakesphere was born April 26 and died April 23. How old was he when he died?
4: 'You can't see me is the catchphrase of which April-born professional wrestler?
John Cena.
5: Eddie Murphy was born on April 3. Was this 1960, 1961, or 1962?
6: April-born Actor Paul Rudd played what character in F.R.I.E.N.D.S?
Mike Hannigan.
7: Name the 13 Going on 30 actress born in Houston, Texas, on April 17, 1972.
Jennifer Garner.
8: What talent show did April-born singer Kelly Clarkson win in 2002?
American Idol.

More April Trivia – Video

How well did you do with our April Trivia? We hope you enjoyed this challenge and that you learned some new facts about the month, too. If you want to play another trivia, here’s some you may like:

Thank you for playing our April trivia. There are certainly many interesting things relating to this calendar month, and we hope you had some fun while learning something new!

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