Sequence (Rules and Gameplay Instructions)

If you need a game to play that’s easy to learn, fast-paced, and won’t last for hours, Sequence is an excellent game for you to try! In these Sequence rules, you will learn the basics of the game and possibly discover a new family favorite to add to your collection!

Sequence may look complicated from the outside, but it’s quite an easy game to learn and play. It’s also a great game to play with both small and large groups, friends and family, and people of all ages.

The game of Sequence can be challenging since teammates are not allowed to discuss their moves with each other, but that is also what makes the game more interesting! 

This Sequence rules guide will cover the following:

  • What is Sequence?
  • What you’ll need to play Sequence
  • Sequence game rules
  • How to win Sequence
  • Video Tutorial for Sequence
  • FAQs
  • Similar game guides

Learn how to play Sequence below!

What is Sequence?

Sequence Board Game Info image

Sequence is a game involving teams competing against each other to achieve 1 or 2 sequences on the game board. A sequence is made up of 5 spaces in a row created by one team.

It’s a great family game and suitable for a large range of age groups!

 Number of players: 2-12

Ages: 7+

Difficulty: Easy

Length of play: 30 min

Category: Card game, board game, hand management, teamwork, competitive, pattern

Similar to: Connect 4, Solitaire, Bingo

Main Objective: Be the first team to create the required amount of sequences on the board (depending on the number of players).

Why We Love It: Sequence is very straightforward and easy to learn. We love the challenge of making decisions without communicating with our teammates.

What You’ll Need to Play Sequence

Everything you need to play Sequence can be found in the box:

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The following components are found inside each game:

  • 50 Green marker chips
  • 50 Blue marker chips
  • 35 Red marker chips
  • 104 Sequence cards
  • 1 Game board

Sequence Game Rules

Game Setup

  1. Place the game board in the center of your play area within reach of all players. Ensure there is enough room in front of each player for their marker chips and discard piles.
  2. Determine how many teams or players there will be. If there are only 2 players, each player can be their own team.
  3. Players must alternate their seats around the table, so players on the same team are not sitting next to each other.
  4. Each team gets assigned color marker chips to play with and are evenly distributed between the players. If there are only two teams, blue and green will be used. The red marker chips are only used if there is a third team.
  5. One person from each team cuts the deck and reveals their card. The lowest of cards gets to deal (Aces are high).
  6. 6. Deal cards to each player using this guide depending on how many players there are:
  • 2 players: 7 cards each
  • 3 players: 6 cards each
  • 4 players: 6 cards each
  • 6 players: 5 cards each
  • 8 players: 4 cards each
  • 9 players: 4 cards each
  • 10 players: 3 cards each
  • 12 players: 3 cards each

How to Play Sequence

Take turns starting with the player to the dealer’s left and continue clockwise. Your goal is to occupy 5 spaces in a row on the game board, which is considered a “Sequence.”

On a players turn, they do the following:

  1. Choose a card from their hand that matches an available space on the game board. This card gets placed face-up in front of them in their individual discard pile.
  2. Place a marker chip on that matching card on the game board (there are two spots available for each card type).
  3. After placing a marker chip, draw a new card and add it to your hand. If you forget to do this immediately after your turn, you are not allowed to draw until your next turn!

A marker chip from a sequence can be used as one of the marker chips in a second sequence as long as it’s from the same team color (if you are playing with two teams, that requires 2 sequences to be completed). 

For example, you can make a cross symbol on the board, which allows you to use a total of 9 marker chips instead of 10 since you are using one marker chip from a previously completed sequence.

When the draw deck is empty, everyone must give the dealer their discard piles which then get shuffled into a new draw deck.

The game ends immediately when one team accomplishes the amount of sequences they were required to achieve (depending on the number of players).

Important Gameplay Rules

While the rules seem easy so far, there are just a few other things you need to know that will make the game more exciting and challenging.


There are no Jacks found on the game board, but they can be found in your hand. There are a total of 8 Jacks in the deck: 4 Jacks with two eyes and 4 Jacks with one eye.

Jacks with two eyes are wild! Wilds allow you to place your marker chip on any available space on the game board.

Jacks with only one eye are considered “anti-wild.” Anti-wilds allow you to remove one marker chip from any available space on the game board that belongs to one of your opponents.

NOTE: You cannot remove a marker chip from a completed sequence!

Dead Cards

When you are stuck with a card in your hand that has no available space on the game board, this card is considered “dead.” On your turn, you may discard this card, draw a new card, and continue your turn normally.

NOTE: You can only draw one replacement card per turn.

Talking at the Table

Small talk is allowed while you are playing; however, if a player tries hinting to a teammate about their next move or tries stopping a teammate from making a move, they must discard a card from their hand as a penalty! They do not draw a new card.

Wild Spaces

On each corner of the game board, there is a wild space available (4 total). These can be used by all teams, and a marker does not need to be placed since these spaces can be shared and have no matching card faces.

How to Win Sequence

A game of Sequence ends immediately as soon as one player or team achieves the amount of sequences needed.

If the game has only 2 players or 2 teams, 2 sequences need to be achieved.

If the game has 3 players or 3 teams, only 1 sequence needs to be achieved.

The player or team to finish this achievement first wins the game!

Video Tutorial for Sequence

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Sequence be played with 5 players?

No, Sequence can only be played with an even amount of team members. As long as you have 2-12 players and can divide everyone into 2-3 teams evenly, then you can play! There cannot be more than 3 teams.

Are there any other game versions of Sequence?

Yes! There is a dice, card, and kid version of the game! You may also find themed versions such as Harry Potter.

How long does a game of Sequence take to play?

Not very long, usually about 30 minutes on average. It may take longer with more players and shorter with less!

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