Po-Ke-No Board Game Rules

Looking to put more energy and variety into your poker night but not sure where to start? In these Po-Ke-No game rules, you will learn how easy it is to play Po-Ke-No and make your poker night more exciting!

Po-Ke-No is a combination of two classic games: Poker and Keno. In Poker, you must have the highest hand to win. In Keno, you must have a select amount of numbers that match the numbers on your player board to win.

By combining these two classic games, you can bring the excitement of the casino into your home!

You may choose to simply take score, play with poker chips, or gamble with real money! Either way, players will have a great time and will keep coming back for more!

This Po-Ke-No rules guide will cover the following:

  • What is Po-Ke-No?
  • What you’ll need to play Po-Ke-No
  • Po-Ke-No rules
  • How to keep score in Po-Ke-No
  • Video tutorial to Po-Ke-No
  • FAQ
  • Similar game guides

Learn how to play Po-Ke-No below!

What is Po-Ke-No?

Po-Ke-No Card Game Info Image

Po-Ke-No is a card and board game that combines two classic games, Poker and Keno. Some may find gameplay similar to Bingo, but instead of calling off and marking numbers, you are marking off cards found in your standard 52 card deck.

 Number of players: 2-13

Ages: 7+

Difficulty: Easy

Length of play: 10min (per round)

Category: Card, Board, Betting, Set Collection, Competitive

Similar to: Poker, Keno, Connect 4

Main Objective: Be the first player to achieve a 5 in a row on your player board!

Why We Love It: It’s fun, fast-paced, and exciting! Also, there are different variations of gameplay to choose from each time you play!

What You’ll Need to Play Po-Ke-No

Everything you need to play Po-Ke-No can be found in the box.

The following components are found inside each game box:

  • 12 Large player boards
  • 200 Po-Ke-No chips
  • 2 Decks of cards (red and blue) plus a bonus Brybelly deck (red)

Po-Ke-No Rules

Game Setup

Follow these simple instructions to set up a game of Po-Ke-No:

  1. Choose a player to be the dealer. The dealer will reveal and announce each card to all players so they can mark it off on their player board.
  2. Provide each player 1 player board. If there are enough player boards available, the dealer can play, too!
  3. Each player collects 20 chips that will be used to mark the cards on their player board that has been revealed by the dealer.
  4. The dealer shuffles one deck of cards and places them within reach of themselves, face-down.

You are now ready to play Po-Ke-No!

How to Play Po-Ke-No

Po-Ke-No is a straightforward game to play and learn. First, you should decide if you are going to use any real money to gamble with, use chips only, or keep score on paper.

You may also want to decide ahead of time if there will be a set amount of rounds, and whoever has the most money or highest score at the end of those rounds will win. You may also keep playing until everyone runs out of chips/money, similar to Poker.

Whichever method you prefer, these are the basic rules to help you get started:

  1. The dealer reveals and announces the top card of the face-down deck they shuffled.
  2. Each player searches for this card on their player board. If they have that card, they place one of their chips on it.
  3. The first player to connect 5 cards in a row on their board shouts “Out!” and gameplay stops for this round. This player looks at the score sheet for what type of hand they were able to achieve and rewards themselves with money, chips, or simply writes down their score.
  4. The player who achieved the first 5 in a row becomes the dealer in the next round.


5 Card Po-Ke-No

You play by the regular rules, but instead of the round stopping when one person achieves 5 in a row, you stop when all players achieve a 5 in a row. The winner is the player who has the highest valued “hand.”

Po-Ke-No Black Jack

The dealer plays their player board against the other players. Once the dealer has achieved 5 in a row, the game round has ended! 

All players compare their best row of cards even if they have not achieved 5 in a row. The player who beats the dealer wins the round! If no one can beat the dealer, the dealer wins!

4 Corner Po-Ke-No

Follow the original Po-Ke-No rules with these additional instructions:

  • The first player to place a chip on their center/middle space scores 1 point.
  • The first player to place a chip on each of the 4 corners of their player board wins 4 points.
  • The first player to achieve a 5 in a row will be rewarded 5 points.
  • As soon as a player obtains 5 points, the game round ends! This can be achieved by getting a 5 in a row or a combination of a center space and the four corners.

Po-Ke-No Roulette

Each player (except the dealer) is provided with a player board. As a group, players will decide on a pot amount that will be awarded to the player who wins this game.

Then, each player places a chip on one card on their player board. This chosen card sits within two rows (horizontal and vertical), and your goal is to be the first player to achieve a 5 in a row in either of these rows.

You will not place chips on any other rows on your board!

The dealer will reveal 25 cards only. If no one achieves a 5 in a row before the dealer’s cards run out, the dealer wins! Otherwise, the first player to achieve a 5 in a row wins the game!

How to Keep Score in Po-Ke-No

There are many different ways to keep score and win in Po-Ke-No. Follow this suggested scoring guideline to help determine what should be rewarded depending on which “hand” a player has:

  • Royal Straight Flush: 9 Chips/Points
  • Straight Flush: 8 Chips/Points
  • Four of a Kind: 7 Chips/Points
  • Full House: 6 Chips/Points
  • Flush: 5 Chips/Points
  • Straight: 4 Chips/Points
  • Three of a Kind: 3 Chips/Points
  • Two Pairs: 2 Chips/Points
  • One Pair: 1 Chips/Points

How to Play Po-Ke-No (Video Tutorial)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you gamble with real money playing Po-Ke-No?

Yes! Instead of using chips or taking scores, you can use coins or dollars instead.

How long does it take to play Po-Ke-No?

It depends on the number of players and how many rounds you decide to play. Each round is considered to take around 10 minutes from start to finish.

Can I use my player boards to play Bingo instead of Po-Ke-No?

Technically, yes! Instead of calling out numbers, you will need to use a deck of cards and call out each card individually.

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