38 Scary Movie Trivia Questions and Answers

Prepare to test yourself on some of the best and worst horror movies with our scary movie trivia challenge.

Do you love a good scare? 

Are you morbidly fascinated by the world of gore and ghouls? 

If so, in our spine-tingling conundrum of questions, you will encounter mysteries to solve surrounding the horror world. 

Whether it is the backstory of Freddie and Jason or the gruesome traps created by John Kramer, we’ve got it all covered.

So, if you’re brave enough to keep going, let’s search those darkened doorways and test your knowledge on some sinister horror moments of all times.

Let’s step into the shadows.

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General Scary Movie Trivia Questions and Answers

General Scary Movie Trivia

In the first round of our scary movie brain-buster, we’re going to put your general knowledge of the horror genre to the test. 

How much do you know about the backstories of some of the scariest movies of all time, and which ones are based on a true story? 

Do you know what creepy things went on on the sets during filming?

And just how many people have been caught in Jigsaw’s traps? We’ll give you that one, it’s between 80 and 90. But how many people survived at least one of his torturous snares?

1. Jack Nicholson played the main character in the 1980s horror classic The Shining, but what was the saying he was most known for?
“Here’s Johnny.”
2. In which scary movie were we first introduced to the scar-faced Freddy Kruger?
A Nightmare on Elm Street
3. What was the name of the evil clown that terrorized children in the movie IT?
4. How many people are thought to have survived/escaped at least one of Saw’s traps throughout the entire franchise?
5. What mode of transport does the Jigsaw doll approach its terrified victims?
A tricycle
6. In which gory horror are the general public allowed one night only to kill whomever they wish, however they like, without consequence?
The Purge
7. In which horror movie is a young girl lured into babysitting for a non-existent elderly lady, only to find herself the center of a sacrificial and demonic state of kidnap?
The House of The Devil
8. In what scary movie is a group of archeologists ensnared by a flesh-eating, possessed plant in the middle of the desert?
The Ruins
9. In which horror movie are victims “scared to death” and left with contorted screaming faces after coming face to face with a girl whose face is covered with her own hair?
The Ring
10. Who played the original Candyman
Tony Todd
12. In what country does the cult movie Midsomer mainly take place?
13. Which movie filmed at sea is said to have one of the best jump scares of all time?
14. Which controversial horror movie was banned in France in 2009, five years after its release, due to its violent and sexual nature?
The Antichrist
15. Which comedy/horror franchise is known for the phrase “What’s your favorite scary movie?”
16. In which scary movie are lost travelers caught by a group of cannibal mutant outcasts and horrifically tortured?
The Hills Have Eyes
17. In the movie Maniac, what item is the main antagonist obsessed with?
18. The set of which film burned down after a pigeon flew into the circuit box?
The Exorcist
19. Who was intended to be the 13th Ghost in Thirteen Ghosts?
Arthur (The Dad)
20. Which movie does the main character turn out to be dead all along?
The Sixth Sense

Scary Movie Behind The Scenes Questions and Answers

Scary Movie Behind The Scenes

In round 2 of our scary movie challenge, we’re going to step behind the scenes and see what unusual experiences people claim to have had and what the actors said was the scariest part about filming. 

For example, did you know that three people died on the set of The Exorcist after an unexpected fire broke out?

Or, that the famous saying “Here’s Johnny” was actually an improvisation by actor Jack Nicholson?

Let’s head backstage.

1. During the fire on the set of The Exorcist, which room was left unscathed?
Linda Blair’s room
2. Who was initially set to direct and star in The Silence of The Lambs?
Gene Hackman
3. Which scary movie broke records by using over 4500 gallons of fake blood for its gory bathroom scene?
IT Chapter 2
4. In which horror movie did they use around 200,000 real bees to film a scene?
5. The mask Michael Myers wore in the movie Halloween was actually a mask from which famous film franchise?
Star Trek (Captain Kirk)
6. In which movie were actors forced to go outside every few minutes for air and sometimes vomiting due to the high temperatures and rotting food and animal hides?
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Scary Movie Actors and Actresses Questions and Answers

Scary Movie Actors and Actresses Questions

In round three of our thrilling, scary movie adventure, we’re going to cover the brave actors and actresses who took part in the grueling filming processes and what they had to endure

We will also test your knowledge of who played who to see how well you know the real faces behind the creepy masks and terrifying features.

Let’s uncover the truth.

1. Who played Michael Myers in the original Halloween?
Nick Castle
2. Who was the face behind the possessed clown in IT: Chapter 2?
Bill Skarsgård
3. Who played Regan MacNeil in the classic scary movie The Exorcist?
Linda Blair
4. Who is the real person behind the mask of Leatherface in the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre?
Gunner Hanson
5. In the 2009 movie The Collector, who was the man behind the mask?
Juan Fernández

Scary Movie Monsters Trivia Questions and Answers

Scary Movie Monsters Trivia

In the final round of our scary movie game, we will uncover some of the fictional monsters, demons, and creatures that have crept onto our screens at night. 

Find out what the flying malevolent entity really is in Jeepers Creepers, and learn the real name of the demon that possessed Regan in The Exorcist. 

Let’s see how dark you really are!

1. What fictional horror humanoid wears a top hat, has a pale face, and long clawed talons for fingers?
The Babadook
2. What animal does the demon creature resemble in Jeepers Creepers?
A Crow
3. What was the name of the flesh-hunting torturer in the movie Hellraiser?
4. What was the name of the demon that took over Regans' body in The Exorcist?
5. What movie from 1982 revolves around a shape-shifting alien that landed on Earth around a million years ago?
The Thing
6. What is Krampus?
A half-goat-half-demon that tortures, punishes, or even eats naughty children at Christmas.
7. What is the name of the giant creature in Stephen Kings - The Mist?
The Behemoth

More Scary Movie Trivia Fun – Video

So, you’ve come to the finale of our scary movie trivia, but before you run to switch on all the lights, below are some more fun challenges that might help to deter you from the horror.

Thanks for taking part in our ultimate scary movie quiz. I hope we’ve scared the socks off you, or perhaps we’ve only encouraged you to draw the curtains and get your favorite horror flick rolling. Either way, we hope you’ve had a scream. 

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