79 United States Geography Trivia Questions and Answers

We’ve got some of the most stunning sights in the world in our country, some of which you may not even realize were out there for you to find.

So why not riddle your friends and family with a rundown of 79 United States geography trivia questions and answers.

Suitable for any occasion, from schools to road trips, to quizzes with family or friends, we can absolutely guarantee that you’ll not only be entertained but you’ll come away with all sorts of great bits and pieces of knowledge about the United States geography!

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General United States Geography Trivia Questions & Answers

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Let’s start things off easy and get you warmed up with some general United States geography trivia questions and answers.

If these seem too easy for you, don’t worry – we can assure you that there will be some real brain busters later on!

1. What is the smallest US state?
Rhode Island
2. Where can you find Lake Winnebago?
3. What is the largest US state by landmass?
4. Where would you find Mount Rushmore?
South Dakota
5. What is the largest lake in the US?
Lake Superior
6. What’s the longest river in the US?
Missouri River
7. Which state has the nickname ‘The Land of 10,000 Lakes’?
8. Where would you find the mountain Mauna Kea?
9. Where would you find Crater Lake?
10. In which state would you find the largest number of endangered species?
11. How many states have a border with Mexico?
12. How many US states are landlocked?
13. How long is the Niagara Falls Channel?
36 miles
14. Which states don’t share a border with any other US state?
Alaska and Hawaii
15. What is the tallest mountain in the US?
Mount McKinley
16. Where can you find the Great Canyon Park?
17. Which Great Lake is located entirely in the borders of the US?
Lake Michigan
18. Which US state is known as ‘The Garden State’?
New Jersey
19. What is the highest point of the US?
20. What is the lowest point of the US?
Death Valley
21. Where is Death Valley?
22. What are the five Great Lakes?
Superior, Ontario, Erie, Michigan, Huron
23. Which US state only borders one other?
24. Where can you find the world’s largest flat-top mountain?
The Grand Mesa in Colarado
25. What desert is Las Vegas located in?
The Mojave Desert
26. What is the flattest state in the US?
27. Which US state has the largest number of rivers?
28. Which is the least populated US state?

Hard United States Geography Trivia Questions and Answers

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How did you get on with those ones? Feeling warmed up and ready for some more?

Well, we reckon that this next load of United States geography trivia questions and might be a little more testing and tricky.

Let’s see how you get on!

1. What is the total height of Niagara Falls?
167 ft
2. What’s the third-largest continent in the world?
North America
3. Which US state could fit the entire population of the world inside?
4. What does ‘Canada’ mean?
Indian village
5. What percentage of Caribbean islands are inhabited?
6. What’s the name of the deepest canyon in the world and where would you find it?
Hells Canyon, found in Oregon
7. Which two lakes are connected by Niagara Falls?
Lake Erie and Lake Ontario
8. Which two cities are separated by Niagara Falls?
Ontario and New York
9. What percentage of roads are unpaved in Canada?
10. Where was one of the highest temperatures ever recorded?
Death Valley
11. Which river ended up flowing backwards after three earthquakes in the 1800s?
The Mississippi River
12. Which city is closer to the North Pole - Rome or New York?
13. How many large islands make up the main islands of Hawaii?
14. Where would you find the ‘Graveyard of the Atlantic’?
The Outer Banks
15. What is the oldest town in Texas?
16. What national park spreads across Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho?
Yellowstone National Park
17. What is the largest island on Lake Superior called?
Isle Royale
18. What state borders the following states: Nebraska, Oklahoma, Kansas, Utah, New Mexico, and Wyoming?
19. Which is the only US state to begin with the letter ‘P’?
20. Which US state has the Colorado, Brazos, Rio Grande, Trinity, and Guadalupe rivers flowing through it?
21. What is the highest point in Oregon?
Mount Hood
22. Where would you find Lake Okeechobee?
South Florida
23. Which US state shares a border with Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico?
24. How many Finger Lakes are there?
25. Where would you find the Craters of the Moon and the Hagerman Fossil Beds?

Easy United States Geography Trivia Questions and Answers

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We hope we haven’t given you too much of a rough ride with some of those questions – there were some real head-scratchers in there!

This next load of United States geography trivia questions and answers are a bit more fun, so sit back and enjoy them.

1. Which continent is home to the Great Bear Lake?
North America
2. Which continent has the largest river system?
South America
3. What’s the longest river system in North America?
The Mississippi-Missouri river system
4. Which is larger - Canada or the US?
5. What is the largest bay in the world?
Hudson Bay
6. Which continent joins up with Asia during the winter months?
North America
7. What are the names of the waterfalls inside Niagara Falls?
American Falls and Canadian Horseshoe Falls
8. Which city has more Jewish people living in it than Tel Aviv, Israel?
New York
9. Which is the only continent that straddles the Northern and Western hemispheres?
North America
10. Where will you end up if you travel east, north, or west in Stamford or Connecticut?
New York state
11. Which US state is both the easternmost and westernmost state?
12. Which are the only 2 US state capitals that have rhyming names?
Boston and Austin
13. Which is further west - Nevada or California?
14. True or false - Mount Everest is larger than any mountain in the US
False - Mauna Kea in Hawaii is 3,000 foot higher than Mount Everest, but most of it is underwater
15. True or false - Canada has more residents than California
False - California has a population of 39 million, whereas Canada has only 36 million people living there
16. What is the name of the world’s shortest river, and where can you find it?
The Roe River is found in Montana, and only runs for 200 feet
17. How many oceans does the US border?
3 - the Atlantic, the Pacific, and the Arctic
18. Which is the only US state capital without a McDonald’s?
Montpelier, Vermont
19. Where is the only remaining Corn Palace in the US?
Mitchell, South Dakota
20. Which is the only US state that is triply landlocked?
21. Where will you find the 4 largest US cities?
Sitka, Juneau, Wrangell, and Anchorage in Alaska
22. Which state borders Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska?
23. Which US state doesn’t observe daylight savings?
24. Which US state is scientifically flatter than a pancake?
25. Which is the only US state with only one syllable in its name?
26. What was the first national monument?
Devil’s Tower, Wyoming

So there you have it – a great selection of some of the best United States geography trivia questions and answers. We’re sure that you’ve learnt some new, fun facts about our glorious nation, or maybe you knew all the answers already!

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