50 West Virginia Trivia Questions and Answers

Whether you’re looking to take a trip to the Shenandoah river or just have a thirst for American geography, there’s a lot of fun facts to enjoy in this West Virginia trivia.

West Virginia is more often known as The Mountain State. The area has awe-inspiring landscapes, wondrous attractions, and some of the friendliest residents in the USA.

This West Virginia Trivia will test your knowledge of the state’s fascinating history, inspiring people, and breathtaking scenery, to name just a few!

So are you ready to dive in and see how much you really know about West Virginia?

Let’s get started!

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General West Virginia Trivia Questions

General West Virginia Trivia image

Round one of this West Virginia trivia is one the whole family will enjoy, with 15 fun and fascinating questions!

Many people will immediately think of the John Denver classic hit ‘Country Roads’ when they think of West Virginia – fun fact number one, John was not from, nor had he ever visited West Virginia prior to the song’s release! 

John Denver had little knowledge of this adventurous state when he rose to fame, so let’s see how well you fare as we travel through these blue ridge mountains, tree-lined country roads, and unfaltering rivers. 

Let’s get started with our first round. 

1: What is the capital of West Virginia?
2: What is the highest point of West Virginia?
Spruce Knob.
3: What is the color of the ribbon on the West Virginia Flag, which has the words ‘State of West Virginia’ written on it?
4: What is the state bird of West Virginia?
5: What was the name of Charlston’s first female Mayor?
Amy Goodwin.
6: How many counties are there in West Virginia?
7: What year did West Virginia become a state?
8: Which river separates West Virginia from Ohio?
The Ohio River.
9: What is the state flower of West Virginia?
10: What is the only native feline predator in West Virginia?
The Bobcat.
11: What was the state of West Virginia originally going to be called?
12: America's oldest five and dime store ‘Berdine’s’ is located in Harrisville, West Virginia. When did it open?
13: West Virginia saw its youngest governor in 1956, he was thirty-four, he was then reelected in 1996 and became the states oldest governor in 1996, age seventy-four. What was his name?
Cecil Underwood.
14: What variety of apples originated in Clay County, West Virginia?
The Golden Delicious Apple.
15: What ‘Worlds first’ was introduced to Summers Street in Charleston, West Virginia, in 1905?
The first brick street.

Famous People of West Virginia Trivia Questions

Famous People of West Virginia image

West Virginia is the 10th-smallest state, with a population of 1.783 million people. 

Within that fairly modest number, it’s surprising how many stars were born, raised, or found fame in this modest state. 

Let’s take a look at just a handful of famous faces that have West Virginia to thank for.

Are you ready? 

1: Which British chef started a food revolution in West Virginia schools to help with America's obesity crisis in 2010?
Jamie Oliver.
2: Actress Jennifer Garner was raised in Charleston, West Virginia, after moving there with her family aged three. Where was she born?
Houston, Texas.
3: Country singer Brad Paisley was born and raised in Glen Dale, West Virginia. What was his biggest hit, which he wrote and performed with American Idol winner Carrie Underwood in 2011?
Remind Me.
4: Which 1991 classic thriller movie starring Anthony Hopkins was partly filmed in Clay County, West Virginia?
The Silence of the Lambs.
5: The 1955 noir thriller ‘The Night of the Hunter’ was set in West Virginia. Which BAFTA award-winning actor played the role of the bogus preacher Harry Powell?
Robert Mitchum.
6: Professional American basketball player Hal Greer, born in 1936, was the first African American to play for a major college team in the state. Which West Virginia university did he get a scholarship for?
Marshall University.
7: Ted Cassidy was raised in Philippi, West Virginia. He rose to fame for his role as the faithful butler Lurch in The Addams Family television series. How tall was he?
6 ft 9 in.
8: Steve Harvey is one of the most famous names to come out of West Virginia, but what was his birth name?
Broderick Stephen Harvey.
9: Actor and Comedian Don Knotts was born in Morgantown, West Virginia. How many Emmy Awards did he win for his role as Deputy Sheriff Barney Fife on the Andy Griffith show?
10: Born in Wheeling, West Virginia, Cynthia Germanotta has many titles including American philanthropist, activist, and entrepreneur. But which mega star is she mother to?
Lady Gaga.
11: Actress Conchata Farrell from Loudendale, West Virginia, played housekeeper Berta for 12 seasons on which TV series?
Two and a Half Men.
12: West Virginian heart-throb John Corbett had many romantic film and TV roles, such as Aiden Shaw in ‘Sex and the City’, and Ian Miller in ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’. Who did he marry in real life in 2020 after 20 years together?
Bo Derek
13: What is the name of the incredible singer-songwriter, born in Slab Fork, West Virginia in 1938 and best known for hits such as ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’, ‘Lovely Day’, and ‘Lean On Me’?
Bill Withers.
14: Actor Chris Sarandon was born in Beckley, West Virginia. One of his most iconic roles was in the 1993 fantasy musical ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’. Which character did he voice?
Jack Skellington.
15: Actor Bobby Campo from Wheeling, West Virginia, is a rising star. He featured in the 2009 thriller ‘The Final Destination’. How did his character Nick die in the film?
He is hit by a truck.

History of West Virginia Trivia Questions

History of West Virginia Trivia image

West Virginia was officially admitted as a state in 1863 following the American Civil War along with Nevada

The state has a rich cultural history which has had a huge influence on the land we know today. 

From Native Americans and European settlers, to industrial revolutionaries, West Virginia has seen its fair share of action.

Let’s explore the yesterdays of West Virginia.

Here we go!

1: Native American tribes were the first to inhabit West Virginia, these included Shawnee, Cherokee, and Iroquois tribes. Which tribe was the most dominant?
2: What year was the Virginia Colony established by England?
3: Settlers from Pennsylvania began arriving in West Virginia in the 1700s. Many of the settlers were of what descent?
4: What is the name of the oldest town in West Virginia, founded in 1762 and originally named Mecklenburgh?
5: Which war destroyed many of the early settlements in West Virginia between 1754 - 1763?
The French and Indian War.
6: In which year did America's first president George Washington survey land in West Virginia?
7: What was the state capital of West Virginia before Charleston?
8: What was the main industry in West Virginia during the 19th century?
Coal Mining.
9: In what year was a bill passed to abolish slavery in West Virginia?
10: The luxurious Greenbrier Hotel and Resort in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia, was used as an army hospital during which war?
World War II.

Places of Interest in West Virginia Trivia Questions

Places of Interest in West Virginia Trivia image

It’s not surprising that West Virginia has some incredible outdoor activities set amongst its magnificent backdrop, from rock climbing to white water rafting, you’ll never be short of things to do here.

The state’s most diverse tourist attraction is without doubt Harpers Ferry National Historical Park which is teaming with museums, battlefields, exhibitions, and of course, plenty of space to hike.

But let’s find out a little more about some of West Virginia’s hidden gems.

Here we go!

1: What is the largest Ski resort in West Virginia?
Snowshoe Mountain.
2: West Virginia State Museum celebrates the state's rich history and culture. How much is admission into the museum?
Admission is free.
3: Camden Park is the largest amusement park in West Virginia. How many acres does it span?
Twenty-six acres.
4: Blackwater falls is the largest waterfall in West Virginia, how high is it?
Fifty-seven feet.
5: How many species of animal live in The Good Zoo at Oglebay in Wheeling, West Virginia?
Fifty species.
6: How many state parks and forests are there in West Virginia?
7: River Gorge National Park and Preserve is one of America’s newest national parks. What year was it established?
8: What is the name of the season where white water fanatics descend on West Virginia for the rafting on Gauley River?
Gauley Season.
9: What month of the year does ‘Gauley Season’ take place in West Virginia?
10: What is the name of the annual music festival that takes place at ACE Adventure Resort in Minden, West Virginia?
Mountain Music Festival.

More West Virginia Trivia Fun – Video 

That’s the end of this West Virginia trivia, so why not explore something new? There’s more fun trivia to play here:

Thank you for playing this West Virginia Trivia; I’m sure you can agree this is indeed a magnificent state! 

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