45 Ocean Trivia Questions and Answers 

If you’re swimming in a sea of ocean-based knowledge, this ocean trivia will allow you to assess your wisdom properly!

My ocean trivia is perfect for ocean experts and enthusiasts, but it’s equally fun to play if you know little and want to learn more. 

I have created 5 interesting ocean trivia rounds with questions suitable for all ages and expert levels. 

Ready to dive in?

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General Ocean Trivia Questions and Answers 

General Ocean Image

Water covers more than 70% of the surface of our planet, yet there is so much we’re still to discover about the world’s oceans. 

Scientists and marine biologists are making discoveries on a regular basis, but as of yet, we have few definitive answers about what actually goes on down there! 

Round 1 of this ocean trivia is the big general knowledge section. It features 20 ocean trivia questions about all aspects of this relatively unknown world!

Let’s see how much you already know. 

Good luck!

1: Historically, how many named oceans are there?
2: Most countries today, including the US, recognize the fifth ocean. What is this ocean called?
Southern (Antarctic).
3: How are the following better known: Arctic, North Atlantic, South Atlantic, North Pacific, South Pacific, Indian, and Southern oceans?
The Seven Seas.
4: Which ocean is the largest and deepest?
Pacific Ocean.
5: How many continents does the Indian ocean touch?
6: What percentage of the ocean has never been mapped, explored, or even seen by humans?
7: Which ocean is the smallest and shallowest?
The Arctic Ocean.
8: What percentage of the earth's oxygen is produced by the ocean?
Over 70%
9: Can you name the deepest known point in the pacific?
The Mariana Trench.
10: What's the name of the largest underwater mountain range?
Mid-Oceanic Ridge (which is 40,390 miles long!)
11: Which ocean did European explorers sail in to get to the US?
12: Light waves can only penetrate 330 feet of water. How many feet is the average ocean depth?
12,100 feet.
13: How many cargo ships are on the ocean at one time?
Around 50,000.
14: In which ocean will you find The Great Barrier Reef?
15: The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration captured one of the loudest sounds ever recorded in 1997. What was this noise?
An ice quake!
16: What percentage of goods traded worldwide travel via cargo ships?
17: In which ocean is The Bermuda Triangle located?
18: What percentage of the ocean's floor has been mapped in detail?
19: How many oceans touch the US?
20: How long does it take water to complete a full circuit of Earth's ocean?
1,000 years.

Multiple Choice Ocean Trivia Questions and Answers 

Multiple Choice Ocean Image

This ocean trivia round has some of the most challenging questions out of the whole trivia. 

However, the gameplay is more straightforward because this is the only multiple-choice round!

Each question will finish with 4 possible answers to consider, so if you’re unsure, have a guess!

There’s a 1 in 4 chance of you getting it right – now, they’re not bad odds!

1: Which of these islands is not in the Indian Ocean? Phi Phi Island, Pemba, Bora Bora, or Madagascar.
Bora Bora.
2: Which of these countries does not touch the Atlantic Ocean? St Lucia, Portugal, Switzerland, Spain.
3: In which ocean is St Helena Island? Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, or Southern.
4: How many islands are in the Pacific Ocean? 1,000, 15,000, 20,000, 25,000.
5: Which ocean is almost entirely covered in sea ice during winter? Atlantic, Arctic, Pacific, or Indian.

Life in the Ocean Trivia Questions and Answers 

Life in the Ocean Image

With more than 10,000 feet of complete underwater darkness, life in the ocean is mysterious and largely unknown

An astronomical amount of the earth’s wildlife is found in the ocean, and at scientists’ last best guess, this equated to around 3,500,000,000,000 numbers of fish and 700,000 different marine species. 

But there are some things that we do know about this underwater world and its inhabitants.

Let’s find out more in this ocean trivia round.

1: Which ocean has the most coral reefs?
2: Which ocean dweller is known for giving the most painful sting humans can ever feel?
Stone Fish.
3: What is the fastest-known marine animal?
4: What's the largest species of dolphin?
5: Which sea creature has been around for more than 650 million years?
6: How many sharks are killed per year?
100 million.
7: How many feet long is the largest blue whale on record?
108 feet long.
8: What part of the shrimp's body contains the heart?
9: Turtle shells are made of how many bones fused together?
10: True or False: 90% of the earth's wildlife is found in the ocean.
False. It is 94%

Disasters of the Ocean Trivia Questions and Answers 

Disasters of the Ocean Image

Occasionally, ocean voyages turn tragic.

Accidents and disasters are inevitable, with millions of ships at sea at any given time. 

Sadly, due to things like overloaded ships and stowaways, death tolls can be hard to confirm, which leaves many families living with a great unknown. 

This ocean trivia round focuses on some details of ocean disasters that we do know about, and while not the most fun trivia round, it is one that will test your overall ocean knowledge. 

Let’s begin.

1: How many shipwrecks are estimated to be in the ocean?
3 million.
2: Which shipwreck is often referred to as the Titanic of the East?
The Tek Sing, 1822.
3: In rough seas off the coast of The Gambia in 2002, the MV Le Joola capsized. How long did it take for the full ship and its near 2,000 passengers to go down?
5 minutes.
4: What is the biggest - non-war-related - disaster at sea?
The sinking of the Philippine ferry Doña Paz in 1987 is the largest peacetime loss recorded. An estimated 4,386 people lost their lives.
5: Which famous ship sunk in the North Atlantic Ocean in the early morning of April 15, 1912?
RMS Titanic.
6: In January 1945, 9,000 people were killed during the bombing of which ship? This is considered the deadliest shipwreck in history.
Wilhelm Gustloff.
7: Why is the sunken MS Estonia (1994) still sitting untouched in the Baltic Sea?
It is illegal to dive to it.
8: Cruise ship Oceanos sank in 1991, and all crew abandoned ship, leaving passengers behind. What was the occupation of the person to radio for help and direct a rescue mission which saved most lives on board?
9: What type of animal was 'Unsinkable Sam,' who survived three shipwrecks?
10: Shackleton's famous ship, the Endurance, was recently found after a 100-year search, sunk beneath which ocean?

More Ocean Trivia – Video

You’ve sunken each question in this ocean trivia and completed the voyage! Well done! Here are some more trivia challenges you may enjoy:

Thank you for playing this ocean trivia; I hope you enjoyed playing and discovering something you possibly didn’t know before about the underwater world. See you again soon for more trivia fun!

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