43 Disney Movie Trivia Questions and Answers 

If you love Disney and you love trivia, this Disney movie trivia has been created with you in mind! 

My Disney movie trivia is sure to fill your game night in with magic as you take a nostalgic look back at some of the best Disney movies, scenes, characters, and songs of all time! 

From the classic Disney animations to the modern-day Pixar Disney movies, this trivia has it all; zip-a-dee-doo-dah indeed!

You could even ‘whistle while you work,’…

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General Disney Movie Trivia Questions and Answers 

General Disney Movie Image

Disney movies resonate with people of all ages, cultures, and races, which is why they’re so popular and recognizable around the globe!

The characters and stories in each movie offer something that every member of the family can relate to; plus, the music is pretty fantastic, too!

In the first Disney movie trivia round, you will be tested on how good your general knowledge is; do you know your Giuseppe Motorosi from your Gaston LeGume? Can you identify every Disney Princess?

Could you match the music to the movie?

Let’s find out – and if you don’t do well in this round, Hakuna Matata!

1: What was the first ever Disney movie to be released?
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.
2: In which Disney movie does a once-pampered pooch named Lady befriend a stray dog?
Lady and the Tramp.
3: What year was the first Toy Story movie released?
4: What is the first animal to be seen in The Lion King?
5: Which Disney movie is based on the heartbreaking start to the life of a baby elephant with gigantic ears?
6: In what movie is Iconic villain Cruella De Vil featured?
101 Dalmatians.
7: What is the name of the dog in Peter Pan?
8: Which was the first Disney movie to receive an official Oscar?
9: Which Disney Princess sings ‘Once Upon a Dream’?
Aurora (Sleeping Beauty).
10: In what year did we first meet Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl?
11: What is the name of Bambi's rabbit friend?
12: What is the name of Disney's first black princess?
Tiana (The Princess and the Frog).
13: Which Dwarf is missing: Bashful, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, and Sneezy?
14: Which Disney movie has the biggest-selling soundtrack of all time?
The Lion King.
15: What is the color of the genie in Aladdin?

Name the Disney Movie Trivia Questions and Answers 

Name the Disney Movie Image

Everyone has a favorite Disney movie; some love the more simple animations of the classics, while others prefer the more adventure-fueled Pixar movies.

There is no denying that Disney movies can bring a sprinkling of magic into our childhoods, homes, and memories. 

But how good do you think you are at naming the movie from a brief description, character, or song?

Let’s find out in round 2 of this Disney movie trivia!

1: A very dedicated boy scout befriends a reluctant widow whose house ends up being sky-bound!
2: An enchantress puts a spell on a pompous prince that turns him into a ferocious beast. That is until he falls in love!
Beauty and the Beast.
3: In this movie, we meet an array of exotic creatures, including a snake named Kaa and Bagheera, the panther.
The Jungle Book.
4: Name the movie about an ambitious and naive rodent who longs to become a great chef.
5: This movie begins with the song ‘The Circle of Life.’
The Lion King.
6: A straight-talking, no-nonsense nanny arrives by umbrella at a home in London, UK, to take care of Mr. Banks' children.
Mary Poppins.
7: A young girl left in the charge of a wicked stepmother and two ugly step-sisters has her life transformed by her fairy Godmother.

Music from Disney Movie Trivia Questions and Answers 

Music from Disney Movie Image

Some Disney music is more popular than the actual movie (did you know that Frozen’s ‘Let it Go’ has been streamed 298 million times on Spotify?!), and they fill our heads and hearts in equal measure. 

Whether the music is inspirational or emotive, it will always be memorable and often is an integral part of a Disney movie. 

Many Disney songs are uplifting and fun, but some are emotional and thought-provoking.

It is some of the best-written and best-selling music of all time – but how good is your Disney movie trivia when it comes to just the music?

Can you wait to be the trivia king? Or do you want to just let it go?

1: What was the first Disney song to win an Academy Award for Best Original Song?
2: Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson sang one song for the Disney movie Moana. Name the song!
‘You're Welcome.’
3: Which song now tops Billboard's Greatest of All Time Disney songs?
‘We Don’t Talk About Bruno’ (Encanto).
4: Name the song sung by living household items in Beauty and the Beast to welcome a frightened Belle.
‘Be Our Guest.’
5: Which iconic song features the following lines: ‘He's holding back, he's hiding But what, I can't decide. Why won't he be the king I know he is? The king I see inside?’
‘Can You Feel the Love Tonight.’ (The Lion King).
6: Which two characters sing the romantic duet ‘Love is an Open Door’ during the first act of the movie Frozen?
Anna (Kristen Bell) and Prince Hans (Santino Fontana).

Facts About Disney Movie Trivia Questions and Answers 

Facts About Disney Movie Image

Now for the Disney movie trivia, you probably don’t know!

In this round, you will learn some truly fascinating facts about Disney movies that are sure to astound and amaze you (and certainly arm you with some amazing ice-breakers!).

Find out what could have excluded you from Disney World, which veteran comedy actor used to work there, and tons of fun Disney movie trivia you just need to know!

Here we go!

1: For 2-years, Disney held a certain patent that enabled him to be the only animator to make what kind of movies?
2: When Disney World first opened, what kind of guests were not granted entry?
Those with facial hair!
3: Which Prince is never named?
Prince Charming (Cinderella).
4: What were the first ever words spoken by Mickey Mouse on screen?
Hot dog!
5: Which veteran comedy actor used to work selling guidebooks at the gates of Disney World?
Steve Martin.
6: What is said to have been Walt Disney’s favorite character?
7: When adjusted for inflation, how much did Adriana Caselotti receive for providing the voice for Snow White?
8: Who was the inspiration for Aladdin's appearance?
Tom Cruise.
9: Which was the first Disney animated movie to be given a PG rating?
The Black Cauldron.
10: Every scene for which movie was rewritten at least 35 times?
11: How did producers get the lion's roars so perfect in The Lion King?
They used tigers!
12: Which singer auditioned three times for a role in The Princess and the Frog? (They didn’t get the part!)
Alicia Keys.
13: Who is the only title character that never speaks?
14: A person with what occupation sued Disney for their portrayal of a certain animal in The Lion King?
A hyena biologist.
15: What makes Princess Belle unique compared to all other Disney princesses?
She is the only one to have hazel eyes.

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