45 Frozen Trivia Questions and Answer

If you’re a child, parent, human, or other, you will be aware of the Walt Disney Pictures 2013 animated feature film Frozen. But how much can you remember? Play our Frozen trivia quiz to find out! 

It may be that you have seen the movie so many times, this trivia will be super-easy. Or, it could be that you have only seen it a handful of times – or even just once! 

It may even be that you’re yet to watch the movie and want to find out more about it. 

Whatever your relationship is with Elsa, Anna, or Olaf, our Frozen trivia promises to be great fun to play. You may even learn a thing or 2 that you didn’t know before! 

We’ve put together 5 Frozen trivia categories to ensure audiences of all ages and Frozen lovers of any degree can have some fun with this quiz. 

Ready to start?

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General Frozen Trivia Questions and Answers 

General Frozen Trivia

We will kick off our Frozen trivia with a general knowledge round, to see briefly how much you know about the movie, before we delve into more specialist areas. 

Our general Frozen trivia round will test you in some on-screen and off-screen moments. 

Die-hard fans, and Frozen-exhausted parents, should have no difficulty with this section! 

If you feel like you don’t know too much about the movie, this round may surprise you with how much Frozen knowledge you actually have. 

Ready to play?

Let it snow…we mean, let’s begin! 

1: What year was the Frozen movie released?
2: What is the title of the follow up feature released in 2017?
Olafs’s Frozen Adventure.
3: Which much-loved Disney character makes a short appearance as a stuffed toy?
Mickey Mouse.
4: Which sister is the oldest, Elsa or Anna?
5: What is the name of the kingdom where the Princesses live?
6: What song is the opening number in Frozen?
‘Frozen Heart.’ 
7: In what year was Frozen 2 released?
8: What kind of specialist did producers hire to help with the movie?
A snow expert.
9: Which Hollywood actor famously said on The Ellen Show that he has watched Frozen so many times with his daughter?
Ryan Reynolds.
10: Which song almost didn’t make it into the movie?
‘Do you wanna build a snowman?’

Frozen Cast and Characters Trivia Questions and Answers

Frozen Cast and Characters Trivia

Frozen is based on the beautiful relationship between 2 brave, independent sisters who would do anything for one another. 

But, we’re also introduced to other characters, such as the benevolent enchanted snowman, Olaf, and the tall, rugged, handsome Kristoff

Even the more minor characters had important roles, like King Agnarr, Hans, and Queen Iduna

Frozen needed all its characters, minor and major, to be the blockbuster movie it was. But, how much do you remember about the on-screen cast?

In round one of our Frozen trivia, you will find out if you’re on your way to being crowned a winner! 

Good luck! 

1: How old is Elsa in the movie?
2: How old is Anna?
3: Who was raised by the Rock Trolls?
4: Which character loves summer and all things summer-related?
5: Who does Elsa twice accidentally hit with her ice magic?
6: What is the name of Elsa and Anna's Mother?
Queen Iduna.
7: What type of animal is Sven?
8: Who owns the Trading Post and Sauna?
9: What is the name of the wise and elderly troll that rules the Valley of the Living Rock?

Storyline of Frozen Trivia Questions and Answers 

Storyline of Frozen Trivia

Frozen was the first Disney animated movie to focus on 2 strong female characters as lead stars, who rescued themselves without the need for any long-haired man on a white horse. 

And, this surely led to its mass popularity the world over. 

Empowering little girls to be their own knight in shining armor is something parents clocked onto quickly, filling the souls of their daughters at the same time as filling the banks of Disney! 

The storyline was different from anything we’d seen before, but how much of it have you remembered? 

Let’s find out in this round 2 of our Frozen trivia! 

Here we go! 

1: What did Elsa do to Anna, leading to their relocation to the colony of trolls?
Accidentally injures her with magic.
2: The trolls heel Anna, but what happens to her memory simultaneously?
It becomes altered.
3: Why is Elsa terrified of being crowned Queen?
In case the public finds out about her powers and fears her.
4: Which princess is proposed to at Elsa's coronation?
5: Who does the Duke of Weselton call a monster?
6: Who attacks Kristoff's sleigh?
7: Who was lost in The Enchanted Forest?
Elsa and Anna's Grandfather.
8: Who does Anna fall in love with at first sight?
Prince Hans.
9: How did Elsa and Annas' parents die?
In a shipwreck.
10: What is Elsa creating when she sings the iconic ‘Let it Go’ song?
Her ice palace.
11: Who works as an ice harvester for a living?
12: Who says “some people are worth melting for”?

Frozen Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

Frozen Facts Trivia Questions and Answers

If you want to learn a fact or 2 about the movie, this is the round for you! Find out all the behind-the-scenes trivia and just how different Frozen could have been. 

Also, learn some interesting things about the cast, such as which Disney movie ‘Let it Go’ singer Idina Menzel was turned down for!

Discover how Frozen lost its reigning crown as the highest-grossing animated film of all time and what sets the movie apart from others of its kind. 

You may want to grab a pen and paper to ensure you can share some of these facts with friends later on! 

Ready to learn?

Here we go! 

1: How long did the movie take to make?
70 years; Walt Disney had plans for this production for 7 decades!
2: Frozen was the first Disney film to be directed by what kind of person?
A female!
3: How long did the song ‘Let it Go’ take to write?
1 day.
4: The movie was a significant success. How much did it make in worldwide box office revenue?
$1.280 billion.
5: What movie knocked Frozen off its position as the highest-grossing animated film of all time?
The remake of The Lion King in 2019.
6: Who sang ‘I Feel Pretty’ for their audition?
Santino Fontana.
7: The movie runs for 102 minutes; how many of those minutes are taken up with songs?
8: What animated movie did Broadway veteran, Idina Menzel, get turned down for before being cast as Elsa?

Reception of Frozen Trivia Questions and Answers 

Reception of Frozen Trivia Image

As well-received as Frozen was, it didn’t escape criticism. Find out what controversy surrounded this movie and why. 

Also, learn the statistics behind the viewing figures, ratings, and awards in the penultimate round of our Frozen trivia. 

Some people were just not prepared to let it go

A little guesswork may be required here, but the answers are worth the reveal!

Here we go! 

1: Las Vegas market research firm, CinemaScore, gave Frozen certification of what? Based on an A+ to F scale.
2: Which leading news source cited the movie as 'a welcome return to greatness for Walt Disney Animation Studios.'
LA Times.
3: Allegations (later to be found unfounded) of what type of discrimination was alleged against the movie's head of animation?
4: Name the musical artist who sued Walt Disney, Demi Lovato, and Idina Menzel for ripping off their 2008 single ‘Volar.’
Jaime Ciero - and he lost the case.
5: Frozen was nominated for 3 Grammy awards. How many did it win?
6: How many award nominations did the movie receive in total?

More Frozen Trivia – Video 

How did you do with our Frozen trivia? Have you earned a quizzer’s crown? Before you run off to build a snowman, why not take on another challenge? Here’s some you may like:

Thank you for taking part in all 5 rounds of our Frozen trivia. We hope you learned a few new things about the movie. 

See you soon for more trivia fun! 

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