99 Fun Animal Trivia Questions and Answers

If you’re a huge fan of the animal kingdom, these fun animal trivia questions and answers could teach you a thing or two about all creatures, great and small! 

Whether you’re looking for animal trivia to pass the time, want to test your knowledge or the knowledge of someone else on all things animals, then there are some amazing and fun animal facts to be found here. 

So, how much do you know about animals?

Find out in our bumper animal trivia quiz here below! 

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General Animal Trivia Questions

General Animal Trivia Image

We will begin our animal trivia with a general knowledge section. 

Whether they’re furry or feathered, live in forests or deserts, they can be discovered in this section. 

Ready to learn how much you really know about animals?

Here we go! 

1: How many different species do we estimate there to be around the world?
8.7 million.
2:  Which big cat has the loudest roar?
3: True or False: A grizzly bear could crush a bowling ball with a bite?
4: What dog breed cannot bark?
5: For how long will the average Giant Tortoise live?
Around 150 years.
6: 40 times per day, you could find a Giant Panda doing what?
7: What part of a rodent never stops growing?
8: What animals have been found using tools and even using their own form of currency?
9: Where would you find the shrimp's heart?
In its head.
10: Snails can sleep for a really long time, but can it be up to 1-year, 3-years, or 5-years?
11: How many feathers does a budgie have?
Up to 3,000.
12: How many pet reptiles are thought to be living in the US?
9.4 million.
13: What makes a species of jellyfish completely unique?
It can be immortal, reverting to its child state after reaching maturity; therefore, it never dies.
14: How many insects could a bat eat in one hour?
15: What do sea otters do when they eat?
Float on their backs.

Animal Trivia Questions for Kids

Animal Trivia Questions for Kids Image

Trivia is a fantastic way to teach kids facts, boost their memories, and help induce a thirst for learning. 

When learning is fun, it is effective. 

Have a go at our animal trivia questions for kids with your little ones, and help to enforce a lifelong love for learning and for animals! 

1: What do you call a group of lions?
A pride.
2: What animal bleats?
3: What animal is the tallest?
4: What kind of fish is Nemo?
5: What animal walks up to the lemonade stand in the popular kids' song called ‘The …. Song’?
6: What type of animal is said to have 9 lives?
7: What type of pet was Marley in the movie ‘Marley and Me.’
Dog; Labrador Retriever.
8: What bird looks bright pink in color and has knees that bend the wrong way?
9: What is a female fox called?
10: What animal's name comes first alphabetically?
11: How many bones do sharks have?
12: Madagascar is the native land of which primate?
13: How many teeth can a crocodile have over its lifetime?
Up to 4,000.
14: What creature's tongue can be as long as its body?
15: What is the deadliest creature in the world?
16: How long does a Mayfly live?
17: How much did the largest Squid to be found weigh?
Nearly 1 tonne.
18: What do Koalas do for around 2 hours per day?
Be awake!
19: What is a group of Parrots known as?
20: How many known species of Spider are there?

Farm Animal Trivia Questions

Farm Animal Trivia Image

Most babies are raised on a diet of milk, and ‘Old Mcdonald Had a Farm’ sang to them repeatedly, but how much farmyard knowledge have you retained?

It’s muddy, smelly, hard going, and the backbone of the US. 

Let’s see what you know about life on the farm in our farm animal trivia section. 

1: How many cows are there estimated to be in the world?
1 billion.
2: How many eggs per year will the average hen lay?
3: Which farm animal can get sunburn?
A pig.
4: What breed of dog is typically used to herd sheep?
Border Collie.
5: What is a male duck called?
6: How many muscles does a horse have in its ear?
10 (Humans have just 3!)
7: What farm animal is said to be the friendliest?
8: Cows can sleep standing up or lying down, but what do they do when sleeping lying down that they can’t do when standing?
9: When was the first petting farm opened so that inner-city children could interact with farm animals?
10: What is the closest living relative to the T-Rex?

Ocean Animals Trivia Questions

Ocean Animals Trivia Image

Life is much better, down where it’s wetter, under the sea! 

The majority of life on earth is under the sea, and the ocean covers more than 70% of the planet. 

But, we’re still discovering new species in the ocean, so if the experts are still to learn, how much do you think you know about this mostly unknown world?

Test your knowledge of ocean animals by taking part in this section of our animal trivia!

1: What percentage of species live in the ocean?
2: How often is new marine life discovered?
Every single day!
3: How many different types of marine turtles are there?
4: There are more than 500 different species of this toothy sea creature.
5: For how many minutes can the Emperor Penguin stay underwater?
6: Which male sea creature gives birth to their young?
7: How many different kinds of sea snakes are there?
8: How many fish are harvested from the world's oceans each year?
Up to 2.7 trillion.
9: What sea creature has been around for an estimated 650 million years?
10: Which sea creature can change its gender?
11: Where do sea otters have a pocket of skin to store extra food?
Their armpits.
12: What type of fish mate for life?
13: Where are the crabs' taste buds?
On its feet.
14: What is a shark's skin said to feel like?
15: How far can a dolphin dive under the ocean?
1,000 feet.

Animal Babies Trivia Questions

Animal Babies Trivia Image

Cuddly, cute, and charming, the world of animal babies is a highly diverse and hugely interesting place. 

Whether they’re furry or bald, scaly or prickly, they all have one thing in common – they’re brand new! 

Who couldn’t raise a smile when considering a baby animal?! 

Can you separate the cubs from the pups, the fawn from the foal, and test your animal baby’s general knowledge to its limit in this section of our trivia?

Let’s see how many smiles, ‘’awws’’, and ‘’oohs’’ we can get from this section of our animal trivia. 

1: What is a baby Owl called?
2: Which animal baby can gain up to 250 lbs per day?
Baby Blue Whale.
3: Which animal Mama sings her babies to sleep?
4: How much milk can a baby Elephant drink from its Mother each day?
3 gallons.
5: What will a ‘Hoglet’ grow up to be?
6: How old is a baby Duck before it can swim?
Between 8-10 weeks.
7: A female baby Horse is called a Filly; what is a male called?
8: How much do baby Tigers weigh, on average, at birth?
2 lbs.
9: How long do baby Chimpanzees tend to spend by their Mothers side?
Around 10 years.
10: What percentage of baby animals are raised by both parents?
12: At what age is it recommended to take a puppy from its Mom for adoption?
8-10 weeks.
13: How long will it take a baby Ostrich to reach adult height?
6 months.
14: Which animal baby has the strongest and one of the longest-running bonds with Mom?
15: At what age will a baby Cheetah leave the protection of its Mother and coincide exclusively with its siblings instead?
18 months.

Domestic Animals Trivia Questions

Domestic Animals Trivia Image

Americans love their pets; some are treated as children, others work for us, and some are the stars of much-loved TV programs. We can’t get enough of them! 

Facts and figures, the strange and the statistics, the weird and the wonderful, can all be found in this section.

We adore our domestic animals, but how much do we know about them? 

Test your domestic animals’ trivia knowledge with the penultimate part of our animal trivia. 

1: Dogs are the #1 pet in the US, but how many pet dogs are there in the country?
76 million.
2: People from which country brought domestic cats to the US?
3: What percentage of American households have at least 1 pet fish?
4: How much did Americans spend on their pets during 2020?
$99 billion.
5: What is the most popular name for a female dog in the US?
6: What do American pet owners spend around $1 billion on each year?
Pet insurance.
7: Can you name 1 of the 3 States that have the lowest number of dog owners in the US?
New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.
8: Due to their ‘unpredictable nature,’ what breed of cat is now banned in 9 States?
Bengal Cat.
9: What is the most popular dog breed in the US?
Labrador Retriever.
10: In how many states can you own an Alligator without a license or permit?

Famous Animals Trivia Questions

Famous Animals Trivia Image

They could be the star of the silver screen or an icon of a famous brand. The celebrity, or have a celebrity owner. A box office Boxer Dog, or TV Commercial Cuties. 

These famous animals’ trivia section features questions relating to some of the most iconic animals, past and present, that have something to do with fame! 

Ready to start?

Let’s go!

1: What breed of dog was Disney's 1992 Beethoven movie about?
St. Bernard.
2: Where was the original Hollywood mascot lion, Leo, born?
Dublin zoo, Ireland.
3: What breed of dog is famously owned by Hollywood actor Will Smith?
4: In Disneys ‘The Aristocats’, who was Thomas O’ Malley?
Stray cat who fell in love with Princess in the fairytale ending.
5: What kind of animal is Marcel in the TV series F.R.I.E.N.D.S?
White-headed Capuchin Monkey.
6: What animal became the world's first mammal to be successfully cloned?
A sheep named Dolly.
7: When did Lassie, the heroic and loyal Rough Collie, first gain recognition?
8: What was the name of the first Chimp to go to space?
9: Jim Key was said to be the ‘smartest of his kind’ and able to count, read, spell and understand human language. What animal was he?
10: What was the name of Michael Jackson's pet chimp?
11: What breed of dog could you expect to find in Buckingham Palace, with England's Queen Elizabeth as their owner?
12: How much was the late internet sensation, Grumpy Cat, rumored to be worth at the time of his passing?
$100 million.
13: What is the quintessential American animal icon?
Bald Eagle.
14: Why did Lulu, a pot-bellied pig, hit the headlines in Pennsylvania in 1998?
After her owner suffered a heart attack, Lulu broke free from her enclosure and sought help. She lay down in the road, pretending to be dead, and when someone came to her aid, she jumped up and led them to her owner!

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