43 Spring Trivia Questions and Answers 

After the long, cold winter, along comes spring, and with it, the world comes alive again. But, how much do you know about this beautiful season? Find out in our spring trivia challenge! 

Spring is a great time for many activities, from family gatherings and BBQs to beach trips and days spent tending to the garden

The outdoors seems so much more magical in spring than at any other time of year, and to celebrate, we have created a super-fun spring trivia for you to test your knowledge of the season and to find out some truly interesting facts too. 

Why not help your kids to blossom this spring by paying particular attention to the kids’ round of our spring trivia?

Ready to take on the full 5 rounds of our spring trivia?

Here we go! 

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General Spring Trivia Questions and Answers 

General Spring Trivia Image

To kick off our spring trivia, we have developed a list of super-fun spring-related questions that should boost your general knowledge of the season

The first round of our spring trivia is a taster of things to come in our more specialized rounds. 

To help you spring into this trivia challenge, we have started with some simple questions before moving on to a few tricky ones at the end of the section. 

Ready to play?

Let’s go! 

1: How many months are in the spring season?
2: What is the first month of spring in the Northern Hemisphere?
3: What even do people do in the English city of Gloucester during spring?
Cheese rolling.
4: What is considered to be the first flower of spring?
Snowdrops (Galanthus nivalis).
5: When does spring begin in the southern hemisphere?
6: In Greek mythology, who is Persephone?
The Goddess of spring and nature.
7: What percentage of Americans say spring is their favorite season?
8: Which spring flower is also a symbol of the country of Wales?
9: Hay Fever is an allergy to what springtime occurrence?
10: What vegetable can also be called a spring onion?

Nature in Spring Trivia Questions and Answers 

Nature in Spring Trivia Image

Nature in spring is like a gift that keeps on giving. 

The days become longer, the weather is warmer, and baby animals take their first steps into this colorful, magical world

The spring season sees more of us spending time outdoors, surrounded by nature, and this round of our spring trivia is focused entirely on the stunning backdrops we may find ourselves near. 

Spring clean your mind, forget about your worries, and let this part of our spring trivia remind you of the true beauty all around us. 

Let’s enjoy it!

1: Which spring mammal has the thickest fur?
2: What is the most common species of rabbit in the US?
Eastern Cottontails.
3: In Japan, what type of tree flower is considered the sign of the start of spring?
Cherry Blossoms.
4: Which black-and-white animal, known for its ability to spray a foul scent, gives birth only in the spring?
5: Which Disney movie sees the birth of a baby deer in spring?
6: What does spring put an end to for some sleepy animals?
7: The Wildlife and Countryside Act protects which blue flower?
8: Why do birds sing so much in the spring?
To attract mates.
9: When hedgehogs awake in spring, how many miles do they walk on an average night?
10: True or False: Lambs can walk within an hour of being born?
11: Ducklings start to emerge in spring, but how long are the eggs incubated for before they hatch?
28 days.
12: How many bees are in a typical colony?
13: Baby badgers will leave their homes for the first time in spring. What is the proper name for this home?
14: Where do Mandarin ducks usually nest?

Interesting Facts about Spring Trivia Questions and Answers

Interesting Facts about Spring Trivia Image

It is hard not to appreciate spring and all it brings, but if you still need a little push, then this round of our spring trivia is for you! 

In our spring trivia round 3 challenge, you will find some truly remarkable facts about this special season that are certainly good to know. 

Perhaps you know a few of these already and will smash this section of our spring trivia. 

But, for those who aren’t fully confident, we still urge you to give this part a try – we promise it’s worth it! 

Good luck! 

1: How many hours of sunshine were logged during the sunniest spring ever recorded?
2: According to a Danish study, babies born in spring are more likely to develop what mental health condition?
3: In the North Pole, what starts alongside spring?
6 months of darkness.
4: In China, the coming of spring coincides with what celebration?
Chinese New Year.
5: What is the first day of spring known as?
The Vernal Equinox.
6: What do children do more in spring than any other season?
Grow faster.
7: According to the National Association of Realtors, spring is the most popular season for doing what?
Buying and selling houses.

Just for Kids Spring Trivia Questions and Answers 

Just for Kids Spring Trivia Image

This round of our spring trivia is designed for kids, but adults can have a go too! 

With a little bit of springtime education included in every question, kids will be able to learn a great deal about spring in the following 12 questions

From the what’s and why’s to the how’s and who’s, if it is spring-related, you’ll find the answer here! 

You can also use the answers as keywords to research the topics further over spring break – you’re welcome! 

Here we go, kids! 

1: What season comes before spring?
2: And, what season comes after spring?
3: What spring flower can you blow to make a wish?
4: A plant that comes back in the spring without having to be replanted is called what?
A Perennial plant.
5: What is the largest part of a flower?
6: How many bunnies can be within one litter?
Up to 9. 
7: What croaking amphibian lays its eggs at the start of spring?
8: By how many degrees will temperatures rise each month of spring?
9: What is the spring day called where pulling pranks and hoaxes are the done thing?
April Fools Day.
10: What special day occurs on the last Monday of May?
Memorial Day.
11: Fill in the blanks of this popular spring saying: April ….., bring May …...
Showers, flowers.
12: What is an Easter egg supposed to represent?
New life.

More Spring Trivia Fun – Video 

How well did you do with our spring trivia? Isn’t it an extraordinary season?! If you’d like to play another trivia, here’s a random selection to choose from:

Thank you for playing our spring trivia; we hope you enjoyed it and possibly even learned a few new things about the season. See you again soon for more trivia fun! 

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