41 India Trivia Questions and Answers 

In our fact-packed India trivia questions quiz, you will learn, and be tested on, all aspects of this majestic land. Play alone, or play with friends to see who knows the most about this beautiful Asian country. 

India is the second-most populated country and the most populous democracy in the world. The colorful festivals, diverse landscape, and spicy-hot cuisine are just a few reasons India is on the bucket list for many travelers. 

Our India trivia will reveal some interesting facts and test your knowledge of many different aspects of this exotic country. 

From the history of India to the cuisine. The traditions, to the occupations. And everything else in between. Play our India trivia to improve your Indian education today! 

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General India Trivia Questions and Answers 

General India Trivia

In the opening round of our India trivia, we will ask a series of general knowledge questions about this stunning country. 

With breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, truly delectable cuisine, and being home to some of the most notable inventors the world has ever seen, there’s a lot to learn!

How much do you know about India?

Let’s find out! 

1: How many different native languages are used in India today?
2: What is the most prevalent religion?
Hinduism (79.8%)
3: How many IUCN-designated threatened animal species live in India?
4: True or False: India has one of the fastest-growing economies in the world?
5: What is the traditional clothing for an Indian female called?
6: The average life expectancy in the US is 78.79. What is it in India?
7: What is the most popular sport in India?
8: What was the name of the 2016 award-winning movie based on a true story, set in India, that starred Nicole Kidman?
9: What is the most common employment industry in India?
I.T, with software developer being among the top occupations.
10: If you were going to Kanchenjunga, where would you be visiting?
The highest peak in India.
11: Which country does India share its longest land border with?
12: In dollars, what is the average monthly salary in India?
13: What is the national flower of India?
14: On the 15th of what month do Indians celebrate Independence Day?
15: What did the Indian city of Mumbai used to be known as?

Traditions and Customs in India Trivia Questions and Answers

Traditions and Customs in India Trivia

Indiantraditions and customs have become renowned all over the world, but they remain unique to this country and its native people, as well as descendants. 

In this part of our India trivia, we will look at several unique traditions and customs of India that we hope you will find interesting to learn about. 

Some traditions and customs in India have dictated the way of life for thousands of years, but others have died out over the generations.

In this round, we will look at 9 of the most interesting traditions and customs and test your knowledge of them. 

Good luck!

Let’s go!

1: Which US President has been seen doing the Namaste? Which is an ancient Indian greeting, meaning 'I bow down in your presence.
Barack Obama.
2: What animal is considered holy and worshipped across India?
The cow.
3: Arranged marriage rules and religious beliefs result in India having one of the lowest divorce rates in the world. What percentage of Indian marriages end in divorce here?
1.1% (In the US, this figure is 45.8%)
4: 'Nag Panchami' is an annual festival to worship what?
5: What is considered supreme symbols of femininity and very auspicious in Hindu Culture in India?
6: What is the name of the 5-day celebration often termed the Festival of Lights?
7: 'Child Brides' are prevalent in India. According to The United Nations, what percentage of marriages include at least one child (under 18)?
8:'Mukhagni' is the name for a traditional Indian cremation and funeral. Traditionally, who are the only people to attend this?
Male friends and family members.

Indian Cuisine Trivia Questions and Answers 

Indian Cuisine Trivia

Wherever you are in the world, the chances are you’ll have tasted Indian food. Whether it’s curries or bhajis, Bombay potatoes, or vegetable samosas, Indian cuisine is one of the most loved across the world. 

Most countries have their own variants of Indian food that resemble very little of the truly authentic beginnings. 

Did you know that Chicken Tikka Masala is one of the most popular meals in the UK? This spicy dish is neither Indian nor British, but it’s adored nonetheless. 

Many American ready-made meals consist of Indian concoctions that you’d never find together in India, yet we believe we’re eating genuine Indian cuisine. 

In this part of our India trivia, you will find out how authentic Indian food should really be eaten and what it actually is! If you think you know it all already, it may be time to think again! 

Let’s begin!

1: What percentage of the world's spices are produced in India?
Over 70%
2: What gives the creamy taste in the cherished south Asian dish Korma?
3: Name the spiced curry dish that often includes an omelet or boiled eggs.
4: What is the popular Indian street food called that consists of crispy fried dough topped with chickpeas, potatoes, yogurt, chutneys, and spices?
Papdi Chaat.
5: What is the traditional name for lentils cooked with various spices?
6: Aloo Gobi is an authentic vegetarian Indian dish consisting of spices, potatoes, and what other vegetable?
7: What oil is mainly used in authentic Indian cooking?
Coconut oil.
8: During what decade was the first Indian restaurant opened in the US?
1960s (more than 50 years after the first pizzeria).
9: India is home to the hottest chili pepper in the world; what is the name of this?
Bhut Jolokia, or more commonly known as the Ghost Chilli.
10: While we may counteract spice by drinking water, what would an Indian person drink?
Milk or warm tea.

Interesting Facts About India Trivia Questions and Answers 

Interesting Facts About India Image

In our final India trivia, we will question you on some facts about the country. It may be statistics, percentages, or the where’s, what’s, when’s and why’s – and a little guesswork may be required to be crowned the champion of this round! 

India is home to more than a billion people, with some of the most diverse populations living side-by-side here than anywhere else in the world. 

Mansions look out over slums, and the monthly income of some wouldn’t pay a restaurant bill for others. 

As well as wealth diversity, there are also vast cultural and religious differences. And, as the country’s economy continues to boom, we’re seeing a once impoverished country become equal in the world of businesses with westernized societies. 

A truly remarkable country, with some truly astounding facts

Ready to learn some of them?

Here we go!

1: What happened to India's one and only female Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi?
She was assassinated in 1984.
2: Who devoted their life to helping the poor in the Indian city of Calcutta?
Mother Teresa.
3: Women are forbidden to do any form of housework while what is on their hands?
Bridal henna.
4: How many billionaires are there estimated to be in India?
5: What tabletop game is thought to have been invented in India 1,500 years ago?
6: How many feature films come out of Bollywood annually?
1500 - 2000.
7: How many passengers are there daily on the Indian rail network?
23 million.
8: How many Indian states have a ban on alcohol?
5; and the drinking age varies between 18 and 30 in others.

More Indian Trivia – Video 

And that concludes our India trivia! Hopefully, you learned something new about this fascinating country. If you want to take on another trivia challenge, here are some you may like:

Thank you for playing our Indian trivia quiz! Remember to check back soon for newly updated trivia games on all kinds of topics! 

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