51 Fun 6th Grade Trivia Questions and Answers

This 6th grade trivia is perfect to use as a guide if you’re looking to gauge how well your 6th-grader is managing the syllabus this year. 

The targeted 6th grade trivia questions I have included focus on all the key areas to be developed this academic year, allowing you to discover your child’s progress level and identify the subjects where additional support may be needed. 

If you’re not a parent and instead the student who wants to play this 6th grade trivia, then please understand this is only looking at academics. It will not measure how fantastic you are at sports, how majestic your public speaking can be, how kind you are, or how adventurous

All who play this 6th grade trivia quiz will receive instant feedback thanks to the ‘show answer‘ button!

Ready to start?

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General 6th Grade Trivia Questions and Answers

General 6th Grade Trivia image

In 6th grade, students in the US are typically 11 or 12 years old. 

The 6th grade can be particularly challenging for adolescents who find the workload increases at the same time as social pressures, with a huge reduction in the fun factor

This 6th grade trivia is not designed to add to any stress, and before we get going, it is important to know that:

Some kids are more intelligent than you; some will have cooler clothes and better gadgets. Some kids may be greater athletes. It does not matter. 

You may be the kid who can get along with others, the kid who is generous, kind, caring, and supportive. You could be the kid to do the right thing. You are the nice kid. And doesn’t the world need more of that?

Let’s begin. 

1: How many continents are there in the world?
2: What does a Meteorologist study?
3: How many chambers are in the human heart?
4: What is the capital of Spain?
5: How many planets in our solar system are smaller than Earth?
3 (Mars, Mercury, and Venus).
6: What gender are worker bees?
7: Which is the smallest ocean?
The Arctic Ocean.
8: Why is July 2, 1776, an important date?
It's when the US gained independence from Great Britain.
9: What is the smallest prime number?
10: If a letter isn't a vowel, what is it?
A consonant.
11: Which city is called the Windy City?
12: Does a Scalene triangle have equal or unequal sides?
13: In the US, they're called a Principal; what are they called in the UK?
14: The Isle of Man lies between which 2 European countries?
England and Ireland.
15: What did Alexander Graham Bell invent?
The telephone.

Mathematics 6th Grade Trivia Questions and Answers

Mathematics 6th Grade Trivia image

This year in Mathematics, students will build on their knowledge from previous years and develop skills in algebraic equations, geometry, decimals, ratios, statistics, and order of operations. 

Gaps can become much clearer over the semesters about which children have mastered different concepts and which need more support. 

Did you know some of the world’s most famous scientists and inventors weren’t great mathematicians? Thomas Edison famously said, ‘I can always hire a mathematician, but they can’t hire me.’

This Mathematics 6th grade trivia round includes 15 age-appropriate questions that enable players to detect their stronger areas and the areas they’re yet to fully develop. 

Let’s see if you could be a mathematician or if you may look to hire one, too!

1: What is the ratio of 500ml to 2 liters?
2: What is 56 + 87?
3: Does a Convex shape curve inwards or outwards?
4: 9 is the square root of what number?
5: In an ice cream store, 30% of ices are chocolate, and the remainder are strawberry. There are 2400 more strawberry ices than chocolate. How many ices are there altogether?
6: What is a third of 60?
7: What is 8/10 as a decimal?
8: What is the simplest form of 16/24?
9: Aimee had 17 bubble gums, and Oscar gave her 13 more; she then gave half of the bubble gums to Jenny. How many does she have left?
10: What is the place value of the number 3 in the following: 4,398?
11: What is the perimeter of a circle called?
12: Which number comes next: 19, 26, 40, 61?
13: What is the bottom number of a fraction called?
A denominator.
14: What is 16 + 13 + 21 + 39?
15: Jayden has 918 toy cars. He wants to split these into boxes of cars, with 9 cars per box. How many boxes is Jayden able to complete?

Science 6th Grade Trivia Questions and Answers

Science 6th Grade Trivia image

This school year is when science as a concept can really excite students as experiments become more regular, and discoveries seem much greater. 

Students will learn the Unit of Earth Science, which includes Tectonic Plates, Rocks and Minerals, and Astrology

There will also be building on previous years’ teachings to expand knowledge even further. Don’t feel like you’re a budding scientist yet? You may be surprised at just how much information you have retained. 

Let’s explore your scientific knowledge in round 3 of this 6th grade trivia!

1: What are birds doing when they fly to warmer climates during winter months?
2: What does a Petrologist study?
3: What are the 3 states of matter?
Gas, liquid, and solid.
4: How many muscles are in the human body?
5: The periodic table has how many elements?
6: The magnitude of an earthquake is measured by what?
The Richter scale.
7: When pushing something, what are you applying?
8: What gas do plants need to perform photosynthesis?
Carbon dioxide.
9: Which biologist proposed the theory of evolution?
Charles Darwin.
10: What type of medication will fight bacteria but not a virus?

Social Studies 6th Grade Trivia Questions and Answers

Social Studies 6th Grade Trivia image

6th grade is such an important time for social studies learning, and students are taught not only about the world around them today but also about ancient civilizations like Ancient Mesopotamia, Ancient China, Ancient India, and Ancient Egypt

The 6th-grade syllabus for this subject is designed to allow students to discover the evolution of societies dissimilar to their own and to understand the diversity of the human experience.

While it can be somewhat of an annoyance for parents to make costumes, give donations, and pay for field trips to enhance this learning, it is a truly fascinating subject for students. 

Want to know exactly how your contributions to this subject are helping? 

Find out in this 6th grade trivia round!

1: What is a minority group?
A group of people whose ethnic origin, race, or culture differs from the majority in that area.
2: What group of people left Scandinavia and arrived in the area that is now Canada around AD 1000?
3: Which ancient civilization built their homes using mud bricks?
Ancient Egyptians.
4: In The Middle Ages, what was the difference between a serf and a peasant?
A serf remained working on one farm, whereas a peasant was free to leave and roam.
5: What is Cultural diffusion?
The spread of a culture's items, such as food, tools, and music, or their beliefs and practices.
6: Which river was the city of Rome built next to?
The Tiber.
7: Which ancient civilization had the practice of foot binding?
Ancient China.
8: What did the Vikings use to navigate?
Sun and stars.
9: How old did women have to be to marry in The Middle Ages?
10: Which ancient civilization wore Tobas?
11: What was the name of ships belonging to the Vikings?
Long boats.

More 6th Grade Trivia – Video Quiz

Thank you for playing this 6th grade trivia – ready for more? Here are some more child-friendly challenges to try:

Well done for making it to the end. 

Remember, we all shine in various ways; not being able to complete a 6th grade trivia will 100% pass round does not define your abilities in life – but it may provide you with a few pointers to help you achieve higher in the areas you’re finding challenging. 

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