37 California Trivia Questions and Answers 

With more millionaires, famous people, and iconic destinations than any other, California is a number one American tourist destination. If you’re planning to go, play our California trivia to find out all you need to know! 

California is 1 of the most popular destinations in all of North America. Home to places like Disneyland, Hollywood, and the Golden Gate Bridge, there is so much to do and see here. 

But, how much do you know about it?

In our jam-packed California trivia, you will become an expert when it comes to knowledge of this State. 

We will begin with a general knowledge round to ease you in before the real challenges begin in our more specialized rounds

Play one, or play them all! 

Let’s begin your California trivia education!

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General California Trivia Questions and Answers 

General California Trivia Image

The area of California is around 423,970km squared (163, 696 square miles). There are more than 39.5 million residents, making California the most populous American State

Where there are more people, there’s more diversity, interesting information, and facts. 

Discover some of the greatest Cali information in this round of our California Trivia. 

The opening round of our California trivia will give you a general idea of what this State is all about. It isn’t all beaches and sun-kissed beauties, and there are some parts of the State you’d be wise to use great caution when visiting. 

The diversity of the population here is remarkable. Some of the wealthiest people in the world live a stone’s throw from some of the poorest. The most educated rub shoulders with people for whom education wasn’t an option. 

In the general knowledge California trivia section, your eyes may be a little more opened to what the reality here is. 

Let’s begin. 

1: What is the name of the States capital city?
2: How many state parks are there here?
3: What is the average life expectancy for CA residents?
80.8 years; the national average is 78.7.
4: What sport do the Los Angeles Lakers play?
5: Can you name the 4 major US TV broadcast networks with production facilities in CA?
ABX, NBC, CBS, and Fox.
6: Can you name the rival LA street gang to the Crips?
7: What did CA residents think had happened when smog first seized the skies of Los Angeles in 1943?
Japanese chemical attack.
9: What animal is featured on the official flag of California?
Brown Bear.
10: What kind of animal is raised more here than in any other state?

Celebrity Homes in California Trivia Questions and Answers

Celebrity Homes in California Trivia Image

Some celebs love their privacy, and few states offer this more than California. Within the hidden hills of Beverly Hills, you’ll find a plethora of superstars behind the gated communities and imposing mansion walls. 

In addition to being home to some of the most famous people in the world, here is also when many of them go to work. It’s pretty much a millionaire’s playground here, and the paparazzi are certainly never short of work! 

Do you know a lot about celebrity homes in California? 

If you didn’t before, you certainly will after playing this part of our California trivia. 

Ready, and action! 

Let’s go!

1: How many of the 6 homes on a cul de sac just off Mulholland Drive, situated by the eastern Santa Monica Mountains, does Johnny Depp own?
2: What LA residential neighborhood was home to the Banks family featuring fresh-prince Will Smith?
Bel Air.
3: How much did Jennifer Anniston pay for her Bel Air mansion in 2011?
$21 million.
4: George Clooney purchased his Studio Hills home in 1995. He resides here to this day with his wife; what is her name?
Amal Clooney.
5: For how much has Ellen Degeneres recently put her LA Tuscan-style estate on the market?
$45 million.
6: Brad Pitt has a bunch of Hollywood properties. In addition to homes, what kind of park does he own?
Skate park.
7: Steven Spielberg purchased a home in the Pacific Palisades in 1985. This was the same year he released which movie?
The Color Purple.
8: Leonardo DiCaprio purchased his Hollywood mansion in 1997 for $2 million. How much is this property valued today?
$10 million.
9: What is wrapped around Justin Beiber's Hollywood mansion?
Infinity swimming pool.
10: Jenny From the Block singer Jennifer Lopez recently purchased a $40 million estate in LA. Where does this star originate?
Castle Hill, The Bronx, NYC.
11: Who was the equally famous next-door neighbor of Jack Nickleson for decades on Mulholland Drive?
Marlon Brando.

Monuments and Landmarks in California Trivia Questions and Answers 

Monuments and Landmarks in California Trivia Image

Celebrity sight-spotting isn’t the only thing people come to California for. 

California is a top vacation destination with national and international tourists. 

Vibrant cities, amusement parks, beaches, and natural wonders like nowhere else on the planet, make this State an intriguing land of exciting possibilities for travelers. 

Find out some interesting information about the most iconic monuments and landmarks in California by playing this round of our California trivia! 

Let’s find out how much you know about CA destinations!

Good luck!

1: In what year did Disneyland open?
2: What is the name of CAs famous donut shop? It is renowned worldwide for some of the tastiest treats and even featured in several blockbuster movies.
Randy's Donut Shop.
3: The supposed escape-proof Alcatraz prison closed as a prison in what year?
1963; it is now a public museum.
4: How many individual islands make up Channel Islands National Park?
5: The largest national park outside of Alaska is in California. What is it called?
Death Valley National Park.
6: What roams around Disneyland at night to keep rodents away?
200 feral cats.
7: How many years did it take to construct the Golden Gate Bridge?
8: San Diego Zoo is the most visited zoo in the US. How many animals reside here?
Over 12,000.

Facts and Stats about California Trivia Questions and Answers 

Facts and Stats about California Trivia Image

We have created a quick-fire section full of interesting facts and stats about the State to complete our California trivia. 

From consumer habits to employment information, we’ve researched all things that are interesting to bring you the results. 

Facts and figures are a great way to learn some insightful knowledge into the background of a state and gain a picture of what life is really like here for those who genuinely call it home. 

Some answers are pretty exact, so for fairness, if you’re close enough, take the win!

Ready to play?

1: How many hours of TV per day do CA watch, on average?
2.4 hours per day; amongst the lowest viewing figures in the US.
2: Those in charge of the State are pretty health-conscious. How many health and safety laws apply here?
3: The Golden State was first to ban what in workplaces, bars, and restaurants in 1998?
4: The above had a huge effect. The national medium for smoking is 21.1%. What is it in California?
5: What percentage of the population here has an advanced degree?
39.5% - national average is 29.8%.
6: By percentage, how many households own at least one pet?
7: What percentage of properties here are known to be vacant?
8: What is the poverty rate in CA?
23.5% - the highest of any state.

More California Trivia – Video 

Cut! And, that’s a wrap, people! We hope you learned a few things about this hugely diverse State. Our California trivia was undoubtedly a revealing one! If you want to play another trivia, here’s some you may like:

Thank you for taking the time to have some fun with us, and take on our California trivia challenge

Often by delving a little into the background of a place, you learn so much more than what you’ve shown in glitzy magazines or glamorous TV shows. 

If you are planning to visit California, the Alcatraz prison museum looks like great fun, and you’ll find some tree species dating back to Jurassic times in some of the national parks. What a beautifully diverse state this is!

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