33 Hanukkah Trivia Questions and Answers

From the objects used to celebrate Hanukkah to the time-honored traditions, how good is your Hanukkah trivia knowledge? This specialized trivia will put it to the test!

Hanukkah is steeped in tradition and one of the most important dates on the Jewish calendar, but do you know how else it is known or what its Hebrew meaning is?

Do you know the candle etiquette or how Hanukkah is celebrated in the US?

Let’s find out just how accurate your Hanukkah trivia is!

Chag Sameach!

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General Hanukkah Trivia Questions and Answers

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The first set of Hanukkah trivia questions is designed to test your general knowledge about this Jewish celebration. 

It’s also the round where you will learn an overview of this holiday, its origins, rituals, or customs if you’re not too sure about it. 

Let’s look, in brief, at Hanukkah!

Here we go. 

1: How long does Hanukkah last?
8 days.
2: What does Hanukkah mean in Hebrew?
3: Traditionally, what is food fried in that is to be eaten over the holiday?
4: How many branches must a candelabrum have to be lit to observe the holiday?
5: How is the observing of the candelabrum commonly known?
Menorah or Hanukkiah.
6: What is the last day of Hanukkah called?
Zot Hanukkah.
7: What is a dreidel?
A game of chance played by people over Hanukkah.
8: Are people able to work over Hanukkah?
Yes, there are no restrictions on working.
9: In Modern Hebrew, how else can Hanukkah be known?
Festival of Lights.
10: When did the Roman Senate recognize Jewish autonomy?
139 BCE.
11: What do many Jewish families encourage their children to do instead of receiving gifts for themself over Hanukkah?
Give to charity.
12: What US holiday does Hanukkah sometimes overlap with?
13: Finish the song: 'I have a little dreidel, I made it out of….'
14: What is it prohibited to do during the 8 nights of Hanukkah?
15: Who was the first American President to celebrate Hanukkah at the White House?
Harry Truman.
16: What type of dessert food are Sufganiyot?
Jelly donuts.
17: According to an AP-NORC study, what percentage of Americans celebrate Hanukkah?
18: In the 1970s, who called for public awareness and observance of the festival in the US?
Rabbi Menachem M. Schneerson.
19: How long should candles burn after it goes dark?
30 minutes, minimum.

Rituals in Hanukkah Trivia Questions and Answers

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Hanukkah is celebrated over 8 days with a series of rituals performed each day; some are communal or large affairs, whereas others are smaller and more family-based.

Every day, prayers are said, and meals are blessed. However, the holiday doesn’t have any forbidden tasks such as work or activities, and for most, daily life isn’t interrupted in a big way. 

However, as this Hanukkah trivia round shows, there are important rituals implemented over the holiday. 

Let’s look at what some of them entail as we head into round 2!

1: In what country do schools close from the second day of Hanukkah until the end of the holiday?
2: What is the term for money given as presents during Hanukkah, typically to children or teachers?
Hanukkah Gelt.
3: What are latkes?
Potato pancakes eating over Hanukkah.
4: Some people eat a lot of dairy products; to remember who?
5: What do many families exchange each night?
Gifts, such as games or books.
6: In what way are the menorah candles lit?
From left to right.
7: What song is customarily sung after lighting the candles each night?
'Maoz Tzur' ('Rock of Ages').

America and Hanukkah Trivia Questions and Answers

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Today, America is home to around 7.5 million Jewish people. Still, it hasn’t always been easy to be Jewish here, and as such, Hanukkah remained a quiet affair for generations of American Jews

For many years, basic goods of Jewish religious life were barely seen on our high streets, and religious festivals, holidays, or events would pass us by unnoticed. 

This was until the mid-20th century when the end of WWII brought many Jewish people to the US and, with them, the expansion of suburban synagogues and religious practices. 

In the US, the historically minor festival of Hanukkah became a much bigger deal. In this Hanukkah trivia round, we will look at how this happened and how a modern-day American Hanukkah is celebrated!

1: In 1951, who presented US President Harry Truman with a Hanukkah Menorah?
Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion.
2: Where was the first public Hanukkah candle-lighting ceremony held in the US in 1979?
The White House lawn.
3: Who was the first American President to display a menorah in the White House?
President George H. W. Bush.
4: Which American comedian and actor introduced the world to 'The Hanukkah Song' on Saturday Night Live in 1994?
Adam Sandler.
5: An early portrayal of Hanukkah and interfaith couples were shown on which iconic comedy series in the US?
6: Which FRIENDS character dresses as a holiday armadillo and desperately tries to teach their child about Hanukkah?
Ross Gellar.
7: What percentage of American Jews consider Hanukkah to be one of the 3 most important Jewish holidays?

More Hanukkah Trivia – Video 

That’s the end of this Hanukkah trivia; how well did you do? Why not test your knowledge in some other areas and select a new challenge below:

Thank you for staying around until the end of this Hanukkah trivia; I hope you found it informative, interesting, and fun! See you again soon for another trivia challenge!

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