Dordle Rules and Gameplay Instructions 

Are you a wizard with words? If word games and brain teasers are your thing, check out the free online daily word puzzle Dordle. Available for free online, Dordle has a daily word puzzle similar to Wordle. Read on to learn all the Dordle rules and gameplay examples. 

Interactive word puzzles have taken the mobile gaming world by storm. Dordle, released in 2022 as a spinoff from Wordle, offers a daily puzzle as well as an option to play unlimited games. 

This Dordle rules guide will cover the following:

  • What is Dordle?
  • What you’ll need to play Dordle
  • Dordle Game Rules
  • How to play Dordle (Video Tutorial)
  • FAQs

Read on to learn how to play Dordle.

What is Dordle?

Dordle Game Info image

Dordle, an online game available on mobile phones and computers, offers free word puzzles similar to Wordle. The main difference is that Dordle players must solve two mystery words simultaneously. 

Number of Players: 1

Ages: 8+

Difficulty: Easy

Length of Play: 5-10 minutes

Category: Word games, Puzzles

Similar to: Wordle, Quordle, Waffle

Main Objective: Solve two mystery words simultaneously in seven guesses or less. 

Why We Love It: This game is a challenging new take on word games like Wordle. Double the challenge when you have two mysterious words to solve when playing Dordle!

What You’ll Need to Play Dordle

Everything you need to play is available on the website.

Dordle Rules

The Dordle gameplay follows the same rules as several other popular wordgame formats available online. 

When gameplay begins, you’ll see two 5×7 grids side by side on your screen. The goal is to determine two different five-letter words to win the game.

There is a keyboard shown at the bottom of the game screen. As you suggest words, the letters on the screen will remain grey, or they will turn green or yellow.

Green letters indicate they are correctly positioned within the mystery words. Yellow letters are letters that are needed to spell the word, but they are not currently in the correct position for the word to be spelled correctly. 

Letters shown in grey are not needed for the mystery word, therefore, as you guess different words, you’ll have some indication of the letters needed to solve the puzzle correctly. 

Gameplay Example

Let’s walk through a round of Dordle to see valuable strategies on how to play Dordle. 

For the most bang for your buck, start off with words that use five different letters, especially if they include several different vowels. This gives more opportunities for you to see which letters are needed to solve the puzzle.

In the example below, you’ll see that I started with the word “ghost” to get some baseline information. 

Dordle gameplay image

Even though I knew that the letters g, o, and s were needed to solve the puzzle, I still tried another word, “drink,” which used five letters to give me more information. 

Dordle gameplay image

After the first two word entries, I knew the first word would start with “g-r-o” based on the coloring of the green letters in the examples. I also knew that I would need the letters i and n because they were displayed in yellow. 

A letter represented in yellow indicates that the letter is needed to spell the word, but it is not currently in the correct position. 

Based on the color-coding hints, I correctly guessed “groin” on the third attempt. 

Dordle gameplay image

With the first word identified, I drew my attention to the second word. At this stage in the game, I can see that the letters g, n, and s were needed. 

Since the n was represented in green, I knew it was located in the fourth position of the five-letter word. I decided that the word must end in -ng

See the image below for my attempt at playing the word “slang” on my fourth move.

Dordle gameplay image

Even though through the process of elimination, I narrowed down the letters needed to solve the mystery word, I was stumped trying to determine a five-letter word that started with s and ended with -ng. 

I considered the vowel options available and determined u or e would be the only options. In the end, I could only come up with “swung,” which thankfully was correct. 

Dordle gameplay image

Solve the mystery words within seven guesses or less to win!

How to Keep Score in Dordle

One handy feature of mobile gaming is that scoring is built into the game, so the player does not have to keep track of scoring. 

For a creative twist, challenge yourself to solve the daily Dordle puzzle in a matter of minutes by setting a timer! Each day, work to solve the mystery words in less time than the previous day.

Earn high scores by solving the mystery words in the fewest possible attempts. 

How to Play Dordle – Video Tutorial

Frequently Asked Questions 

Where can I find Dordle game?

The Dordle game is accessible for free play online from several different websites. The game offers a daily puzzle to solve, but there are other game variations available as well.

Is Dordle safe to play?

After playing the online version of Dordle as well as the mobile app, I have not experienced any trouble or difficulties. It appears to be safe and kid-friendly. My seven-year-old enjoys solving the Dordle puzzles with me, and I believe it is more educational than many other mobile apps today. 

Where do I find Wordle game? 

Wordle, the original word puzzle sensation released in 2018, now has many copycat rival games that follow similar playing procedures. You can find Wordle on Google Play and the App store for iPhone users. 

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