How To Play Waffle (Rules and Strategies) 

Put your brainpower to the test in this ultimate brain teaser. The online word game, Waffle, incorporates traditional crossword puzzle layout and word scramble challenges to create one fun game. Read on to learn how to play Waffle.

Newly released in early 2022, the name Waffle is used due to the appearance of the digital format for the game. Words take shape in a grid-like formation, which resembles a waffle.  

This Waffle rules guide will cover the following:

  • What is Waffle?
  • What you’ll need to play Waffle
  • Waffle Game Rules
  • How to play Waffle (Video Tutorial)
  • FAQs

Read on to learn how to play Waffle.

What is Waffle?

Waffle Game Info image

Waffle is a crossword-style game that is played on an app electronically. Waffle challenges players to unscramble 6 words on an overlapping grid in 15 or fewer moves.

Number of Players: 1

Ages: 8+

Difficulty: Hard

Length of Play: 5-10 minutes

Category: Word games, brain teasers

Similar to: Wordle, Dordle, Quordle

Main Objective: Players must identify unknown words on a waffle-shaped grid by moving letters in 15 moves or less.

Why We Love It: This ultimate word game challenges players to move letters to build multiple words simultaneously. 

What You’ll Need to Play Waffle

Everything you need to play is available on the app.

Waffle Rules

Play Waffle Unlimited for free, starting with a 5×5 game board displayed on the digital app. One you download the app, you will be prompted to select 5×5 to begin playing. 

The board is made up of 6 words: 3 words positioned in rows and 3 positioned in columns. Turn all the letters green to complete the puzzle. 

You can choose to unlock 3×3 or 7×7 boards as you advance through the game play. 

Begin Playing

Select the 5×5 option to begin. Immediately your game will appear. Notice the 21 boxes on your display. Some may be green, and some are yellow/orange in color.

Your primary objective is to complete the puzzle by unscrambling all the words within 15 or fewer movements. 

Take note of the green letters. These letters are already in the correct place. A good strategy is to begin by identifying the green letters and brainstorming words that incorporate the letters as so.

Follow along as I solve this Waffle:

The game started with the grid shown above. I am going to begin by thinking of 5-letter words that with t and end with n. I know there is also another n in the puzzle; however, because it is colored orange, I know it needs to be moved to another position on the grid.

Moves 1-2

I moved the o first because it is easier to manipulate the vowels in words. Thankfully, switching the a and the o was a good move. Both letters turned green, indicating proper placement. 

Now, given the new information, I can think of words beginning with “to- using only the letter options available on the board.

Move 3

After some thought, I decided to try placing the missing letters in the word “token.” The choices were correct!

By moving the letters k and e to complete the word, the letter t turned orange in its new placement. Therefore, I know the letter t will be needed somewhere in that row. 

Move 4

To complete the second word, I moved the i to the initial position of the middle row to create the word taint. The letter i was orange, so I knew that it should remain in its current row. 

Move 5

I moved the n to consider the words kneel or kneed. Since there is no available l, I moved the letter d. It turned green, so I know that I am on the right track. 

Move 6 

Next, I noticed the a and i in the bottom row are both orange. This can only mean that they must be swapped. Upon switching the a and the i, I completed the word tidal

Move 7

To complete the word kneed, I switched the available e and a. Neither letters were orange, so I knew they should be moved anyway.

Move 8

I moved the letter a to the far right. I am going to try switching the t and the p next. 

Move 9

It all comes together now! Looking at the current image, I can see that the final words are inept and natal

Moves 10-11

As soon as you complete the final move, a message will appear, allowing you to view the completed board or move to begin a new game. 

How to Keep Score in Waffle

The great thing about playing a game on an app is that you don’t need to keep score. The game displays a countdown of your movements as you play. 

Ultimately, the faster you can complete the puzzle, the better! If you make 15 or fewer moves, you win. 

However, challenge yourself to make as few moves as necessary in order to win. As you continue to play, you will develop strategies for improving your speed.

Strategies for Waffle

Take some time to consider common spelling patterns used in the English language. I tend to focus on vowels first because they are prominent in every word and can be utilized in a variety of ways. 

Here are some common spelling patterns for 5-letter words: (c = consonant, v = vowel) 

  • cvvcv (Example: leave, route, maine)
  • cvvcc (Examples: seams, beach, faith)
  • ccvcv (Examples: place, trade, flute, brave)
  • ccvvc (Examples: brain, steel, steak, dream) 
  • ccvcc (Examples: which, sharp, clock, climb)

As you begin to narrow down your options, words will begin to take shape. This helps you to determine which letters to move. 

Consider some of these common word endings when trying to solve a Waffle game: 

  • -ble
  • -fle
  • -tle
  • -ove
  • -ine
  • -ike
  • -ave
  • -ame
  • -ane
  • -one
  • -ude
  • -ed
  • -ing

Additionally, unlike Wordle, you begin the game with all the letters needed present on the grid. You do not have to try additional letters from the alphabet. If you only need 2 a’s in a game, you’ll know it from the start.

How to Play Waffle – Video Tutorial

Frequently Asked Questions 

What do the yellow letters mean in Waffle?

Similar to Wordle, if letters appear in a yellow box, this indicates that the letter is part of the word, it is just not in the correct location. You can try to use that letter in another word in a different position. 

Is there an unlimited Waffle game? 

Waffle Unlimited is the name of the app. While there are daily puzzles available, on Waffle Unlimited, you can play multiple games in a row. 

Is the Waffle game free?

The Waffle Unlimited game is a free download. There are ads, but you can play as many puzzles as you want for free. 

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